Sunday, 11 February 2018

You don't expect me to write meaningful posts on here any more...

Any new readers, this blog goes back to 2013, and most of the meaningful posts can be found in the archive in the sidebar, 2013, 2014, 2015. The church's destruction of me became too severe from late 2014, and no-one was listening, so I started writing the books instead and concentrated on my daily blog.

I continue to write to the church and ask for justice, and each time they receive a letter, instead of responding well, they anxiously check my blog to see if I publish the letter. Most letters I don't publish. But the church's image means more to them than my welfare or justice and that is what all of this has been about.

Sometimes I wake up and instead of suffering the shock and trauma of being a fugitive and branded, I am relieved, because I wake up from dreams of the dead world where the church of england evilangelicals had their grip on me and were emotionally destroying me.
I am glad that is over. I know I mentioned Dorset earlier on the other blog, and even mentioning it, remembering, sparked flashbacks.The only good thing about being damned by the poisonous church of england is that they don't own me any more, and that is a great freedom. They do still have their millstones round my neck, and I am waiting for them to kindly remove those.

The church have had their pounds of flesh, they have destroyed all of me, taken so many pounds that I shouldn't be overweight, but they think they are going to heaven and that I am going to hell.
Damned in life and afterwards.
This one reminds me of the terrible damage the evilangelicals did, they liked this song, it was 'proof' that God will forgive them everything, even destroying a vulnerable adult:

Friday, 2 February 2018

I see the Church Propaganda Rag (Church Times) is kicking off again and lavisciously feasting on church abuse.
One day there will be an investigation, one that includes why they attacked and smeared me for three years on behalf of the wrongdoers in my case.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

The New Year's Revolutions for this year

Good evening peeps,

Well I am doing my best to keep my on-blog Christmas traditions going, although it is hard, the damage by the church and their police has left me worn down.

Anyway. This afternoon I went up the farm to sort out my stuff in the barn. There are now three piles, keep, tip, and charity shop. I am improving on my ability to sort stuff out.

The farm had a consignment of new poultry, so I got to meet them and chat to my farm peeps. Lovely.

I came home via the supermarket, a few groceries, the rain and wind have been non-stop. I am just watching TV before work. Work starts at 5.15 and will be flat out for New Year's Eve, yesterday was a steady shift but tonight may be mad and with bad weather and dangerous drivers.


New Year's Revolutions.

It is hard, but I will just copy what I wrote in my notebook. Yeah, someone got me a notebook for Christmas, in the hope that I will stop scribbling little notes and lists on scraps of paper and leaving them lying about. Killjoys, I like leaving a trail of scribbled notes and forgetting where they are.


  • New Home
  • New Car
  • More Work
  • Make a Difference
  • Help my adoptive brother and his orphanage more
  • Pray More, especially for others
  • Write More
That is the revolutions, very tame now, isn't it? Well the violent beating from the church for being a human being, vulnerable and abused, has destroyed me, and the fact that I am here and writing at all is a horrible miracle.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas Prayers 2017

Dear peeps,

I know I am cheeting, but I am re-using last years prayers, I just got in from work (alive, whole and with no near misses, and quite happy), but I am tired, and I have to go out again to Midnight Mass in an hour or so.

My shift was steady but unremarkable, not mad, not chaotic, and with very little evidence of dangerous driving from other motorists, town was remarkably quiet, some years things are mad on Christmas Eve.

I was surprised to be finishing slightly early, and more surprised to be sat down and given a delicious meal from the buffet.
This could be a new tradition. Hmm, what an awesome addition to my Christmas.

I am tired, so I am going to copy most of the prayers from previous years. But I will say a prayer now. Thank You God that I drove safely tonight and had a delicious meal, and thank you that the local news has only recorded one minor accident with no one hurt (pity about the car) so far tonight. Amen.

 2016 Christmas Prayers:

It isn't easy for me to pray any more, due to being destroyed by the Godless Church of England, so why don't I pray for them to start with. The Bible says pray for your enemies, and those people who have destroyed me make a show of praying for me, condescendingly and convince themselves of their innocence and good motive by doing so. 

