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  • I was abused in the Church of England as a vulnerable adult aged 19.
  • I was abused by the husband of a vicar who was also my counsellor, this vicar took me home as a replacement for her stepdaughter who her husband, the girl's father, had abused and abandoned.
  • I was further abused by another church officer.
  • The church tried to close my complaints down, refused to deal with them and left both abusers and those who stood up for them in church positions.
  • The church got me a criminal record for speaking up, they claimed I was harassing them.
  • I had never been in police trouble before, but as a result, I lost my home and job, and was left on the streets, injured by the police and severely traumatized.

  • Last year, years too late and the other side of me being destroyed, and while I was still homeless and destitute, the church launched on me in the National press, claiming to apologize.
  • They also launched in the press, a 'report' into what had happened. This report was hideously inaccurate although it did show how members of church had abused process in not dealing with my complaint.
  • The report, although not naming me, made it quite easy for me to be identified, I was one of very few autistic 33 year old women in the UK on the streets, and enough people who I met and was looked after by, knew who the report was about, and I lost friends and was shunned as a result.
  • I also had strangers condemning and maligning me, it was heartbreaking.
  • Then a church officer associated with my abuser, also in government, released my name and breached the data protection act.

  • As a result of the Press reports and the report released, an all-out war broke out between the Diocese and Deanery involved, with me caught in the middle, I was slandered, I was smeared, I was condemned.
  • The Church offered no help and I became ill as each new inaccurate report and cover up came out, each new damnation of me.
  • New investigations were comissioned, and one was blatantly conflicted, to be carried out by a member of the group who supported the wrongdoers.
  • I have been excluded from all reports, which, to save the church, are whitewashes which cover up the original admissions of wrongdoing.
  • The church have treated me coldly, threatened me, despite them having me illegally traced by police, and have not helped me, instead they made illegal referrals of me to what they called help, without my consent and without checking it would help or what I wanted.
  • I have pleaded with them to stop the harm to me, but to no avail, and I am living in fear, severely traumatized and knowing I cannot withstand the damning press reports and whitewashes forever.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Daily Fail - Welby

DEAR 'Welby'

I am horrified to see that  as well as not believing in God, you don't believe in the Ten Commandments either, and are slandering your Father in the National Paper,
although the Daily Fail, your private advertisement and propaganda paper is hardly a paper any more, it is one of the 'rag' papers these days, especially as you appear to pay the Daily Fail to personally show you off, which again is nothing to do with Jesus.
What amuses me though, is, that despite being your personal propaganda paper, they always refer to you as 'Welby' Which is a mark of contempt, to refer to someone by their surname only.
'Welby' This and 'Welby' that, makes you into an object of church propaganda and not a human being, which would explain a LOT.

Don't you think, that since saying you don't believe in God, and now you have stooped to publicly maligning your own parents to get attention and sympathy, you really have sunk to new lows, too low even for Church of England leadership, which is really saying something! 
It is funny how your church didn't even murmur when you said you didn't believe in God.

You really are a very silly and vain man, full of affectation and pretence, and you are making a fool of your church, and it is time you left.

This 'Shake-up' you keep boasting about should include removing you.

Now, go and apologize to your parents, if they are still alive, and if not, you should be even more dreadfully ashamed of yourself and go and confess to a real priest and repent.
Especially as your time spent slandering and libelling your parents should be being spent on resolving the Jersey and Winchester matter.
It is no wonder, if you bad mouth your own parents in public, you have not been able to understand how wrong the actions of the Deanery and DIocese and church times have been against me.

There must be a time when your uncontrolled run of propaganda and lies in the press stops and you start dealing with the very serious issues in your church, such as employing a dangerous liar as a safeguarding officer and employing clergy in Jersey and a Bishop of Winchester who are without a shred of integrity or Christianity.

Use Jesus as a spirit level, would he approve of your continued harm to the vulnerable and your showing off in the press? No, because it is what the Pharisees did.


