Friday, 21 April 2017

Bath and Wells

Hi Bath and Wells,

Thanks for your viewing of my blogs and your online searches.

What I would advise is don't believe a word that any Church of England safeguarding person tells you. Because they have to cover-up or they could be made liable for allowing a dangerous couple like the Keys to continue to have access to the vulnerable.

My book 'Very Cuttings' will help you to see the uncontrolled media and press distortions of my case.

Monday, 17 April 2017


cc National 'Safeguarding' Team and IICSA 


Dear Bishops Willmott and Dakin and Archbishop Welby, 

I enclose the reminder of the formal complaint sent to Bishop Willmott last year, unfortunately he decided to try and fob me off through his secretary, adding to his image of dishonesty, deceit and cowardice. 

Please make sure that both my formal complaint against the behaviour of yourselves and the Godless, evil and criminal Jersey Deanery are now either addressed or passed to a competent safeguarding body, as it is clear from the pronouncements without evidence of the Archbishop and Bishop about safeguarding in Jersey being good, while I was being destroyed, that neither the Archbishop nor Bishop have the faintest clue what safeguarding is. 

That is reinforced by the fact that the Archbishop and Bishops themselves have led a public attack on my character through a million pounds worth of criminal and illegal whitewashes slurring me and covering up for wrongdoers. If you consider safeguarding to be good when you have been effectively forcing me to my death and branding me publicly for the abusers who you have openly aided and upheld in harming me. Then at very least you don't know what safeguarding is.

You met with and condoned the powerful criminals from Jersey and spoke with them on the phone and allowed them to condemn me in the press and media, you provided legal and PR help for yourselves, and you never met with me, spoken to me (apart from the Bishop of Winchester threatening me) or provided me with legal or PR help as you destroyed me publicly while I was voiceless. So how is safeguarding good in the Church of England? Are you going to answer? Are you going to answer the person who you have scourged and crucified publicly?

You spent a million pounds glorifying yourselves at my expense and upholding each and every wrongdoer and abuser and branding me publicly for life, flinging your and their version of my personal life all over the press and all over the world. You made it clear you condone abuse and will always protect abusers and wrongdoers. Do you really believe this is safeguarding?
Now, where is the million pounds for an investigation into what happened to ME? And also into the illegally accessed records of the whitewash.

If you continue to refuse to take responsibility for your actions and the severe, life-limiting and permanent harm to me, then each one of you must step down.
Even if you genuinely believed the Dean to be innocent of wrongdoing, you had no right to turn the matter into a discrediting press stunt at my expense, having never met me or heard my side and having only listened to the money and power of the powerful circle of lawyers and dignitaries surrounding the Dean. Including those who illegally accessed and tampered with already inaccurate police and other records.

What you should have been doing rather than destroying me for the sake of the Church's image, was holding these men, including the Dean, to account for their Godless and criminal behaviour instead of adding and to it and including your own Godless and criminal behaviour.
The Dean of Jersey, without remorse or any sort of reprimand for his serious criminal and dangerous actions, especially in conjunction with his circle over the past four years, is to go on to positions where he will remain a danger to the vulnerable, and you have lauded and upheld him, so tell me how safeguarding in the Church of England is good?

You nearly ended my destroyed and shattered life with your public attack on me and upholding of wrongdoers and I remain in utter anguish and waiting for death. Obviously from your onslaught without mercy, you have made it clear that you want me dead, and indeed it would be best, because I couldn't recover from the previous harm to me, the last four years is something that no human being could come back from, no human being, be they whole or crippled. No-one could survive what you have done to me. You have utterly condemned me.

So, why have you received my requests for you to pay for my attendance at Dignitas to be humanely put to sleep, and not answered them?

 You had a million pounds to pay for glorifying yourselves at my expense and publicly destroying me, you had that money to pay for cover-up of your wicked and criminal actions against me, and you are reluctant to pay a few thousand for me to fly to Switzerland to be killed, after your sustained efforts left me shattered beyond healing but still unable to die? 
Please explain this. No-one can deny that your efforts at publicly vilifying me and spewing your version of my life into your complicit press could be anything other than a constructive murder, and in fairness I should now have been dead for three years, but sadly for you I am not, and I have offered you a solution for your failed murder, because I am never going to heal.