  • I pray for them, that the scales will fall from their eyes. I pray in Jesus Name that all those involved in harming me, especially Justin Welby, Tim Dakin and Trevor Willmott and their associated staff and clergy are divinely guided in 2017 by their God to 'resign' as the Dean did. And I pray that they are blessed, no matter how evil and corrupt and psychopathic they have been. Because that is what Jesus wants, for us to bless our enemies and destroyers, and that is a theme throughout the Bible, it does not remove what they have done, I just pray a blessing on them, because I am perverse. Amen
  • I pray for anyone feeling as awful as I am or having survived or not so much survived complex and prolonged harm. No-one should ever have to feel like this. I pray for a better life for anyone who has been destroyed, especially those destroyed by powerful abusers who are above accountability. Amen
  • I pray for anyone who is dreading this Christmas due to loneliness, hardship, abuse of any kind, illness, bereavement, separation or any loss or tragedy. In Jesus Name, amen.
  • I pray especially for the homeless, my street brothers and sisters, those who will be reached by outreach this Christmas and those who won't. I pray that some of them will feel valued enough to start their journeys home. I pray that all will be able to survive the winter. Thank you Lord that one of our homeless couples have been housed. Amen
  • Thank you Lord for those who look after the homeless. Especially the two charities that I am in contact with. Bless them Lord. Amen
  • I pray about the toy appeals and their work, that no child gets missed out. I pray for all those children who have very little to look forward to this Christmas, I remember my own homeless childhood. Lord bless the children this Christmas, You and I know what it is like to be homeless and have nothing at Christmas and no child deserves nothing for Christmas or at any time. Bless them Lord, amen.
  • Lord look after the elderly, those who are cold or alone and feel left out or isolated this Christmas, send warmth and light and love. Amen
  • Lord, it is hard to ask because the Jersey Deanery are over to Satan and a lost cause, but please change that, if you can, turf the evilangelicals out or close the defunct churches down to prevent injury to any more children or vulnerable adults. Amen
  • Lord bless my friends and the people in my life, especially those who have blessed me by reading my books and giving helpful feedback. Amen
  • Lord I pray for vulnerable people who are scared by the news and the EU exit and other issues such as terrorism. Amen
  • I pray that the Church of England stop being able to use news and current affairs to glorify themselves as it upsets their victims and the general public. Amen
  • I pray for justice and resolution and peace for abuse victims, especially those suffering barriers to justice and miscarriages of justice and being treated badly for speaking up, and I pray for all the victims and survivors who have spoke up recently, as the old wounds will be re-opened. Amen
  • I pray for everyone going out celebrating this Christmas, those who celebrate with alcohol and parties and those who celebrate by going to midnight Mass, may there be no collisions between them. May everyone return home safely. Amen
  • I pray that 2017 will be a better year for me and for us all. I pray that 2017 will be the year that the Church of England repent and take responsibility for their evil or that they will be held accountable by another authority. In Jesus Name I beg and pray this, amen.
Christmas Prayers 2015:

Prayers for Christmas:

I will pray for the thing that is most on my mind first. Travel and the weather.
Dear Lord and Father, protect us all as we travel in this weather, especially those heading to friends and family now, and those of us working and going to midnight services tonight while others may have been drinking and the roads are so wet. Amen

I pray for all those who will be celebrating Christmas with alcohol, that they stay warm, well and safe. Amen

I pray for all people in povery or alone this Christmas, I will never forget my years with nothing at Christmas and worse, when friends made excuses and turned away. I pray for some hope for those people, for others to reach out with kindness, I pray that everyone has food and more than usual and hope and help and kindness. God bless them, amen.

I pray for any child without presents, that from somewhere, gifts will come. Amen

I pray for any child or adult who is facing a miserable christmas due to abuse or neglect, for freedom and hope. Amen

I pray especially for the homeless, the rough sleepers who have two choices if they are sleeping rough and can't access any shelter while everything is closed, they can walk and walk or they can sit in a blanket and try to keep warm. Neither are comfortable options. And the homeless in hostels or staying with others or squatting, not really home, guests where the rules hurt and where Christmas isn't a real joy. And especially families with Children. I remember and never forget, that I have lived like this. God help them. Amen

I pray for anyone struggling for electricity or warmth this Christmas, God help them. Amen

I pray for everyone who has been supporting me this year as the Church and States of Jersey continue to destroy me unchecked. Especial blessings on the Lantern bearer who helped me to walk through the dark and back into the light. It isn't over yet. Amen

I pray for Bishop Dakin in the wake of his recent open homophobia that adds to his crimes against me, I pray that he both repents and realises that he is not a Christian leader and thus steps down. 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone'. Amen
On that note I pray for the Archbishop in the same way, as his recent use of homelessness as a Church Press Stunt when he and his church left me homeless and destroyed is very distressing. God send the homeless to live in Lambeth Palace and see if the Archbishop is capable of genuinely caring, Amen.
 And also I pray for Jane Fisher in life after safeguarding, to destroy me as she did, mercilessly and permenantly, she can't be a very happy lady, so I pray that she feels happy one day. Amen
 I pray for a revolution so that the invincible power in the Church of England is challenged and exposed, and people ask why a 'Christian' organization is able to be a law unto themselves and deceive and mislead the public and abuse the vulnerable so badly.  In Jesus' Name, Amen

I pray for Bob and Ann Hill and family, I pray that Bob regains his voice. 
'she has no voice, I speak for her'.

I pray for my friends, especially those I will see tomorrow at Church and for Christmas Day, and on Monday. And I pray for my beloved adoptive parents who have been amazing and wonderful and there for me every step of the way, I wouldn't have made it without you. God bless you, amen.

I pray for my work colleagues and customers, especially those I am parting company with in the New Year, I pray that my decision turns out good, and that if I have a chance, I will rejoin them later. Amen

I pray for my therapist, God give him patience! :) I pray that we can continue productive and helpful work in the New Year. Amen

I pray for the lady who lost her job for feeding a hungry school pupil. I pray that her kindness is rewarded. Amen

God help and bless everyone. Amen

Friday, 15 December 2017

Another day of fake safeguarding for the #CofE

Formal letter of Warning and rebuke to Bishop John Gladwin. Safeguarding Complaint. Extending to Christine Daly and Rupert Bursell who have played a part in this. CC Caroline Venables, Paul Butler, Bishop of Winchester, Hertford and Essex Adult Safeguarding Boards and the Bishop of Hertford. Also sent to Baroness Butler-Sloss who has played a part in the million pound Jersey and Winchester cover-up. Also posted online.

13/02/2017 - 16/02/2017

Dear Bishop John Gladwin,

I am writing this letter and sending it CC your Bishop and also Lambeth Palace to express my concern for your harm to me and also to warn you that having knowingly been complicit in harm to me you are not to harm me further. This letter may be produced to a court if I take you to court.

