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  • I was abused in the Church of England as a vulnerable adult aged 19.
  • I was abused by the husband of a vicar who was also my counsellor, this vicar took me home as a replacement for her stepdaughter who her husband, the girl's father, had abused and abandoned.
  • I was further abused by another church officer.
  • The church tried to close my complaints down, refused to deal with them and left both abusers and those who stood up for them in church positions.
  • The church got me a criminal record for speaking up, they claimed I was harassing them.
  • I had never been in police trouble before, but as a result, I lost my home and job, and was left on the streets, injured by the police and severely traumatized.

  • Last year, years too late and the other side of me being destroyed, and while I was still homeless and destitute, the church launched on me in the National press, claiming to apologize.
  • They also launched in the press, a 'report' into what had happened. This report was hideously inaccurate although it did show how members of church had abused process in not dealing with my complaint.
  • The report, although not naming me, made it quite easy for me to be identified, I was one of very few autistic 33 year old women in the UK on the streets, and enough people who I met and was looked after by, knew who the report was about, and I lost friends and was shunned as a result.
  • I also had strangers condemning and maligning me, it was heartbreaking.
  • Then a church officer associated with my abuser, also in government, released my name and breached the data protection act.

  • As a result of the Press reports and the report released, an all-out war broke out between the Diocese and Deanery involved, with me caught in the middle, I was slandered, I was smeared, I was condemned.
  • The Church offered no help and I became ill as each new inaccurate report and cover up came out, each new damnation of me.
  • New investigations were comissioned, and one was blatantly conflicted, to be carried out by a member of the group who supported the wrongdoers.
  • I have been excluded from all reports, which, to save the church, are whitewashes which cover up the original admissions of wrongdoing.
  • The church have treated me coldly, threatened me, despite them having me illegally traced by police, and have not helped me, instead they made illegal referrals of me to what they called help, without my consent and without checking it would help or what I wanted.
  • I have pleaded with them to stop the harm to me, but to no avail, and I am living in fear, severely traumatized and knowing I cannot withstand the damning press reports and whitewashes forever.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Jersey Safeguarding Partnership Complaint

This email is sent from Central Contact as requested by Jersey's Safeguarding Partnership, and is a letter from HG who the safeguarding partnership are bullying over a report.



1. First and foremost, Senator Ian Gorst should not have shown the interest in my case that he has, as he is an evangelical church member who, with his family, have long established links to the Churchwarden who sexually abused me, and other people close to the churchwarden, including conflicted States-Church Members. 

You have been made aware of the conflicts of interest repeatedly but have failed to respond. The only times you have contacted me have been when you have been trying to force me to agree to your report. You have not even tried to address my concerns. And if your report is about my treatment, it does look odd that you have re-abused me by ignoring my concerns and pushing for your report to be published despite my concerns and other people's concerns too.

I consider your report to simply be another punishment by the conflicted circle in Jersey, and certainly the indication is that it is their consolation prize for the banned Steel report. I don't need any further media and press attention and harm. You should be listening to me, not to the conflicted circle. My wellbeing should be your priority, not a report that has been created in dubious and conflicted circumstances, and if I say to you that I do not want this report published, and explain to you why, then you should listen, you should not troll or bully me or treat me like a naughty child.

2. The next question is, you and I know that you have been proven resoundingly unfit for purpose by recent reports into your conduct, actions and inactions. Senator Gorst's second in command trotted out the usual feeble lines in the news at the time, but seeing as you have been proven to fail consistently in your duties, and considering the fact that you have received my complaints for years, and failed to communicate with me except to try to push your whitewash on me, especially since the Steel report failed, and thus you are presumably acting on behalf of the Church. Senator Gorst's inappropriate and extreme involvement would re-enforce that belief. Would it not be better to accept that the report is another of your failures, and then you can start focussing on an overhaul of your organization which removes the culprits of the failures in my case and others.

3. The safeguarding board were presumably covering the police misconduct, although they have never actually contacted me to explain what they were covering. And of course Glenys Johnstone told a member of the public that she had cleared the police of misconduct a year before she tried to contact me, and was rebuffed by me because it had been apparent that the report was a whitewash without any concern for my feelings regarding Johnstone and Gull publicly discrediting me at the time. 