Sunday, 14 December 2014


As Jersey continues to rumble quietly, a light blue Jaguar with a Jersey Number Plate is seen leaving a meeting with the Bishop.
And immediately afterwards, an unreasonable request is made of a member of the Jersey clergy, showing that all is not well.
Meanwhile an Ould visitor scans the Anything and Everything blog every evening. While rumours fly.
What is afoot?
Afoot is somthing on the end of aleg.

Monday, 8 December 2014

A quick note to the Archbishop yesterday

Dear Justin Welby,
I was dismayed to see that you are advertising yourself and your church on the front paper of your newspaper, the Daily Mail again today.
Please would you think about the poor and consider donating the money you pay the Daily Mail to spearhead your self-glorification campaigns to organizations which help the poor, such as the Trussel Trust, who run so many foodbanks nationwide? That way, the poor Benefit, and your terrible propaganda that misleads anyone silly enough to read the Daily Mail or Church Times ends, kill two birds with one stone.
Because you have destroyed me through your million pound Winchester and Jersey cover up and condoned the actions of wrongdoers and allowed me to be extensively villified as a result of your and Dakin's self-glorifying pretence of a safeguarding investigation at my expense, I can't stand to see you making a loud empty noise about the poor from your palace. Before your church destroyed me, I was working and supporting myself, but since you permenantly destroyed and branded me, I am reliant on foodbanks and don't really want your input about them, especially as, the same as with the Jersey case, you seem entirely ignorant regarding foodbanks.
Are you aware of why Foodbanks are overloaded with destitute people now? Well, when foodbanks got established, the Government saw that this was good, and the government work in the same way as their government department, the Church of England do. The government abolished crisis loans and community care grants and started writing foodbank tickets for DWP customers who had no money due to one or other error or cruelty by the DWP, so the government send people to foodbanks to save the government money.
And who runs the foodbanks? The churches. And the churches feel that they are doing their Christian duty. So local to us, a talk was given of how the Churches were blessed (or rather gullible) to be taking such responsibilities as the government drop them.
The outcome is, no, the government wont support foodbanks, because, just as the church destroyed me and refuse to restore what they have taken from me, the government are not going to put right the Foodbank crisis that they have caused, and Nanny Welby whining and self-glorifying is a bit silly, especially as Nanny Welby should have quietly resigned after the 'Wonga' situation and then the horrific Jersey mess which remains in every way unresolved.
Putting it bluntly, deal with your own church and the problems they cause, rather than self-glorifying through the Newspapers that are on your private payroll, you have messed up so badly that it astounds me that you are even there, let alone self-glorifying through the press.
You have told the world that you doubt that there is a God, and you act as if there is no God, so please resign.
In recent news, I saw that a Vicar in the Blackburn Diocese and his daughter had been arrested. I saw no point to make in order to put that article on my blog, as it is one Priest and the church tend to trot out the line 'we are all human' as second best to the line 'Don't judge', which is usually used at a time when the church are being very judgemental.
But, the thing is, you claim to provide 'A Christian presence in every community' and as every day, other Press, not your pet Daily Mail, report on sex acts and depravity within the church, you are failing to provide that so-called Christian presence in every community and your safeguarding policy, which segregates and blames the vulnerable, is a joke.
So please, if you have time for your Pet Paper to interview you, you have time to take action both about the way you have destroyed me and also the mess your church is in. Do you think you could stop the headline self-glorification and crocodile tears until such a time as you have done so?
Or at least give me a break over Christmas from your insipid and duplicious noise?
Please note, that during the more recent destroyal of me, from March last year to the present time, you have never once found time to reply to my concerns, so please can the noise in the press stop because your priorities are wrong, deal with your church first, then show off in the paper.
I have had no apology for your destroyal of me, and there is no excuse whatsoever for the damage inflicted on me by the church of england, none whatsoever. You have showed that you are not a Christian Church and that your priorities are image, cover-up and self-glorification.
The foodbank self-glorification appears to be you marshalling your sheeple to adore you. The problem is, the church of england, a wealthy old club, have no understanding of foodbank clients, and treat them as naughty children, while your puffed up church members feel really good to be 'doing their Christian duty'. This is the real church of england, and any amount of 'working parties' about safeguarding will fail as long as you continue to equate safeguarding with looking down on, excluding and segregating vulnerable adults as you do in your policy of excluding the vulnerable from people's homes, and even boasting in the Church Times articles that 'people took vulnerable people in and thought they were doing the right thing'
Your attitude is inexcusable. I was damaged by this Church Policy where paedophiles who pay into the church coffers are allowed into the homes of clergy people, as my abuser in Jersey was, but I was excluded with no explaination from my curate friend's home as soon as Jane Fisher found out I was friends with the curate and would go round for tea, I was neither told nor had the policy explained to me, and it damaged my friendship with the curate before Jane Fisher proceeded to destroy that friendship by using the curate against me, and of course that isn't in any of the whitewash reports you have done at my expense, because you have excluded me from all reports.