And remember, the Bishop of Winchester would have killed me outright with the Steel report by your conflicted colleague who you knowingly worked with, and without remorse if I hadn't taken him to court. He didn't think I would make that desperate effort to save my own life, but I did. He and you are psychopathic cowards who hide behind the massive and wrong power of the Church of England and the fact that the Church of England isn't regulated and uses its integral middle class lawyers, judges, police and others to protect them from ever facing justice.

I am not afraid of you hiding behind judges Steel, Bursell, etc, it is a sign that the Church of England needs to be disbanded, their corrupt, power-abusive integral judges, lawyers, police that protect them and whitewash cases to the detriment of victims while upholding wrongdoers. The church's power and abuse of power is blatantly against God, and I think it is time for you and yours to either remove the massive corrupt power and turn back to God, or cease to pretend to be to do with God and just become another Freemasonry branch.

The fact that the Church of England is allowed to continue as it is, let alone spend a million pounds destroying a vulnerable adult and upholding the wrongdoers while vilifying her simply says that it is time for the Church of England to go.

 Presumably Bursell is a friend of Dakin's as he was also mentioned in the case of Dakin destroying Hawthorne, another conflict of interests, but that isn't deeply relevant yet, what I am saying is that I will go through every last corrupt or conflicted judge in the country to find the one who will bring an end to the church's abuse of power and conflicted whitewashes labelled as independent safeguarding reports. Someone somehow must change the terrible dangerous situation where the Church can do what they have done to me and other victims, before there are many more deaths.

What the Church relies on very heavily is vulnerable adults having no voice as they do their cover-ups, or in my case they presumably hoped to kill me in order to silence me so that the full whitewash could be published. I am alive but it has taken me a very long time to recover from the public discrediting of me by the Bishop of Winchester and Archbishop of Canterbury. Indeed I can never really recover, because such a branding never goes away.

In 2013 you and Christine Daly were involved in an attack on my life that consisted of illegal referrals and actions behind my back to my detriment, involving Julie Wallman, another vulnerable adult, you harmed her and me and consent was lied about and you used her against me. I did not give consent for any meetings or referrals or breaches of confidence involving Julie Wallman, Jane Fisher, Bob Hill, the NSPCC or anyone else.

You and Christine Daly broke the law by being involved in this, and consent being lied about. I was left severely damaged as your actions also gave Bishop Tim Dakin an opportunity to lie to the press about helping me while he publicly discredited and defamed me.  Something that was to become a repeating pattern and has severely psychologically injured me. Claiming to help someone who you are destroying by upholding her abusers publicly through conflicted reports that exclude your victim's side of things is like a rapist saying he loves his victim while he rapes them.

Your report is not valid as you (knowingly) have fed an illegal, conflicted and invalid hate attack on a vulnerable adult into it. Your report cannot remotely be considered to either be credible or to do with the situation in Jersey, and your attitude to me confirms that your report is not a balanced or valid report. You are accessory to crimes by knowingly taking part in and allowing harm to me and upholding defamation of me.

You have knowingly taken part in great evil and corruption and have done so for your own interests - the money - and the Church of England's interests, cover-up and PR, as you have done before and will do again unless a regulatory body is able to stop you.

I forbid you from publishing a report or any material influenced by the Steel and Jersey Deanery cover-ups as the Steel report is not permitted by me to be used in any report and I have not agreed to it's accuracy as the Bishop has failed to even arrange for me to have a copy of it. And also because I forbid you from misleading the general public with more lies, the Church have had more than their fair share of lying to the general public through the press and media in the past four years, and enough is enough.

I don't care how many judges you know, and how corrupt they are, I will take you to court if you don't stop being involved in this harmful and deceitful matter.

You utterly failed in your duty of care by observing my suffering and Bob Hill's fight for my life that cost him his, because the Bishop of Winchester refused to withdraw the openly conflicted Dame Heather Steel and allowed her and her associated judges and dignitaries in Jersey to tamper with already inaccurate and conflicted records, you stood by and would have let me be killed by the Steel report. And that makes your report completely irrelevant and makes you accessory to abuse and harrassment that put a vulnerable adult's life in serious danger. It makes you dishonest, corrupt and a danger to the vulnerable. 

You tried to deny to me on the phone that Steel was conflicted. Wow, have fun disproving the evidence you wicked and dishonest man.

You yourself as a Church of England Bishop, with connections to people involved, are conflicted, and as yet in the million pound whitewash and public attack on me, there has been no impartial investigation, and because the evidence has been tampered with by you conflicted people and wrongdoers in authority, there cannot easily be a proper investigation into what happened to me, but there can be an investigation into you, Korris, Steel, Jersey Safeguarding Partnership, Willmott, Dakin, Welby and the rest of you power abusing dignitaries and the way you have publicly destroyed and discredited me and abused power and connections and the press and media to do so.

As you know, my letters can go on forever, so I will conclude this letter with some points.
You don't have my consent to use the Steel report, which you know I took the Bishop of Winchester to court over, in your report. You do not have my agreement that the Steel report is accurate, you know she is conflicted, and if you use her report in yours, as claimed by the Bishop of Winchester when he discredited me publicly, you are knowingly an accessory to corruption and conflicts of interests.

You have harmed me and been an accessory for harm to me from 2013 to the present day.
You do not have my consent to release a report related to my case, and you will never have my consent.