Why, if the report included the police misconduct, was a member of the States of Jersey Police who had never met me, allowed to be involved and influence the report? What would the police say? Especially a force so corrupt that the IPCC were flown in to investigate them specifically? 'It's a fair cop, guv?' No, they were quite simply given an opportunity to cover up further, tamper with evidence, defame me and ensure that a fair investigation can never be carried out.

4. Why have conflicted interconnected States-Church-Judiciary members been allowed to influence this report? What kind of report hears the defendants and records their views and only considers the alleged victim as an afterthought and then you try to force her to agree to such a report?

This is not a genuine report, you have not responded to concerns about it, and you resorted to bullying and trolling when instructed by a member of the church who took legal advice because he wants his church and authorities cleared and me further defamed after three years of me being maligned and discredited by the conflicted church-states judiciary members in the press. A scenario which amounts to abuse, and which the safeguarding panel have done nothing whatsoever about, despite being asked. So why is this report of your so important? The same people who were involved in the things that you have done a serious case review, have done exactly the same again, with you looking on. No lessons have been learned, and you still appear to be protecting abusers despite the damning report against you.

Further to the Church conflict of interests, It has been suggested to me that the Diocese of Canterbury, who openly uphold the Deanery of Jersey's bad behaviour and lie about safeguarding being good while the Jersey Deanery have continued to harm me, are involved with you in this. This is very seriously inappropriate and conflicted, The people who have done wrong should not be running the show and steering investigations into their wrongdoing. That goes against the best interests of any victim of failings by authorities or the Church.

5. Don't you think that Senator Gorst's time would be better occupied controlling the behaviour of his church-states-judiciary members, who's public attacks on my character are a safeguarding failure that show both you and the church up as unable to safeguard?

 Your report is apparently designated to be a further act of defamation, discrediting and attack on my character on top of what I have suffered from the Jersey press and public with no voice in reply for over three years. For three years the slurs on me in the press and media have been brought to your and Gorst's attentions, and rather than acting on them and saying that this is a grave safeguarding concern, you have ignored complaints and continued to badger me about your report.

 No more material that can harm or distress me should be released, and confidential records violated, tampered with and turned into a report that you feel that you need to release despite my feelings, is not safeguarding, it is an attack and a violation, one that should not have been instigated and which should have been terminated upon my request in 2013.

What happens to other vulnerable people who are made to suffer this? Why do authorities who have done wrong still have this ability to breach human rights and put people under threat of harm like this?

6. No report into anything at all excuses you badgering someone with autism who is at breaking point because of your safeguarding failures over the past three years of allowing her to be publicly defamed and discredited by you, the police and the conflicted States-Church-Judiciary circle.

Especially not when you have been told to leave her alone and stop badgering her and annul your conflicted report and also stop the attack on her. Your 'central contact' email whimpers about you receiving hurtful emails, which is very self-interested indeed, especially considering the hurt you have allowed and inflicted, but you fail to mention that the hurtful correspondence you have received is in reply to the much more serious hurt that you have allowed and inflicted. You are not vulnerable, not abused and destroyed, have not spent three years sleeping rough due to failures and have not spent a further three years being publicly smeared in press and media while the safeguarding partnership and authorities look on, join in and deny any hope of justice or resolution.

7. The fact that HG contacted the serious case review panel and numerous other organizations to ask you to be stopped from continuing to push the whitewash on her should have been a good indicator to you, if you are genuine safeguarding professionals, that it was time for you to stop forcing your report and apologize. Evidence will be made available to court and enquiry of the pleas to the Serious Case Review Panel and the subsequent efforts of the conflicted John Cameron to try to close that down. Cameron's repeat interferences in the case need to be investigated.

8. The fact that your repeat demands came as the care inquiry withdrew from Jersey and the Steel report was banned, should be investigated, and because it is extremely likely that Senator Gorst was egged on in his interference, his involvement and other conflicted people's involvement should go before an investigation and disciplinary panel, as it is pure abuse of power, and the conduct of his colleagues in the three year petty war between the Diocese and Deanery, has already been presented to the States Complaints Department, but not properly responded to. As you need something to occupy you and have nothing better to do than bully the vulnerable, maybe you could make it your project to ensure this is arranged. No-one can carry out an investigation impartially unless they are independent, and you are not.