Lets move on to other press-related issues.
The Church Times is barely a newspaper, used mainly for Church of England propaganda and self-glorification. And recently they and the Church's pretence of care for the vulnerable campaign made yet another boo-boo.
An article about the disabled in Church read that 'Disabled people couldn't read the liturgy, because it was aimed at the wealthy middles classes'.
Well yes, it is aimed at the wealthy middle classes, because it is their club. But you have all forgotten something, disabled people can be both wealthy and middle class.
The other boo-boo there was that autism is mentioned over and over again and while you/the Church times claim that that the 'Old English' of the liturgy is too complex for those such as us.
The Church remain in the dark ages with no understanding of people with disabilities.
Someone with autism is generally average to high intelligence, and many, such as myself, tend to speak rather formally and understand straightforward formal, standard and BBC English and find such language easier to work with than slang and sloppy English.
The thing that makes us unwelcome in the Church is not the liturgy, the liturgy never troubled me, what makes us unwelcome is that you are judgemental, unwelcoming, exclusive, your safeguarding is a joke, and you destroy and exclude and belittle vulnerable people, from your positions of wealth and power. The Church of ENgland is a club for the wealthy, with no understanding of the poor and vulnerable, and that isn't going to change under spin doctor like Paul Butler, who has protected Jane Fisher after her serious and illegal misconduct, as you yourself are also doing, in fact nothing will change as long as you continue to shout in the press and ignore the serious damage to me and others.
The other issue is that predators who have money, and even those who do not, know that the church is the best place for easy pickings, and if it comes to it, as demonstrated in Jersey and Winchester, when it comes to it, the Church will support them, the predators, and drive the victim out if they speak up. In My Case Jane Fisher supported both of my abusers and everyone who upheld them, and went out of her way to successfully and completely destroy me and cover for them and for her own misconduct, and I remain profoundly affected.

Part of the slanderous article in the church times that defames me as a result of the cover ups and conflicted investigations is that Eli Ward's case came up, and again in other press.
I have spoken to Eli at length, and the brief sentences where he says he is glad of the outcome and hopes the church will implement the suggestions for change belies the years of harm to him by the church, not just in abuse but in cover ups, the fact that he was also wrongly labelled insane, a common church and government trick to take away a victim's credibility.
What Eli told me is that the Great Grim Church are cowards who use intimidation, which I have certainly experienced and remain in fear for my life, home and liberty due to Jane Fisher's actions against me, and when Eli came out with his story against the church, he used his real name so that you could do nothing, it certainly played a part in you setting up the self-glorification and spin about safeguarding campaign, but until you can see us as real suffering human beings, you will never know what safeguarding is, nor impliment it, and as your reports still omit Jane Fisher's horrific actions, probably the best place for them to be heard is in court, a real court, not one I am flung into, voiceless and unheard after a beating and imprisonment as has happened several times due to your 'safeguarding officer' and her cover ups at my expense.
The church use the poor, they do not do as Jesus did and minister them, Jesus loved the lost and needy, you tread on them, use them and abuse them, leaving them voiceless and violated.