Your run of gaining fat fees through corruption and church non-independent whitewash reports must end now.

Your report and your token meeting has been used as a claim that I have been included in the investigation, which is ludicrous and another trademark dishonesty of the Church of England, you made false promises of meeting with me again after Bob forced a meeting with you, you never met with me again and instead took part in an illegal and dishonest forcing on me using the vulnerable adult Julie Wallman, you then proceeded to allow and encourage me to be destroyed by your friends in the Jersey Deanery. You are a dishonest and unchristian and conflicted church of england Bishop.

You have been accessory to massive safeguarding failure and illegal actions and it is time for you to retire properly now, your part in church-led cover-ups and harm must end now. Your report has not prevented ongoing harm to me, nor will it remotely change the corruption in Jersey which you have upheld to me and taken part in.

You have upheld the abusers, the wrongdoers and allowed them to go on doing harm, and you have looked on while illegal and dishonest actions by the Archbishop, Bishops, and States of Jersey have destroyed me. You are not valid and have no credibility whatsoever. You are not a Christian, hardly even a human being, to have been involved willingly in such evil.

Please step down from harming the vulnerable under the guise of safeguarding and if you have a conscience or any humanity in you, which from experience I doubt, do something about the Church of England's lawless fake safeguarding investigations and continued contempt for victims.

You aren't independent or impartial, what you took part in in destroying me and faking a report is contemptible and other victims may die. I fear for the life of Bishop Bell's victim who is being investigated by a man who routinely protected sex offenders and fraternized with Greville Janner and Cyril Smith.

On a final note please make the Archbishop and Bishops aware that there need to be independent investigations into my case. One into the million pound whitewash and public crucifying of me that you were part of and which didn't include my side but included illegal actions by dignitaries and tampering with evidence and already inaccurate police records, and one into what happened to me from age 19 to being destroyed on the streets of my home town Winchester in 2010 onwards by Fisher and the Scott-Joynts and their complicit authorities. As yet there has been no investigation into my case, only a million pound whitewash of which you have been part.

There is no excuse for being involved in the destruction of a vulnerable adult while denying her a voice and giving all the voice to her abusers.

JJ/HG  - victim of the million pound Jersey and Winchester cover-up.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Bishop catching up with Fisher

They are both heading for 10,000 even though Diocese clergy and laity keep trying to mark them down, actually all they are achieving in their thumbs downs is boosting the views of the letters.

The Bishop overtook Jane Fisher, which is impressive, considering how far he tailed behind for so long.

Monday, 4 December 2017

A lot of people looking for Peter Ould on my  blog.
Well, he is a sexually frustrated old pervert who likes to make trouble and gets kicked out of churches for it, and tries to avoid that by being a self-supporting sexually frustrated old pervert minister.
He likes to interfere, jump to conclusions and write his conclusions as attacks on people.
The church, as with all their pervert and troublesome clergy, have difficulty understanding their responsibility in restraining him.
I once hears him referred to as a 'Christian' which highlights again how little the church and their old and narrowminded congregations understand Christianity.
He personally attacked me for months on end without the church restraining him.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Wrecking Ball Bishop

Oh the good old days. The days when those of us who work in the landbased industry complained about this woman abusing tools and equipment.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Jersey Safeguarding Partnership

Dear Debbie Key,

More than a year ago I made a serious formal complaint about your failed and disgraced safeguarding partnership harassing, bullying and trolling me over your whitewash report, encouraged to troll and bully me by conflicted church member Ian Gorst.

I have not had a proper response.

I have watched as your failed and disgraced safeguarding partnership have been repeatedly slated for their failures, especially by Jersey Care Inquiry, and I have watched while Ian Gorst has spent 35 thousand pounds of tax payers money on learning how to do a fake apology in time for the release of the care inquiry report, how terrible, why wasn't that money used to set up a proper safeguarding regulator in Jersey? What he did was basically the same tactic as the church of england, rather than spending money on helping victims, he uses that money to try to make himself and the States look good, which is despicable.
Gorst is neither a Christian nor an honest man, nor is he a good politician, and he has acted with open bias in my case and at my expense, to prevent impartial investigation and he has made every effort to destroy me through trying to force the release of the openly conflicted Steel whitewash and your whitewash, unfortunately the care inquiry was a waste of money while people like Gorst, who is a sock puppet to the Godless psychopathic dictator Bailhache Brothers remains, those brothers  who themselves would be in prison if they weren't legally trained, and things aren't going to change until the light of integrity is shone on matters like these, and those men are stripped of their undeserved honours and removed, but while your sefeguarding partnership has a track record of being complicit and failing utterly, that looks unlikely.

Remember, none of the high profile abusers or abuser protectors connected with the states of Jersey have yet been held to account or charged, some of them remain in power. Now what is delaying you on acting upon this, or even acting upon Philip Bailhache's open criminal behaviour which neither Ian Gorst nor the church of england have dealt with, and because there is no safeguarding in the Jersey Deanery or indeed in Jersey, no restrictions have been placed on Bailhache, he was promoted to external affairs minister by Gorst immediately after his witnessed and evidenced lawbreaking, and instead of acting, you terrorized and threatened me over your whitwash report. The work of the care inquiry will be wasted unless you change, and unless the States of Jersey changes dramatically.
I remain harmed by your and their abuse of me, and there has been no inquiry into my case or what I experienced, now when will you address this matter?