9. Why is it so hard for you to comprehend that more public attention and media attention would harm me? it is very simple. The media and press have been very biased and very hurtful and discredited me without being challenged, even when they published blatant lies, and as your report was not instigated or carried out correctly, impartially or for the right reasons, I see it as a threat to my wellbeing, and you have not at any point tried to reassure me, which increases my concern.

This point is a very simple comprehensive explanation of my objection to your report. My wellbeing is more important than your need to make distorted confidential information and tampered-with evidence public to meet anyone else's demands or any target or legislation, and you have a duty of care to me, and you have resoundingly failed in your duty of care thus far and are still failing as you continue to push for your report.
 Sentors Gorst, Bailhache and LeMarquand are known to have abused their positions to handle and mis-use evidence and inaccurate police records in order to discredit me and protect the Church, of which they are members and dignitaries, and your time would be better spent investigating this rather than pushing for your report that they have been involved with.

Point 9 concludes my points due to being a perfectly good reason on it's own for you to stop bullying me and threatening my welfare with your report. I will say conclusively that you are not to release your report or any part of it, and you are not to bully, intimidate, threaten, harass or annoy me regarding this matter any more. I know that you won't like that and you may feel upset, but that is that. No more. You  need to take a step back and a long hard look at yourselves, because you have failed children in Jersey and you have failed me. Worse still, the damage to me and to those children can never be undone.

Any child abused will be changed for life by the abuse, and I have been abused and mistreated all my life, I don't need you to continue the abuse me. I will suffer for the rest of my life what I suffered in Jersey, in flashbacks and nightmares and trauma and sadness, why do you need to drag this up and keep pushing it onto me? I have moved on as best I can, why can't the dignitaries who are sponsoring your misconduct do the same?

Something needs to change about these 'Safeguarding Partnerships' and 'serious case reviews' because all they appear to be is an open invitation to wrongdoers in power to abuse power and cover wrongdoing by themselves and others in authorities. Being cynical I would ask if that was what they were set up for, especially considering the damning reports of the last few years.

I hope that the safeguarding partnership have actually read this document, as they appear to have ignored the previous ones and continued to try to bully me into agreeing to their whitewash.

The university are trying to encourage me to write more concisely...That'll be the day!


Further Reading: 

Starting to respond to bullying by Jersey's safeguarding partnership

Good morning 'Central contact' Jersey Safeguarding Partnership, 

No more smell of desperation attacks today please, I have to return to work as normal today and work a full and normal day even if it is going to be hot today.
Losing almost three days work to your bullying is not acceptable. You are liable and I hope that dismissal proceedings for the troll, Glenys Johnstone, Stewart Gull and any advisors in the NSPCC are now underway.
No-one who took part in the troll attack can credibly remain, not even the bimbo who answered the phone and said they had been advised by central contact. And presumably the troll attack contingent are also the ones involved in persistently failing abused children in Jersey.

I will have to work this weekend as well as today, which is not ideal as I don't feel well and I do need more rest. I can't afford time off at the moment, as you are aware, my work and my business are technically seasonal, so as well as working as much as I can now, I am negotiating the contracts to get me through the winter. You owe me the money for three days work.

Your foolish and ill-advised bullying has been very damaging and you need to think about the impact and the danger that you pose to the vulnerable by taking mis-advice and following it through. Your report is not and never was anything to do with what happened to me, and for three years you have openly allowed and taken part in, the safeguarding failure of letting the interconnected states, church, police and judiciary who your whitewash was presumably about, openly continue to abuse and harm me, so isn't it rather silly that you have trolled me on behalf of one of those conflicted States-Church members who is so desparate for you to destroy me publicly with the whitewash that he sought legal advice?!