I was incredulous to see, a week or so after being left in collapse by the Church Times defamation of me more recently, that you were in the paper, Mindlessly praising journalists, what, the ones who defamed me to glorify you and your church? Madeleine Davis who has been slandering me for months on end? The Daily Mail journalists who kiss your feet? Yes, it must be wonderful to be the other side of the cover ups and propaganda and praise the journalists you use for propaganda, cover-ups and self-glorifications, but I can assure you, you have repeatly nearly cost me my life and health through the same, so again I say, sort your own house out before you continue to make a fool of yourself. And if you continue to harm me, I will take you back to court.
Do the right thing in God's eyes for the first time in your rather laughable term in office, deal with the Jersey and Winchester matter through an independent investigation.
I think I need to explain to you what independent means, it means outside of the church and people associated with the matters that have occured.
For example, Paul Butler is not independent, he is associated with Jane Fisher and the Montagues who abused me and were allowed to defend themselves by adding their voice to the wrongdoers in Jersey. John Gladwin, who is a Church of England Bishop who played a part in the Chichester cover up, is not independent, neither is Jan Korris, neither is Butler-Sloss, neither is Dame Heather Steel, so as yet all you have done is whitewash at my expense.
And please note, this is not just about abuse, it is about criminal activities by Jane Fisher in conjunction with two Bishops of Winchester,

Please enable an independent inquiry or I will return you to court to plead with a judge for this, if there is any judge left in this country who is not corrupt, freemason, on your payroll etc. Nonetheless, even if you kill me or imprison me as incessantly attempted by Jane Fisher to silence me previously, my voice will not go away and you are responsible in God's eyes for all your deceit, cover-up and harm to me and other vulnerable people.
Wealth, power, use of the press, propaganda, whitewashes, segregation of the poor and vulnerable, cover-ups and defamation are not things that Jesus did, so you either need to call it a day and stop claiming to be a 'Christian presence in every community' and stick with the wealth and power and abuse of the press, or you need to become Christians and stop doing the harm that you are doing.

No matter how tight your collective cover-ups are, it remains you have never given me a fair hearing at all, and have lied about this too, and until you put that right, you are in the wrong with God and thus not fit to be holding the positions that you hold.
So, years and years too late, when are you going to act on this matter? Without beating and imprisoning me to silence me!


Who remembers Apartheide? It still applies in the Church, to vulnerable adults, who are considered worse than abusers, this article was mysteriously removed from the church times website after defaming me nationally and internationally yet again for the Church of England

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

The funny old church

The Diocese of Winchester and the Deanery of Jersey in bitter and underhand legal battles, while trying to maintain an image of respectable Christianity, at the expense of someone they collectively left homeless, destitute, branded and smeared, because they employed an abuser and gave him access to her and blamed her, grubblily trying to give her a history of wrongdoing without her side being heard.

A female member of this clique, representing the Jersey Deanery at the General synod regarding women Bishops and indignantly saying that women have no right to authority in the church.

Collectively the Church of England are very lost and directionless, it is all ego and opinion, and they don't provide a Christian presence in every community, they provide a little club for the elite in every community, and occasionally their clubs make press headlines over sexual abuse and assault, especially when the church don't cover up well enough and because their safeguarding is a joke that excludes and segregates the vulnerable and blames them if anything wrong happens to them.

Rant? Rage?


A bit less nasty and biased than the Ould Bully's usual rants.

Funny how he retired.

And funnier how someone sadly said 'A good Christian blogger has resigned'
Because that shows the church of England for what it is, they consider Ould and his smut and sleaze and slander and abuse to be Christian.

He still vainly slanders and abuses on twitter, apparently.
That is the Church of England.