Graham Tilby whimpered about how he didn't dare to stand up to the massive interconflicted abusive mess of church, states, judiciary and Deanery, and was going to leave me to suffer as well, he also whimpered about how he would 'have to go through Elaine Rose' to deal with you.
Elaine Rose has not at any point had my consent to be involved in my case, she has a formal complaint against her which the cowardly snivelling Tilby refuses to deal with, you need to deal with Rose's misconducts in my case and her and Trevor Willmott's lies and illegal behaviour, because Tilby is afraid for himself if he stands up to any of the lawless and sadistic people involved in my case, and he has excused all of them at my expense and condoned the illegal and abusive harm to me. Tilby's job and position are of no worth, he doesn't safeguard, he doesn't protect victims, he protects abusers and snivels and hides, but you are responsible for any intervention by Elaine Rose, Trevor Wilmott, Justin Welby or anyone else conflicted who has abused their power or broken the law in my case to protect the church, police, states or any wrongdoer. Remember, from start to finish, my consent was never given and never will be. I don't consent to being abused. 

Glenys Johnstone and Stuart Gull were quite open in discrediting me and carrying out a swift whitewash in liaison with John Cameron and Jane Fisher in order to protect all wrongdoers and before even considering token contact with me, and you should, by now, have ensured that those people have been removed from ever working with the vulnerable, especially after Stuart Gull's horrific lie to the press and media that my abuser had no case to answer. Why was the abuser's enhanced CRB marked for what he admitted then? The fact that I wouldn't engage with Jersey police in 2013 after their violence, consistent misconduct and dishonesty from 2008 to 2010 does not mean that the abuser has no case to answer, it means that the police contacting me in 2013 without apology or responsibility for their harm to me was a traumatic misconduct and inexcusable. The abuser did have a case to answer but the police should have taken it seriously in 2008 instead of destroying me for the church.

The trauma that you have caused by forcibly carrying out the whitewash on behalf of these wrongdoers and attempting to force it upon me has not gone away, and never will, but you have yet to issue an apology, a redaction, and proceedings against those who instigated, influenced and attempted to force my agreement to the whitewash report.
What you did last year was effectively an attempt on my life, and was nearly successful, where is the investigation into that?

What is delaying your action, considering the level of trauma to me?
No consent was given by me for the report, for the excusing of the police's very serious harm to me, or any actions to do with that report, especially not the church of england and conflicted States and police members' access to that report or influence of it, considering the way those people behaved towards me and the fact that there has been no investigation into their actions regarding my case.

By now, as a safeguarding partnership, you should have launched investigations and action against the conflicted dignitaries and police and church members, and their abuse of power and the press and media, but as yet, you have done nothing about the harm to me, and have left me suffering and traumatized.

Make sure you respond to the formal complaint made last year, and that you start action for data protection breaches and abuse of power by Elaine Rose, Trevor Willmott, Tim Dakin, Justin Welby, Matthew Price, Jane Fisher, Jackie Rowlands, Stuart Gull, Peter Hancock, John Cameron, Ian Gorst, Philip Bailhache, the police, your safeguarding board, Glenys Johnstone if she isn't already in prison for her multiple crimes in Jersey and Northern Ireland, and all others involved.

You have failed to safeguard me and failed to act upon serious and criminal wrongdoing against me that includes your safeguarding partnership, and you have seriously harmed me, what exactly is the delay in your actions for?

Please don't waste any more of my life on your serious misconduct and harm to me through your whitewash and terrorization of me over your whitewash at the behest of the sadistic church, states and police. Your falsehood report, done for the abusers, the church and police, is as serious a safeguarding failure as possible, and has been part of the very serious misconducts that has destroyed me. It is inexcusable and the damage you have done by acting to protect the interests of the inter-conflicted church, police and states is very serious and far-reaching. It is not at all surprising that the news headlines were that children in Jersey were still at risk.
Until a neutral safeguarding body is created, and those named above and your safeguarding partnership are made accountable, children and the vulnerable will remain at risk.
In this day and age, using a 'serious case review' as a tool to destroy a vulnerable adult for her abusers is a horrific abuse of power, no such report should ever have been created by and influenced by a conflicted safeguarding partnership and conflicted wrongdoers, something like that, a falsehood report treated as fact to cover up for wrongdoers and destroy a victim, should not be allowed to happen, and every single person involved should be dismissed and have their enhanced CRB checks marked.

As yet in the million pound Winchester and Jersey Whitewash, there hasn't been any form of investigation or report into what happened to me in Jersey or before and after, and instead I have endured years of being publicly destroyed, which you failed to stop.
Make sure that there is an independent inquiry into all of this.

You have only ever failed victims, you are not fit for purpose, but what you have done to me is far more serious, and your delay in dealing with it is even more serious, in the meantime Trevor Wilmott's fake safeguarding campaign reached a new low, installing a 'safeguarding rector' another non-neutral cover up person, like sticking a band aid on a gunshot wound, when he has stated to the press and media that he thinks a three year hate and smear campaign against a victim without her experiences being recorded or investigated, constitutes good safeguarding.


JJ/HG - victim of serious misconduct by Jersey safeguarding partnership

Friday, 17 November 2017

Open Letter to Jackie Rowlands

Dear Jackie Rowlands,

This will also be published on my blog.