Wow, why do a report and trot out the usual sickening empty whimper about 'lessons have been learned' when the same people are still openly committing abuse and misconduct against me with your blessing and help?! This would be a comedy if it was so very serious. Nothing has been learned, no-one has faced any action for abusing and harming me, and the wrongdoers have openly and with you blessing and help, publicly destroyed me, and you have trolled me because those wrongdoers want you to publish their whitewash created by you, as a consolation prize because they were too blatant with their Steel Whitewash, nearly got away with it, cost Bob Hill his life and still lost their Steel whitewash because it was too blatant. 
Your whitewash is too blatant and you have abused and harmed me, and I am awaiting an apology and the results of disciplinary action against you for your actions.

If the NSPCC were the advisors for this attack on me through you, as one indicator would suggest, they are increasingly likely to face legal action as well, on a number of counts.

Please make sure my complaint against you is esculated until it reaches a competent and impartial person - probably outside of Jersey then.

And if you send me any rubbish today I will continue my efforts to raise the profile of my complaint about your criminal acts in my case.

I would like you to commission a serious case review into the harm to me by you and your colleagues in the states-church-judiciary-police circle and especially into the desparation to defame and discredit me leading to the recent troll attack by you. I don't think that there is any escaping the fact that the troll attack and the incorrect motives and complicit behaviour by the safeguarding board is serious case review material, and make a strong point that the troll attack came not long after you have been pointedly, angrily and repeatedly told to stop bullying me over your whitewash. Provide both the troll attack and my fury at your repeat efforts to force your whitewash on me, to whoever the panel investigating will be.


Sunday, 10 July 2016

impending attack

I get premonitions before the church attacks, usually they come in the form of sharp images of Jersey and a feeling of sadness.
At the moment I have had Jersey and Winchester premonitions. Unusual.
But also we have a situation where the conflicted Peter Wanless who has allowed John Cameron's continued harmful involvement, sitting on his serious case review panel at the same time as the Church of England are having their corrupt abusers and fat old men't meeting, otherwise known as the general synod.
Usually the synod cooks up harm to me, but both these abuser-protector meetings at once?
I have made a complaint to the serious case review panel despite Wanless and Cameron's actions, but presumably they are going to support the now desparate Glenys Johnstone in her bid to release her share of the horrific whitewash.
They will if Cameron has a say, while I have no idea what the church intend to attack me with next.
It's hard to live with having been destroyed utterly and publicly and still not being safe.

Monday, 4 July 2016

church of comedy

'Good morning and welcome to this service of family communion led by the Reverend JJ Nortyperson. Today we are going to talk about denominations - quick churchwardens! Lock the Doors!'

'Dear Reverend Nortyperson, When Jesus was tempted by the devil after His Baptism, did He live on Locums and wild honey like John the Baptist?'

According to legend, the Bishop of Winchester abides by, and advocates 3 P's.
One before he puts his dress on for the service, and one after the service. And one in the middle if they run short of communion wine.

She's not the Messiah, she's a very Nortyperson! 

Friday, 24 June 2016

European UNion

In the Second World War, the tiny but spirited nation of ours fought with Great courage and remained free.
And then handed ourselves over, begging to be part of the German European Union.
Because we were being Excluded, and we didn't like it.

Having worked in the farming industry, I know what the European Union has done to us, taken real industry and strangled it and left us on subsidies that are not relevant to the industry but have become something that we depend upon.

Leaving the European Union will sadly not make Britain Great again, they have bled us dry and the UK is a roiling mess, and now with an uncertain future with regards Trade and movement.
I think the vote, narrow as it was, was to do with desparation. There could be no winners either way.
Great Britain, it's history and it's industry and it's pride, is a dry dusty and finished place, and I have no wish to be here, but where am I allowed to go now? Now that I am not in the European Union?

The thing about this referendum is the fighting over it has been so nasty and vicious that it makes me wonder if this world is even worth living in, let alone this country. I have never heard or seen such bigotry and hatred and narrowness, people attacking each other just because they are each exercising their own view, but they don't want others to have a view.

Well, anyway, my concluding truth is that I had no wish to be ruled over by uncaring and unelected people who are basically Germany. The EU already place penalties and regulations on the UK that they do not enforce in other countries. We are still paying for being the UK, for being the country that won the Second World War, and for Charles De Gaulle not liking us.