 A mutual solution would be dignitas, and it would be better than having to endure another Christmas ruined by Justin Welby, the man who destroyed me, trotting out another load of vain and empty lies written for him at Christmas, waffling the vain empty cliches about the poor and homeless while his victim, in poverty and anguish and having endured three years sleeping rough because of his church, goes on suffering.
Jesus Wept. Justin the Narcissist must be silent eventually, surely?

The things that strangers said about me and the lies that your criminal clergy and laity have broadcast in the press and media, leading to hate attacks and threats against me while I was voiceless and jeered at when I even tried to answer this hatred, will never heal and can never be justified by you as anything but your wish for my death in shame and brokenness, as has nearly occured and will eventually occur.

Please make sure that there is an independent investigation into all of what has happened to me, make sure it includes me and my voice, from my books if I am dead by the time it occurs, I have written my books to ensure that I am heard in death if not in life.
Make sure that your collective actions of the past four years is stringently and completely investigated.

This includes investigation into the Steel report being continued when she was chosen by and acting for, the Jersey Deanery, why she was not withdrawn when requested, with evidence of her confliction, why the Korris report was published and labelled independent when it wasn't and why Korris broke the law and why her report was not withdrawn until I took the Bishop to court.  

Also why the Bishop kept on and on discrediting me over the Steel report, claiming to withold it for my welfare when he had not sent me a copy, but was basically telling the general public that the report was genuine and I was in the wrong. Claiming to care about my welfare as he and the Archbishop nearly caused my suicide and he told the general public he was feeding the conflicted lies of Steel into the conflicted Gladwin report was an act of evil. My consent for that has not been granted. I have not agreed.

The Bishop failed to tell the general public that I was forced to take him to court to save my life, he failed to tell the general public that he was supposed to make sure I agreed with the content of the Steel report before it was released. He failed to ever send me a copy of the Steel report.
None of this matter has been about safeguarding, or protecting the vulnerable, or anything meriting a million pound waste of trusting congregants' money. The outcome for me has repeatedly been near death, it has been permanent and very severe harm to my health and a lifetime of being branded that makes me long for death. There is no recovery from the kind of hatred from strangers, threats and lies that have been broadcast, none at all.

And to make it worse, the whitewash by Jersey Safeguarding partnership, cooked up by the intermeshed States, police and Deanery and used by the church to harm me further, And then the use of the 'National Safeguarding Team' to try to sweep up the pieces and cover it up, rubbing my raw wounds with sandpaper while refusing to do anything about any of your collective criminal and dangerous harm to me. 

They are still refusing to act, because apparently you have 'advised' them not to, and they are employed by the Archbishop and his council, presumably to cover up while duping vulnerable victims by whining about caring about them and learning from them, as Jane Dodds did with me. I was already in enough anguish and suffering in a way that will never now relent, I didn't need that insult to injury that was the National Safeguarding Team.

 And I am continuing and will continue, to ask them to act upon your serious and criminal safeguarding failures that should have led to you collectively being removed, and one day someone will see my emails and letters to them and ask them why they didn't act.
That is evil, it is wickedness, and it beggars belief that instead of resigning, You remain, still a risk to the vulnerable and after committing such evil. 

Either the Church has no clue what safeguarding means or you men should resign. As long as you stay, after taking part in such evil and refuse to take responsibility for yourselves, you know that your church isn't safeguarding anyone and isn't anything to do with God. 

You completely lack integrity and you compound that by making false claims and misleading the general public while upholding dangerous men in your church and leaving me destroyed. 
I have a formal complaint. It starts with abuse when I was 19 and runs to the present day, it comprises of lack of safeguarding, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, slander, illegal actions, abuse of power over the press, false claims about safeguarding, very serious harm to me, me being exposed to hatred and slander, police brutality and intrusions, homelessness and imprisonment because of your safeguarding failures, it is exhaustive, it contains a list of people's names already sent to you. I have had no adequate response. I am waiting, I am suffering.
The longer you leave it, the worse your failure in safeguarding becomes.

I will be producing and publishing a report about the National Safeguarding Team's part of this, which will be sent to the CSA inquiry no matter whether you can or cannot bribe them. But you do need to call an overarching investigation into my case, and every day that you ignore that, you harm me. While you don't safeguard, the risk of abuse is high.