When you put the phone down on me and try to 'bounce'(block) my emails, it doesn't make your safeguarding failure or the abuse of me by the Bishop of Winchester go away, it compounds it. You are knowingly in the wrong and knowingly allowing a very very serious safeguarding failure to continue as well continuing to fail to remove and bring to justice wrongdoers such as the Bishop, the CEO of the Diocese of Winchester, and others.

Firstly let me explain to the general public what you are doing that is wrong.

I am the victim of repeat abuses and cover-up in the Diocese of Winchester, you are aware of this, and aware that the Bishop has done very open and outstanding wrong against me, and you have never contacted me or attempted to contact me about this, nor have you acted upon the Bishop's wrongdoing, which is serious enough to merit police action and action to remove him from all positions where he can access the vulnerable. Instead, by blocking and ignoring me, you are condoning his behaviour, condemning me without having spoken to me or gained my side of the story, and allowing the safeguarding risk to continue and making it very clear that you are not neutral and not competent at safeguarding.

In your recent safeguarding meetings at Wolvsley, why have you failed to remind the Bishop of my suffering and his responsibility?
Why have you not placed him under severe restrictions until he faces proper investigation, why have you met with him as if he is part of safeguarding in the Diocese? His wrongdoing is open and very evidenced, as is my distress.

How exactly are you able to go on operating as an aide to an abuser, which is essentially what the Bishop of Winchester is, as he knowingly went on harming me after being asked very clearly in 2013 to desist? See this example of him being asked to desist, which you will have seen before but will have ignored, but the general public reading this may not have see it:

When I phone you you put the phone down, and I phone to ask for proper intervention, action, and justice, nothing unreasonable. So you putting the phone down is a misconduct, and must be recorded as such, it doesn't matter what the Bishop, the failed and disgraced National Safeguarding Team or the compromised Archbishop say, if you are safeguarding and these people have done wrong and a vulnerable adult is suffering, at risk and in danger because of these people, you are obliged to act in a safeguarding capacity and put the victim first.

You appear confused as to your role. Safeguarding is not about acting to protect these wrongdoers and their roles, nor is it about protecting the church's image, and if you act to do those things rather than protect me and other victims who these people have harmed and denied justice to, then you have failed to safeguard.

You have been failing to safeguard me since you took your role and failed to contact me to start the process of investigation and justice regarding these wrongdoers, and in failing to communicate with me, and in failing to respond to my concerns, and in blocking me, you have shown yourself to lack impartiality, lack competence and lack understanding of safeguarding.

Every day that I have been left suffering anguish because of the open and unchallenged wrongdoing of Bishop Tim Dakin and Andrew Robinson, Jo Waller, the Diocese, yourself, Jane Fisher, and all employees, clergy and Laity of the Dioceses and Church, is a day that you have failed in safeguarding, every day that I have been open to hatred and attacks by strangers because of the Bishop's three year smear and discrediting campaign against me, every day that I have suffered because I have been condemned publicly, and every day that you in your silence, inaction and blocking of me, and making communication with you inaccessible, you have failed in safeguarding, you have failed to safeguard me.

The Bishop in his actions against me, has shown his hatred and contempt for me and for Jesus, and yet the Diocese of Winchester incredibly keeps a lie on their website about living Jesus' Mission or some incredible empty click-line.

My experience is that the Diocese neither knows Jesus nor understands safeguarding, what you understand and know is that you make an awful lot of money from your lie and your deception, and no-one is challenging you, no-one dares to, so if a few vulnerable adults are killed by abuse and cover-ups, no one will act, everyone will believe the archaic lie that they were 'mentally ill' and it isn't the church's fault. No one yet will ask, well why would the diocese be able to harm and abuse and destroy 'mentally ill' people and drive them to death?

You even, incredibly, link yourselves to the local social services who allowed Jane Fisher and the Scott-Joynts to destroy me and who tried to uphold the lie that their criminal behaviour was acceptable. And indeed now,social services still want to turn a blind eye.
Social services, well aware of hundreds of thousands of church abuse cases and the fact that the cases don't stop coming, should be forcibly stepping in and ensuring that the Church, the Diocese, is properly regulated. Not allowing you to link to them as part of your pretence of safeguarding.

The problem is, and always has been, the most vulnerable are the silent ones, and the church have spent a million pounds and 17 years destroying me because I am not silent, and I have to speak until this matter kills me because of that, they have no voice, I speak for them, and as a victim of repeat abuse and cover-up in the Diocese of Winchester, I can tell you with assurance, Jackie Rowlands, that you are not fit for your job, you are not safeguarding, and you have knowingly harmed a vulnerable adult and reinforced the condemnation of her by the church by your silence, your refusal to act, and your blocking of her.
Please arrange to leave to a more suitable position, and make sure that your replacement contacts me about the serious complex and potentially fatal abuse of me by the Bishop of Winchester. If you do not suspend him and start investigating his known wrongdoing, eventually someone will have to override all excuses and ask why.

Use the letters linked here as a starting guide in the investigation into the Bishop's abuse of me, and don't forget that the Bishop's abuse of me took Bob Hill's life two years ago, just after he wrote this final blog:

I know and am fully aware from many years of this serious misconduct by the Diocese of Winchester, that you will go on trying to ignore this matter and ignore me, condemn me and cast me aside as mad, but in doing so, you are making the biggest, loudest and most outstanding statement possible by the Diocese and by the Church of England about your contempt for safeguarding, your contempt for the vulnerable, and your unchristian and inhumane condemnation of me, that condemnation which remains in the unredacted lies and misleading press and media statements by the Bishop and Church, and which affects my welfare and wellbeing every single day, and will do until you act or I die.