Great Britain does not have enough industry left to sustain it, we will have to copy the channel islands and have Great Britain Cows, UK Royal Potatoes, corruption and a massive finance industry! :)

The Second World War changed every country that it touched, and the EU has left it's mark on the UK, we will never be what we are, and we are now in a dangerous and unstable situation. I doubt very much that there is a contingency plan. Everyone was too busy attacking each other to think of that.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

We have got to a stage in this nasty nasty game called 'who will launch on HG next?'

Sue Bowles and Bishop Crook, 

Do you think I need lies from a Bishop who has upheld a paedophile protector who is the lay chair of the Jersey synod?
Do you think I need lies from a Bishop who has upheld two paedophile protectors who have abused the press and dual church and States roles in order to harm a vulnerable adult?

I have made a complaint, and while Juliet Montague's ex-boyfriend, Bishop Trevor continues to lie about safeguarding and uphold wrongdoers and actually take part in very questionable activities in the church, he has nothing but lies.

Let me re-iterate, I have made a formal complaint against the behaviour of the Dean and Deanery of Jersey and that stands until it is actioned properly.

How long ago did I make this complaint? Well it has actually been a live complaint now for a number of years while the Jersey Deanery have been free to destroy me publicly and through the press, and Bishop Trevor's response to all this and the two paedophile protectors harming me from their conflicted church-government-judiciary positions was to abuse the press himself by claiming safeguarding in the churches was good. Backed by the Archbishop's upholding of this, despite neither Bishop Trevor nor the Archbishop ever having met me, heard my side or made sure my side was included in any of the conflicted whitewash reports.

Do you have any idea how traumatic it is to be contacted right now so that the Bishop can lie to me? I am homeless and destitute and destroyed after the recent onslaught against me by the church, press and complete strangers who attack me because of the lies in the press. 
It is too late for the church to make a pretence of response, and especially Juliet Montague's ex-boyfriend, Bishop Trevor.

Juliet used to really make us laugh when she came home with tales of the Bishop wooing her and their little times together, he was a joke even back then.

Seeing him in Jersey manipulating the vulnerable was shocking when I lived in jersey, he was really in with the very questionable activities such as the paedophile fest that couldn't possibly be anything to do with God, where the leaders got the children to lay hands on people. Safeguarding in Jersey is good? You should have seen the greasy paedophiles huffing and puffing their way to the front of the qeue, and that was normal in the Jersey church and undoubtedly still is, it is the one place where paedophiles and their protectors know, especially from watching me be destroyed, that they are pretty much invited to go in and pick out victims. Bishop Trevor abuses the press to openly uphold this, because gathering from Juliet Montague, his own morals are deeply skewed.

I would like to re-iterate my formal complaint against the Dean and Deanery of Jersey and remind Bishop Trevor that lying about safeguarding in the press whilst knowingly employing men who have put children at risk, is Godless and dishonest and harmful to me and other victims of church abuse.

I do not care for a response from a Bishop who is known to be devious and to uphold wrongdoers, did you see the showing off about his expensive new crook that the churches in Jersey bought him as a thank you for protecting their wrongdoing, what does that have to do with Christianity, wasting money on things that God would not condone instead of helping the poor? Pathetic, and to use the press for it? The modern day pharisees. Jesus turned the tables over in anger, 'two thousand years go by, still they cry 'crucify, crucify!' It is disgusting.

Now, for the past three years, Bishop Trevor has overseen the Jersey Deanery abusing their power and publicly destroying me, his response has been to lie in the press about safeguarding, thus further harming me. He upholds wrong and thus his belated 'response' after the recent attack on me from which I have no recovered, is about as valid as his claims about safeguarding.
Not valid at all.