The Archbishop's lack of understanding of safeguarding led to him claiming that safeguarding in Jersey is good, he appears to mistake a prolonged and power-abusive smear and discrediting campaign using the press and media against a vulnerable adult by his clergy as 'Good safeguarding'.

 Obviously his lack of understanding of safeguarding is so serious that it is a risk to vulnerable lives, he certainly nearly caused my death and until and unless that is dealt with properly, then there is a serious safeguarding breach, worse even, a complicit act of cover-up carried out by Bishop Willmott and Archbishop Welby. 

And again, if most vulnerable adults are more voiceless than me, how many are being killed this way, and with the blessing of the National Safeguarding Team, who yatter lies and rubbish at the victims to try and placate them as the victims commit suicide.

If the National Safeguarding Team, who are well aware of the wrong in this matter and have said as much to me before being gagged when it was realised that I couldn't be duped and silenced, do not arrange for the resignations of the the Bishops and Archbishop over their serious harm to me, then a court or inquiry must do so, and the National Safeguarding Team should also resign.

 They are following up their failure by allowing the Dean to 'resign' lauded and honoured, again at my expense while I endure a re-awakening of the threats and attacks on me over this, some people are fooled by this resignation and the Archbishop and Bath and Wells employing that criminal, but not all.

The Archbishop claims that the Dean is a 'Godly Man', really? Has the Archbishop ever read a Bible? Didn't I send him one the other year as he continued to uphold the harm to me relentlessly? Does deceit and lies and hiding behind people of power and lawyers constitute Godly? Oh yes,  because the Archbishop does it too. 

Does destroying someone the way the Dean has destroyed me count as Godly? Maybe someone switched the Archbishop's Bible for a Satanism Manual. Because what the Archbishop himself has done is evil.

There is no God or Christianity or integrity or good or safeguarding in what the Archbishop and Bishops and Archbishop's Council have done in destroying, threatening and publicly ruining me. I was already destroyed before the public attack on me was launched and I have suffered without relief while a million pounds was spent on the church's image, lawyers, PR firms, press releases and four whitewashes that are nothing to do with what happened to me.

It is time for you Godless and terrible cowards to step down. Do a lie like the Dean's 'Resignation', do it any way you want, but before you go, make sure that there is an overarching inquiry and also that Peter Ould and Gavin Ashenden who continue to attack the vulnerable unafraid, because in the Archbishop's eyes that is good safeguarding and Godly behaviour, are removed, along with Elaine Rose and all staff and clergy who have harmed me.

The Church currently don't safeguard, because they mistake safeguarding for image and segregation to protect the church. How can the comfortable middle class know what safeguarding means when they don't understand vulnerability or suffering, to the extent that they have an apartheid against the vulnerable to protect themselves? 
All the high profile employment of 'people from social care backgrounds' does not remove the apartheid or the fact that these new employees are not allowed to actually safeguard because the church must be protected first. 

The horrifying behaviour of Dodds, Tilby and Murray in my case, thinking they could mislead me after allowing the Bishop and Archbishop to destroy me publicly and then gag it all, is all the proof you need of that.
Make sure that I receive my copy of the Steel report as requested, you have no excuse whatsoever to withold it, and make sure any agency asking for a copy if they are concerned for my welfare, are given a copy of it, and also do not lie to any agency about being in contact with me, trying to include me in reports or trying to help me.

Please send a copy of the Steel report to the IICSA and explain to them that this is how you classify an independent safeguarding report, a report carried out by a member of the conflicted inner circle of Jersey's States, Judiciary, lawyers and Town Church who protected the Dean and destroyed me.
Let me just remind you of the blog that Bob Hill created just before he collapsed while defending me from hate attacks instigated by your Steel whitewash and the conflicted circle's need to have it published and snuff out my life with their hatred in the form of a report. Your million pound safeguarding failure and cover up cost this man his life.

Your pretences of care for my welfare while you destroyed me were the same as a rapist telling his victim he loved them as he raped them. Despicable and inexcusable,  you can't cold-bloodedly destroy someone and pretend to care about them for the sake of PR, it is despicable.
And do you really think you can excuse yourselves based on what you have heard about me? It beggars belief.  You've never met me. You must resign.


HG/JJ -  Church of England safeguarding failure victim.