Let me be very open with the general public about your blocking and ignoring me and refusing to act.
Influenced by the Bishop and Diocese, and your predecessor Jane Fisher, whose criminal actions will affect me for life, instead of contacting me when you took your position, despite you being aware that I was and am in distress, and despite you needing to contact me as my case remained unresolved, which you knew and know, you ignored me.
Many church of england victims complain of being ignored and treated sadistically, and here is an illustration for the general public.

So, you ignored me, and efforts were made by the church to set the police after me after the Bishop and Archbishop publicly destroyed me last year and continued to uphold every wrongdoer in my case.
The police were sent away with more than a flea in their ear and have still failed to act upon the criminal harm to me by the Diocese of Winchester - you as safeguarding representative, are obliged to stop sending them after me, as you did again recently, you will not stop me from speaking out by terrorizing me with the police, you are obliged to make sure that they deal with the criminal actions of the Bishop and diocese, if you can't, you are not a neutral or competent safeguarding representative.

You also should not be linked to Hampshire Social services as my case is an illustration of their failure to be neutral or protect a vulnerable church abuse victim due to their conflicted links with the Diocese.
If church abuse victims have no safe place to turn, something is seriously wrong.

Returning to the point, as my distress has worsened as time has gone by and you, the church, the national safeguarding team and other agencies and authorities have tried to hide your heads in the sand, pretend none of this is real and my distress is an excuse for inaction. This year I have contacted you repeatedly by phone, asking for you to act, you have refused to, and have continued to meet with the Bishop without holding him to account. Holding him to account would involve suspension and investigation, and obviously no such thing has happened. Good safeguarding would involve suspension and investigation, and as his wrongdoing is open and evidenced, and you have not acted, you are either not neutral or not competent.

There is no excuse for you to make any claim against me in defence, as no safeguarding official of any competence or ability would be influenced only by the defendants in a matter and their excuses, and in this case very powerful, dishonest and influential defendants, defendants who have spent a lot of money on PR, lawyers and advisers to cover up for themselves, while their victim, vulnerable, autistic and defenceless, has been destroyed even for her reaction to the abuse and cover up of these people. So you don't have the excuse of the hundreds of thousands of pounds of whitewash and cover-ups, as a safeguarding, you are obliged to be neutral and to investigate, the fact that you haven't and have tried to block me, indicates that you are not neutral or not competent.

So, you have put the phone down on me, ignored my messages, failed to contact me, failed to respond to my concerns or the evidence of wrongdoing. Failed to take action, failed to safeguard, failed to suspend the Bishop and the heads of the Diocese.

What else have you done? The general public need to know this complicated and clever truth.

You block emails, but in a clever way, 'bouncing' the emails with an automated message that 'excuses' you, a message claiming that you may not respond to emails and offering links to social services, which would indicate to any victim who didn't know as I do that social services are not behaving neutrally, that social services cannot be a source of help, support or protection while the Diocese are linked to them.
You give phone numbers, but if you put the phone down on victims or don't respond to them, you are not offering anything, you used to put notes about meetings on your 'bounce/block' message, but since I contacted the churches that you were doing the old 'after the horse has bolted' meetings, you stopped doing that.

Let me just explain to the general public what I learned from your predecessor. The 'After the horse has bolted' meetings are limits of the church's safeguarding, you wait until abuse has occured and then go and meet the church where the abuse has occured, to smooth things over. It isn't safeguarding.
According to your predecessor, she got hundreds of calls a month about abuse and misconduct, and that would indicate, considering the number of churches in the Diocese, that abuse was rife and unchecked.
And considering the fact that she destroyed, harassed and hounded me and did nothing about my abusers but supported them in vilifying me, that is hardly surprising, but your complicit behaviour is not better than her abusive behaviour.

So, poor old Basingstoke Deanery had an abuser you had to cover up for? And when you left details on your bounce/block email of your meeting with them, did they pass my message on to you?

Make sure that when you get this, you stop making yourself inaccessible to me and to other victims. Stop putting up a block/bounce message and make sure victims can contact you. Stop ignoring my emails and messages, it means that you are incompetent and not neutral, that you are not safeguarding and are not capable of safeguarding.

And don't make an excuse that you put another email address on your block/bounce message, as that is evidenced to be a restricted email as well.

You must act with urgency on this matter and respond properly, it is testimony to your incompetence and lack of neutrality and the Diocese's severe and criminal dishonesty and lack of Christianity or humanity that the Bishop has not been suspended and that you have failed to act on this matter except to try to silence me by blocking me since you took your position.

If you need any more references to the matter to guide you, try the website with my books on it. I would strongly recommend the Hill report and Very Cuttings, although, as Diocesan Safeguarding Official, you should already have read all of these, and it is testimony to your incompetence or lack of neutrality that you either haven't, or have and still haven't acted.

I look forward to your immediate action or resignation, you have failed me and undoubtedly other victims, enough is enough, but at least your churches and the general public and authorities will be able to read this now even if your terrible safeguarding failure of silence continues, and the church's silence, refusal to act on my case and others, coupled with their falsehoods about safeguarding in the press and media are and only are, a massive safeguarding failure.

Make sure you fulfil your duties completely, and that will see suspensions and resignations at Winchester and Canterbury and a full independent (means outside the church and not conflicted) investigation, which this time includes my story, which the million pound whitewash didn't.