Make sure he ensures a full independent investigation into my formal complaint. 
I know the church don't know what independent means, because they referred to Korris, Gladwin and Steel as independent and allowed those people's conflicts of interest to publicly destroy me. There has been no report that includes me and no independent and unbiased report. No apology has been made for the damage and the damage is now a serious threat to my life. 
Bishop Trevor's public upholding of the Jersey Deanery's corruption last year sparked an attack on me that nearly cost both me and Bob Hill our lives and according to Bob Hill, Bishop Trevor knows and doesn't care, hence any belated response hardly being credible. Let me remind you: 

While I am in severe crisis, I cannot take any more lies from the church and if you email again while I am fighting, with no money even for food, to keep a roof over my head, the consequences will be catastrophic, so please don't. Just make sure there is at last an independent report, after three years of Bishop Trevor overseeing and condoning his Jersey Deanery's public and illegal destroyal of me.
Safeguarding? What a joke!  And why are you trying to redeem Bishop Dakin? He should be sacked and he thinks he can save his skin through using me? He is pathetic.
Have any of you any idea of the seriousness of the situation, I am fighting to stay housed and fed, I have no money at all and no access to help, and why am I fighting when the damage the Archbishop and Bishops have done on top of the way I am branded makes my life completely worthless and the continued pretence of response after all these years by the church is catastrophic, because it is all lies, excuses and back covering, which compounds the damage. You are collectively putting my life at risk, it is a collective and collaborated effort, no mistake, and it really must stop and an outside investigation must be carried out.

Answer me this, why would the Bishop of Dover suddenly respond now? Where did you get my email addresses, Sue Bowles? Well you got them from three years of my emails to the crooked Bishop, as he has been known since that laughable showing off in the Jersey press.  So, why ignore me for three years and launch on me along with a load of other eager liars, Dakin, Tilby, Dodds etc, after the Archbishop has dealt me the death blow by showing how corrupt he is by apologizing to the Dean, having met the Dean and his powerful clique and bent to their version of events and never having met with me?!
It gets ridiculous and it gets pathetic, the damage is done to me, the damage is too much for me to heal from now, you know when you see an animal with it's head hanging and you know the kindest thing would be to shoot it? That is how I am, and nothing the Bishops or coverup board says is really relevant. I may well be unable to go on fighting for my life, my back really is broken, but I want an independent report into everything that has happened to me in the church, not least the abuse of power by conflicted members of the Jersey Deanery, and the Bishop of Dover's bullshit will not change that.

Please make sure the following small sample of relevant statements and letters below  reach the independent inquiry when Bishop Willmott wakes up again and remembers to call this inquiry, in three years time? After my shamed, disgraced and branded death?

By the way, Tilby and Dodds, I am sick of this bombardment when you know I am in crisis, and what is it in aid of? Lies and cover-up, not my welfare or a proper response to my complaint.


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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Jersey Safeguarding Partnership and the NSPCC


I did a taped Statement about Jersey's safeguarding Partnership and letters to go with it, and it is all set up ready to send.  Anyone who would like a copy of the taped statement, please ask. Although I am not well off, money isn't that important when my life is close to ending.

But in the meantime a much darker matter has come up.

Do you remember John Cameron, head of children's services at the NSPCC being illegally and inappropriately involved in my case on behalf of the Diocese of Winchester?

Refresh your memory here:

Anyway, I made a complaint to the NSPCC regarding this inappropriate abuse of power by John Cameron and the Diocese of Winchester, the 'referral' by the Diocese of a vulnerable adult to a children's service without consent was illegal and inappropriate. Cameron's acceptance of the referral and the Diocese's cover up to him and his unsolicited contact was equally inappropriate and illegal, he aided the Diocese in harassing me while they were harming me as described in the links below.

For three years the NSPCC have received my complaint and I have a file of automated replies to my emailed complaints, they have never responded to my complaint though.

A children's services director has no place in the case of a vulnerable adult unless something inappropriate is going on.

Now as you know, part of the onslaught against me in 2013 was Jersey Safeguarding Partnership doing a very swift whitewash of my case after Jane Fisher and Bishop Dakin liaised with Stewart Gull of Jersey Police, it was very strange and very frightening as the safeguarding board boasted to a member of the public that they had cleared the wrongdoers, while the police officer, Gull 'appointed' by the Bishop to illegally liaise with Dame Steel was also on the safeguarding board who did this swift whitewash and boast.

Did anyone factor John Cameron into this? Did anyone put two and two together about his position in the NSPCC and thus being a colleague of both Jane Fisher and the Jersey Safeguarding partnership and realise that this terrible corruption and conflict of interests could be even worse?
I had no idea, until yesterday.