Friday, 14 April 2017

From 2015 - The Steel Cross by Junie Wanman

This film script by Ms. Wanman is also known as 'How to write a farce'.

HG sat by the Great Ship Bay with the blue bike. HG was watching the Solar eclipse, although she couldn't really watch it because of the cloud.
The blue bike was muttering about looking like a lump of mud.

HG was wondering how to continue the re-enaction of Jesus Life when she didn't have a donkey for Palm Sunday, 'It's not fair, the Church of England has so many donkeys and they won't lend me one'.

The blue bike liked to pretend to be a horse, but it drew the line at being a donkey, huffed crossly and reminded HG that only Lou Scott-Joynt illegally rode her bike in the Cathedral Close and on the precinct, and because the police in Winchester are the Church's private mafia, Scott-Joynt could get away with it but HG couldn't.

This was true.

Applications to the Bishop for one of his donkeys to be borrowed for  Palm Sunday failed, as the Bishop had promoted them all to legal and safeguarding positions to that they could assess the Steel report and give it marks out of ten.
When the Bishop's solicitors, Batty-Broadbent, were questioned on this matter, they denied all knowlege, because although the Bishop claimed that he had legal and safeguarding experts reviewing the report, his solicitors and all genuine safeguarding officials knew nothing about it,
while those assessing the Steel report got worried because they didn't know what it meant but they knew that Steel, Philip Bailhache and others had acted illegally and were afraid to tell the Bishop that he would be arrested if he published his obviously illegal actions.
Unbeknown them, the Bishop already knew this, hence getting his donkeys to assess the Steel report for 10 years, thus keeping them in employment until everyone forgot the Steel report and it was dsposed of in secret by shredding it and using it as communion wafers, this had the bonus of killing off all the old people, because the diocese of winchester is progressive evangelical.
The Bishop also hoped Steel would pass away in the meantime so she wouldn't object.
So, the Bishop refused HG a donkey as they were all so busy.

Hg was not impressed, having done the being 33 and travelling homeless persecuted and scorned by Church Pharisees routine, how could they skip the donkey ride before crucifying her on a Steel Cross, not fair, the whole plot was unravelling!

The Bishop decided he was going to do a minor crucifiction and only release parts of the Steel report that didn't implicate him as party to a crime. But it was difficult to disentangle the parts of the report that he needed, as the whole thing had been written very cleverly to stitch HG up and absolve wrongdoers of blame, which was a repeat of a repeat of a repeat in the Jersey matter, and HG was autistic, and objected to being stitched up when she had no physical injuries and the wounds that needed stitching were emotional and psychological.
And on the subject of psychology, HG had really smashed the diocese in the teeth when she produced a psychological report from treatment starting before the Korris rubbish was released, that refuted the Korris rubbish.

And those who still don't know, the Korris rubbish omitted Hg's views, and the Bishop lied to a court of law and claimed that efforts were made to include HG, which is not the case as HG was traced AFTER the report was published, and her amendments were not included when she was traced AFTER the report was published. The report was never amended but was left online and given to the police and press as if it was fact, and not removed until HG took the Bishop to court. The report remained in the Diocese's archives until recently, when it was removed, presumably to cover the Bishop's back when he publishes the conflicted Steel report, or it was removed because HG made a formal complaint against Korris. Funny how the loud and proud cover-up report that they spewed all over the press so HG was slandered by strangers and attacked and driven out, was removed so quietly, not a word.

So anyway, none of that produces a donkey, so HG applied to the tribunals, complaining that the Diocese had scourged her and and were crucifying her but there was no donkey to get to Winchester on. The tribunals were typical church, so they told her they would be in touch in a few years time.
Meanwhile someone told HG that her weight would be so unfair to the donkey anyway.
This whole crucifixion business was really unravelling, but HG had watched Evan Almighty so she knew things would be OK.

HG asked Jesus where her donkey was.
Jesus said 'Remember, if you try to reconstruct a situation, the strengths and weaknesses are reversed'.

And Shrek emailed saying he could not lend donkey as he would go mad with the peace and quiet.

And so, that Easter, the Bishop of Winchester was crucified on his cross of Steel.
And while they tried to work out how to hammer nails into a Steel cross, HG went round letting all their car tyres down. Something you couldn't do in Jerusalem 2000 years ago, which is why St. Peter cut people's ears off instead, totally impolite in this day and age.