Ah, my friend Gavin is back on the blog.


Good evening,

I wrote 'update' for the title like Bob Hill always did.

This blog is statting quite high, with a lot of people reading the Jane Fisher complaints for some reason.

Believe me, the only way you will ever hear the full horror of that matter and the Jersey matter and after I left Jersey, is to speak to me in person, and it still traumatizes me severely.

I will be doing updates on this blog very soon. Either today or within the next few days.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

the church marketing campaign at the expense of victims

JayJay Nortyperson

9:28 AM (0 minutes ago)
Dear Bishop Butler and Archbishop Welby,

As you continue the insipid sobbing for show and huge PR and marketing campaign at the expense of victims, when are you going to deal with the sickening whitewash and Press PR campaign at my expense that has destroyed me, and when are you going to provide a proper impartial investigation into the Diocese of Winchester, including Jane Fisher destroying me, Paul Butler refusing to deal with his friend Jane Fisher, Jane Fisher's many many illegal actions that have destroyed and harmed me, and also Bishop Dakin's illegal actions.

I was an early part of your PR and marketing campaign and you discarded me leaving me broken and living in fear, it remains the case, you destroyed me for your PR and marketing campaign, and while Welby is weeping for show, he has never even bothered to contact me about my case or reply to me.
He has also failed to bring any form of impartial inquiry into my case and has left the situation unjustly unresolved.

I beg of you, can the insipid, duplicious noise in the press stop? It grates on the nerves of us who you have refused justice to and the families and friends of those who are dead as a result of church of england abuse.
The fact that you have a monopoly on the press and they keep printing your marketing campaign free of charge does not change the fact that you are a corrupt, Godless, self-serving and exclusive organization, and while you continue to defame me to aid your claims that 'You put abuse victims first' you continue to sicken me.

You do not put abuse victims first until you sell your palaces and treasures to pay for the keep and welfare of abuse victims, and you are wasting so much of that money on your marketing campaign and making me and others sick, there is no sign that you put abuse victims first except in your terrible fantasy world, the same one where you publicly suspended the Dean of Jersey, splashed it all over the press, publicly cleared him and destroyed me through biased inquiries.

Please put this abuse victim first and shut up for at least a few weeks, your insipid showing off really is getting too much for this victim who you destroyed.

And please, when we get rid of your latest rogue candidate to lead the national CSA Inquiry, can we possible see an independent impartial candidate, not one of your hand picked stoodges?

I am still waiting to hear from Welby about why he has spent the last two years destroying and defaming me and refusing justice or an independent investigation or why he has allowed the abusive safeguarding officer who destroyed me to continue unchecked and why he did not arrange for my side to be included in the non-independent and defamatory reports.

Please, someone step in and get the Church of england and their self-glorification after they have destroyed me, to stop. The papers and public should not be supporting this corrupt power-heavy government department in destroying victims through their marketing campaign at their expense.

It is so easy to use victims and very easy to dupe them and members of the public into thinking your loud noise is genuine, but as a destroyed victim who has had to endure and nearly not survive, your sickening press campaigns about my case, and the defamation and smear campaigns, I see your noise as noise, damaging noise that has destroyed me over and over and is limiting my life as I wait for the next attack, the next lie, the next defamatory whitewash report. You have horrifically damaged me and have left me living in fear for my home and community as I await the next attack, the next defamatory report, the next nasty press release such as that of the church times where your nasty one-sided defamation of me was included in one of your PR and marketing at the expense of victims campaigns. 

When does it stop? when do you start putting victims first and stop using them in this duplicious crocodile tears campaign?
How can you possibly put victims first when you publicly vilify them through non-independent reports like Korris, which was written aided by Butler-Sloss and Elizabeth Hall and Jane Fisher and basically was Jane Fisher's cover up and excluded my story completely? 

Where is a report that tells my side? Because until you produce that, until you stop this loud noise on the back of such sickening permenantly damaging attacks on me, you are spitting on God.