Jersey Safeguarding Partnership have been threatening me with their whitewash report for three years now, while I have been under threat of the Church's whitewash reports, having already been destroyed by one of them.
If you need more information on the safeguarding partnership's terrorism of me, please read these:

I guess I never imagined that Cameron's violation of me was more than a one-off 'colleagues' back-scratching exercise between him and the disgraced former safeguarding director, Jane Fisher of the Winchester Diocese.
But gathering by what has happened, John Cameron did more than just violate me during the onslaught against me in October and November 2013, an account of which is available here:

Anyway, the NSPCC failed to respond to my complaint for three years, but after persisting in questioning them about what was claimed by the Diocese of Winchester about the NSPCC being able to house me, they finally replied to that query, and said they didn't house adults. Which I knew, but Bob Hill was duped into believeing that the NSPCC were going to house me, as you will have seen here:

The above link is not well presented but my mind was too distressed when I created it.

So anyway, on the tail end of the recent catastrophic press and media harm to me by the Church in the last few months, Jersey's safeguarding partnership start once again harassing me over their desire to publish their whitewash and further harm me. They have learned nothing and have ignored my persistent complaint and are determined to add to the public attack on my character in order to tick their boxes, despite damning reports recently on their own failures with children.
Their whitewash report on me has become a form of bullying, abuse and harassment that has contributed to the harm to me. What happens to the voiceless vulnerable? Especially when this is the way a 'serious case review' is carried out?! Shocking and unacceptable.

So what do you do when faced with something like this? Well you look for authorities who oversee such misconduct and harm, don't you?
Who oversees Jersey's safeguarding partnership? The conflicted council of ministers, most of whom are in the church!
Who else? Well I can keep putting my case to the home office, can't I? Theresa May is a Vicar's daughter.
Well I contacted as many social services and safeguarding boards in the country as I could, but I have been treated appallingly by social services who also were influenced by and acted for, the Church of England in my case, and have refused to protect me from harm by the church, and of course, being inextricably linked to the police, social services and safeguarding do not protect a victim of abuse of power by the church and police.
But I found that there is a government serious case review panel, so I sent them my complaint.
Unfortunately they meet only once a month.
So, I noticed that Peter Wanless was part of this panel, and I contacted him directly, despite the bad things I have heard about the NSPCC that he also is CEO of. This is because the serious case review panel meet only once a month and the safeguarding partnership are terrorizing me for their whitewash report here and now.

It's funny, the NSPCC have a very bad helpline and haven't responded to my complaint against John Cameron for three year. They are inaccessible and unhelpful, but Peter Wanless responded by telling me to phone the NSPCC helpline. No, not for a serious case review matter, as I told him, so I emailed him the details.

The next thing I knew, John Cameron was emailing me, and I was sick.

My case is not a children's services matter, it is a case of a vulnerable adult being hounded towards death by whitewash reports and misleading press releases and being discredited and destroyed. Now this has been going on since six months before John Cameron was wheeled in as part of the cover-up. Why is a member of children's services in the NSPCC being repeatedly brought into this case?!
This is not an NSPCC matter, this is a serious case review matter, and something is seriously wrong when this man Cameron keeps popping up.

I got the impression yesterday that Cameron is a bit like a cover-up hitman, he is actually hired in to protect wrongdoers in safeguarding, but is really being a bit blatant in involvement in an adult case when he is a children's service manager, and I do object as it is too inappropriate and too blatant. As the complainant, I have a right to see him withdrawn from interfering, and an apology made. Because his re-involvement means it is being made quite clear that Jersey Safeguarding Partnership's behaviour will be upheld while I will be discredited and continue to be treated as mad and bad. After all, Cameron blatantly acted on behalf of the Diocese of Winchester in their nwrongdoing and had their side of things, he is conflicted. And if Peter Wanless didn't know that, he should know that, because his NSPCC have received three years of formal complaint and failed to respond, leaving Cameron to re-abuse me and presumably act in the interests of wrongdoers yet again.