The end.

If anyone reading this would like to donate a donkey for the day, I will walk alongside it to the Cathedral on Palm Sunday in protest at the way I have been treated by the Church of England.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

A picture of Justin Welby at last...and his friends

St John’s mourns for honorary church warden Sir Jimmy Savile Sir Jimmy Savile (pictured) visiting St John's church, Cragg Vale, to catch up with old friends and assist in fundraising for the church 11:40Tuesday 01 November 2011 0 HAVE YOUR SAY CALDERDALE was mourning the loss of broadcasting legend Sir Jimmy Savile on what would have been his 85th birthday yesterday. The Jim’ll Fix It icon, famed for his eccentric dress sense and huge cigars, was found dead at his home in Roundhay, Leeds, on Saturday. The late Sir Jimmy Savile was an honourary warden at St John's church, Cragg Vale, which he raised thousands of pounds for over the years. He is pictured outside the church on September 28, 1991. The broadcasting legend was found dead at his home in Leeds on Saturday October 29, two days before what would have been his 85th birthday Sir Jimmy, a devoted supporter of good causes, was an honorary warden at St John’s Church in Cragg Vale, which he raised thousands of pounds for over the years. The Rev James Allison said he had attended a service there as recently as six months ago and would talk proudly of his honourary role. “He never announced he was coming, I would just look up and there he’d be in all his glory, usually wearing a shellsuit and everything,” he said. “He was lovely – a really nice man. We are very sad to have lost him. He was a good friend of the church.” Sir Jimmy began fund-raising there in 1967 when his friend, the Rev David Bennett, enlisted his help to raise £8,000 for a new vicarage. The veteran presenter returned regularly to lead 10-mile sponsored walks in aid of the church and other good causes in Calderdale until the late 1970s. His lengthy TV career had its roots in Calderdale, with one of his first stints on screen in the 1947 film A Boy, A Girl And A Bike, about a fictional cycling club based in Hebden Bridge. Sir Jimmy, then a racing cyclist with Leeds Olympic Club, appeared as an extra alongside members of Halifax Road Racing Club. Derek Browne, honorary president of the Halifax club, said: “This was possibly his first taste of being involved in showbusiness.” After riding in the first Tour of Britain in 1951, he became a race commentator – the launchpad for his broadcasting career. “I think that gave him a feel for it,” said Mr Browne. “He really could hold an audience captivated. “He was a one-off. He could talk the hind leg off a donkey.” In 1958, Sir Jimmy became a DJ on pirate radio station Radio Luxembourg, where he made his name. He later became one of the first DJs on BBC Radio 1 and launched Top of the Pops in 1964. He will be best remembered for making hundreds of people’s dreams come true on Jim’ll Fix It, which ran from 1975 to 1994. Among them was Queensbury woman Sharon Sadofski, who met her hero Les Mc-Keown on the BBC1 show. Sir Jimmy fixed it for her to meet the Bay City Rollers singer at a TV studio in London, where he performed a medley of hits for her. Mrs Sadofski, 47, said: “I shed a tear for Jimmy when I heard. “It’s so sad. He was a lovely man. He was so nice and he did a marvellous thing for me.”

Read more at:

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bishop of Winchester


Dear Bishop Dakin,

I enclose copies of another safeguarding complaint.

I know you don't care about safeguarding. I have barely survived your million pound best effort to kill me, and I won't go on surviving it forever, no human being could, especially not one as destroyed as I already was when you launched on me and destroyed me publicly for years.

Your Diocese is best known for lies, safeguarding failures, corruption, abuse of power, homophobia and abuse, but nonetheless, you are responsible for the million pound cover-up and you must now take responsibility for yourself and your friends Gladwin and Bursell and Steel, you have openly upheld very serious wrongdoing and abuse and have upheld abusers and destroyed their victim, so it is time for you and your friends Bursell and Gladwin to shred their power-abusive lies, corrupted further by a report that you shouldn't have allowed to continue when you were made aware of the serious conflicts of interests, the Steel report.

Where is my copy of the Steel report? It can't be used in any publication unless I agree to the content, and to illegally defame me behind my back without giving me a right of reply is evil as well as illegal and dishonest, and to have allowed Steel to continue when she was known to be conflicted was heinous, that wasn't a report into anything, it was an open character assassination, and the outcome is that I have been publicly destroyed while ALL wrongdoers remain in positions where they are a safeguarding danger, unpunished.

The Dean of Jersey as he openly flaunts your clearing of him in the papers this weekend, will be raising a glass to you, but why exactly did you destroy me for him? He had already triumphed utterly in destroying me, why exactly did you need to destroy me publicly for him for four years again?!

It is incredible that even as you publicly destroyed me and upheld the criminal lies of Dame Steel and her Deanery-Judiciary colleagues in Jersey, you were pretending that YOU stopped the Steel report. And if the Church of England wasn't corrupt and rotten through and through, you would have been removed for that and for spending thousands on a professional liar company Luther-Pendragon, to protect you from the consequences of your own wrongdoing.

You may well kill me yet, you probably will, a human being cannot withstand what you have inflicted on me for no apparent reason, but as long as I die having got the wheels in motion to stop the Church of England from having limitless power and abuse of power to destroy victims and cover up and lie about safeguarding as they still are doing, my life won't be wasted, I may prevent another victim from being killed by you godless, evil, corrupt lying cut-throats who use God's Name in vain as you carry out your evil and excuse yourselves.

Please remember that I have asked you to resign, and you would have to be insane to go on excusing yourself and staying at Wolvsley and claiming to represent God while I suffer and go to my death suffering intolerably.

Your Luther_Pendragon, your firm of professional liars, got you to spout lies about being called to help the lost, last and least while you destroyed me. Do you know the parable of the Good Shepherd? One person driven from God by 99 evil liars such as yourself and your colleague is worth more than all of you, and it is unspeakable arrogance that you called me lost last and least having destroyed me on the lies of Jane Fisher and other lying criminals in the Church of England.
Please make sure my case is referred for proper independent investigation, not only the abuse and cover up from age 19 to 2011, culminating in Fisher and Scott-Joynt destroying me, but also the million pound whitewash and constructive murder of me, led by you from 2013 to the present day.

Please make sure that there is a press and media redaction of your and Welby's slurs against me and upholding the Dean of Jersey, because you haven't carried out a fair and impartial investigation which includes me, you have carried out a million pound farce, and apparently you are hiding behind Luther-Pendragon again and leaving lies about my case on your Diocesan Safeguarding Website while lying to the general public, when I have warned you I will take action against you for that.

HG/JJ - Your attempted murder victim.

Jane Fisher, Bailhache to Ashenden, Ould and the rest of them

Most people would commit suicide under the way that the I have been smeared and destroyed.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

A Short Prayer

Dear Lord and Father,

As I watch the blogs statting up again this evening I wonder what evil the Church of England have inflicted now or what evil they are inflicting, to cause the blogs to stat, including stats from Bath and Wells, who have announced themselves as renouncing You, Lord.
I pray that the evil and harm to me by the Church of England falls back upon them and that they can harm me no longer. I pray in Your Name, Lord Jesus, that the Church of England face punishment at least as catastrophic as the harm that they have inflicted on me. I pray to be free from the Church of England to crawl to my grave in relative peace. In Jesus' Name, amen

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A toast

'And our dear Channel Islands are to be freed today...' Winston Churchill May 8th 1946.

'And out Queer Channel Islands are to be freed today...' JJ. Nortyperson February 28th 2017.

Here's to the Queer Old Dean!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Caroline Venables


Formal Letter to Caroline Venables.

Dear Caroline Venables,

Please excuse my rudeness and distress, or don't if you don't want to. On Thursday you tried to phone me, the first time my abusers at Lambeth Palace have ever tried to phone me. And at a time of very deep distress due to the Archbishop's repeated use of abuse to glorify himself and the Church of England when he has been asked enough times not to behave like that.
There is nothing that the Church can say to me, and phoning me when I am being re-abused by the man who publicly destroyed me, Justin Welby, is not a good idea.

Jane Dodds and Graham Tilby, followed by Moira Murray, injured me as much as they could in their dismissal of my anguish and their efforts to excuse themselves for allowing, aiding and abetting the massive public destruction of me by Welby and Dakin and the press. There is nothing you can say to me. However, you do have a duty of care and a duty to take action.
Nearly a year has gone by since Dakin and Welby publicly destroyed me after three years of severe harm, and you haven't made a press redaction, you haven't removed them for their harassment of me, you haven't done anything. So you have no right to phone me. Phone back when every wrongdoer is dealt with and not before, and by wrongdoer, you have to include yourself and your safeguarding team.