Cameron's re-involvement shows Peter Wanless's and the NSPCC's contempt for my case in one way or another and that I remain at risk of this whitewash that Gleny's Johnstone boasted to a member of the public to 'clear wrongdoers' after this remarkably swift report was carried out without consulting me or including me, and I was contacted as an afterthought when the report was finished and because a Jersey deputy kept badgering the corrupt officer Stewart Gull about it.

Now, the question is, did Cameron actually arrange this whitewash with the safeguarding partnership? After all, he was working with Jane Fisher to harm and violate me and treat me as an object, Jane Fisher is known to have co-ordinated the tandem Steel and Safeguarding Partnership whitewashes with Officer Gull as the link between the two, did Cameron also abuse his power to oversee that uncannily swift discrediting of me in the form of the safeguarding partnership half of the whitewash?

Or was the fact that he remained unreprimanded to jeer by contacting me yesterday about the complaint sent to Peter Wanless in a serious case review capacity just a coincidence?
If it was, then it shouldn't have happened, because I have made a formal complaint against Cameron for three years.
Cameron has no right to conflict and jeapordize my complaint when he has acted on behalf of the people who have harmed me and is biased by their side, that he took in so well that he contacted me on their behalf while they were seriously harming me.
This is Jane Fisher who he acted for before:

What happens to the voiceless vulnerable?

So the situation is that I have been left sickened and incapacitated at a time when I need all my energy to ensure I do not end up as a long term rough sleeper after the recent destroying attack on me by the Church of England and the press.

Peter Wanless has some questions to answer, although judging by his response so far, he has no intention of either answering them or dealing with Jersey Safeguarding Partnership's wrong actions.

These are the questions:

  • Why did the NSPCC leave John Cameron in a position to harm me again after his unethical actions on behalf of the defendants?
  • Why has the NSPCC failed to respond to my complaint for three years?
  • Why did you pass a complaint to YOU in YOUR CAPACITY on the serious case review to an NSPCC manager?
  • Why was it passed to the head of children's services when this is a vulnerable adult serious case review?! 
  • Is it co-incidence that it was passed to someone who acts for the defendants and is prejudiced by that and now in a position to prevent justice and protection and allow harm to me?!
  • Do you think it is acceptable that you allowed this man to terrorize and distress me when I am in a very vulnerable position when your transfer of my complaint from a government board to a charity is illegal?!
  • Peter Wanless are you going to take my case seriously with Cameron influencing your view? Are you going to withdraw this matter from the NSPCC as it was submitted to your serious case review panel and are you going to deal with it fairly or deliberately fail to protect me and uphold the corruption and deceit of Jersey Safeguarding Partnership?
I will circulate this because in the end, when I die, someone will co-ordinate all these letters and things will have to change, no child or vulnerable person should be met with this level of corruption, failure or denial, and if the NSPCC routinely allow Cameron to be hired out as a cover-up hitman to derail complaints and cover up for wrongdoers, something has got to change.
Jane Dodds and Graham Tilby who have been overseeing my destroyal on behalf of the Bishop and Archbishop will be sent a copy of this to see how they can cover it up. 

Dishonesty, corruption and lack of action have left a vulnerable adult irreparably and seriously harmed, but what happens to the voiceless vulnerable?

To Conclude, these were my recent responses to the Safeguarding partnership, and also my psychological report:

The production of this letter when I should be at work and am homeless and trying to get myself housed is a great inconvenience as is making the very long journey to post the transcripts safely. Right now I am supposed to be making sure a disabled person can have a shower safely, so this safeguarding failure has far-reaching affects and impacts on other people.

Also please note, just as the Bishop refuses to release a copy of the conflicted Steel report to me, the safeguarding partnership refuse to let me see their whitewash. It's all a bit too blatant, and John Cameron's re-entry onto the scene is too. This complaint is not to be rubbished by someone who thinks the same as the church, that they can claim to offer 'help' to me while destroying me publicly and through whitewash reports. No help can reach someone being destroyed in this way, it is a back-covering excuse to offer it, and it is twisted and sick.
Children do not have the voice that I do, what happens to them at the hands of the church, NSPCC and safeguarding partnership?