I do not know why you phoned me but let me guess:
• You want to silence me, my speaking up is a nuisance. I will not be silenced until you kill me, and the more damage you do, the more I will scream.
• You want to excuse the Church. Well what's new? Get Tilby to do that, he is a great liar, very believable, unlike Dodds. The two of them telling me different things would have been a comedy if their collusion in destroying me wasn't so evil.
• You want to warn me that you are trying to release any of the whitewashes or want my consent, agreement or co-operation. No. If you even try, I will destroy the Church of England outright. Shred the vile evil lies and stop harassing me. What you have done to me is contemptible.
• You want to pretend to care? Get stuffed, how many times?!
• You have been prompted to contact me by an outside agency or church or individual who has heard some of my story, you will now go back to them with a whine about trying to contact me but I screamed at you. I did. I will scream at you some more if you like. It releases some of years and years of anguish and anger at being destroyed over and over. Tell the agency to read my blog, I will post this letter on it.

I don't know you and I don't want to, you are part of the organization who destroyed me and upheld my abusers. You have a duty of care, especially as you claim (albeit falsely) to be to do with safeguarding.
So you will ensure that the upcoming press and media attack on behalf of the criminal you uphold, the Dean of Jersey, is forestalled, and you will make sure Gladwin retires properly and shreds the lies he has created in collusion with Steel and the Deanery of Jersey.

If I am further harmed, this letter will be available and you will be held liable.
Now go back to that snivelling corrupt coward Welby and make sure he hears this letter in no uncertain terms before he resigns. If he continues to shout and rant and lie in the press and media because of his desparation not to be exposed for his own crimes, his fall is going to be much harder.

Don't call me HG when you contact me. You named me as a spit of contempt and I now own the name. You call me JJ as asked previously.
When the press lies kick off or I have contact from the Church of England or press or media, it affects my work and studies, I am close to having to quit university and I end up starving and in danger of homelessness if you destroy my work through these matters. My whole life, relationships and tenancies are affected by the Church's harm of me.


By the Branches broke like bones

Thursday, 2 February 2017

The prayers from my new book 'Destruction'

I pray that each and every individual involved in harming me, clergy, laity and support services, have the grace to take responsibility for harming me and bow out of life where they have contact with other vulnerable adults who they may harm but who may not gain a voice through writing as I have. In the Name of Jesus. Amen
I pray that under a new Archbishop, and very soon, the Church turn from their narcissism and power-abusive control of the press and authorities and grant a full, independent and impartial investigation into my case, from the abuse that started when I was in my late teens and early 20s to the horrific cover-ups, press and media smears and million pound whitewash of more recent years.
In the Name of Jesus. Amen
I pray for all the people involved in harming me. I pray that they repent and learn to have a conscience. I thank You Lord that though I am shattered, destroyed, branded for life and dying, that I am not one of the people who have harmed me, for all their stability and good things in life and assurance of meals and a roof over their heads. I would rather be me and be destitute and alone.
In the Name of Jesus. Amen
Lord help and protect other victims who are voiceless in the face of the Church's Evil. I have only a small voice in my writing, but they have no voice, I speak for them.
In the Name of Jesus. Amen
Lord please forgive me whatever perceived evil that the Church and my old community hold against me to death, that they think I am worse than them in their unchristian condemnation of me and all their acts of evil and deceit in my case, although I carry all my shame and guilt as a heavy burden and even baptism, confession and repentance has not stopped these people from binding my sins back upon me until I fall under the weight of this cross.
Dear Lord and Father, please take from me the burden of the condemnation of me by the Winchester churches, community and Deanery on behalf of the Scott-Joynts, Dakins and Fisher. The condemnation has never been withdrawn nor has a single person shown impartiality or an ear for my side of things. Please bind the condemnation back upon those who condemned me and let me walk towards my grave free from it.
God please forgive me my sins and help those who condemned me to repent.
I ask all these things in Jesus' Name. Amen

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Sir Humphrey Appleby: The Queen is inseparable from the Church of England.
Jim Hacker: And what about God?
Sir Humphrey Appleby: I think he is what is called an optional extra.