Remind the Bishop and his wife (who also needs to be investigated) that prayers will not silence me or take away their wrongdoing. God isn't going to do their bidding while they remain abusive and silent on their wrongdoing and unrepentant.

Finally, as repeatedly and frequently asked, you and the Bishop are to remove lies about my case from your website, publish a redaction and apology, and you are also obliged to remove all defamation of me and untruths about my case from online, and you have not done so, defamation means all the million pound whitewash, all the press and media lies, and why? Because I was and am recognizable, and the actions of the Bishop in leading the three year smear and discrediting attack on me has led to hate attacks, threats and violence against me, you have been asked to act and have failed, and that is your abuse of me and you forfeit your position as your incompetence has led to me being abused and harmed. Make sure you act as soon as you get this letter, and you will get this letter, via social services, the police, the general public or your churches.

Remember also, that Peter Hancock is openly conflicted in this matter and has openly upheld the harm to me and Key wrongdoers, and is obliged not to be involved in this formal complaint as he is conflicted and has evidenced himself to have no understanding whatsoever of safeguarding.
As you know, he protected the wrongdoers in this matter, even to the point of openly upholding them and claiming to the press to give Key wrongdoers a position where they would have access to the vulnerable, even though they were removed under church legislation from ordained positions for their serious safeguarding failures in my case, see this link, nothing will remove these letters even though the church obsessively try and try to give them the thumbs down, and eventually when a strong and stable government come to power, who will allow an abusive and dangerous organization such as the church to continue, there will be an investigation:

71 people died in the Grenfell Tower Tragedy, and I will never undermine how horrific that is, how unforgivable the failures are that allowed that to happen, but tens of thousands have died at the hands of the church of england, from abuse and denial of justice. And I am living death, and that makes everything you do from day to day, under the label of 'safeguarding', utterly worthless.


your victim because you have failed and harmed me, and victim of the Godless, abusive and dangerous Diocese of Winchester.


Friday, 10 November 2017

Lets get rambling and incoherent for Macsas

Start with the non-macsas, to be annoying.

Dear Diocese of Winchester,

Is there any sign of the Bishop understanding the impact of his abuse of me yet?
And any sign of him stopping being a coward and stepping forward to end my suffering?

The thing is, the church have shown ultimate hypocrisy in this, destroying me publicly while protecting abusers to avoid scandal for the church.

When I was part of the church, and one of my youth leaders was convicted of child abuse at the school where he worked, but presumably not in Romania where he was also allegedly abusing orphans, the church tried to keep it silent in the parishes and disconnect him from the church.

But I didn't know about the church being corrupt and dishonest, I was naive. So I expressed my horror at the man who had led our youth group doing such terrible things.
I was damned and told that God would judge me the same as the abuser.

And to punish me further, the Korris rubbish whimpered about me being 'unforgiving' for speaking out on something that the church had tried to keep silent. That was purely a vindictive lie by Jane Fisher, by the way I haven't had a reply to my complaint about her yet.

But the church didn't publicly destroy Malcolm Eastlake, they let him feel forgiven and go on with a normal life.
While the church destroyed me for years, and for three of those years it was public destruction. And before that, it certainly wasn't secret as I was slandered round my communities and driven out. I can't live a normal life as a fugitive who is still attacked and put at risk over what the Bishop has done, and with no access to help because of the way I have been branded to the authorities.
Eastlake, the abuser, was told he 'was a good man really' and the 'church forgave him' but unfortunately the church are selective in who they condemn and forgive, and as yet I see no sign of 'forgiveness' for being a church abuse victim.
Destroying me publicly while I screamed and screamed for help wasn't forgiveness, it was condemnation and hatred and you didn't inflict it on Malcolm Eastlake, so why did you inflict it on me?

When the Bishop steps forward to show integrity and explain why he has done this to me on top of everything I have survived, would he like to explain why the church have treated me worse than a man who gets sexual gratification from children? Those children will be affected by the abuse for life, as I am.

The Bishop and Archbishop, with all their grandeuer and falsehoods to the press and media, appear to have no respect for God or a vulnerable human life.
The Church needs to be regulated so that lawless crooks such as Dakin, Wilmott and Welby would face immediate and proper police action for the kind of abuse that they have inflicted on me, and instant dismissal. They are not ordained by God, they are chosen by 10 Downing Street and the Queen, and nothing in what they are or do, represents Jesus or His teachings, it is a terrible sham, that in this day and age shouldn't continue at the expense of the vulnerable.

Please remind the Bishop that he is still abusing me by leaving me suffering and not taking responsibility for his destruction of me for and with the Jersey Deanery and the lack of investigation into what happened to me in Jersey, his silence doesn't make his liability go away, it simply increases his horrific negligence which is killing a vulnerable adult in suffering beyond bearing or healing.


Dear Charities Commission,

I would like to proceed with my formal complaint against Macsas. Please could I have the forms. I fit the category of a vulnerable client and former client of this charity who is speaking up about their misconduct. If I don't speak up, they may kill other vulnerable people, if they haven't already. Other survivors have shared their concerns about macsas with me.

I have had contact with Macsas, the 'clergy abuse charity' for just under a decade, and they have never behaved well or professionally, and have acted at all times in favour of, for and on behalf of the church of england, my abusers. Which is hardly surprising as one of the leaders of Macsas is also a church of england employee, and my experience is that macsas are akin to a branch of the church, and certainly in their siding with the church at all times and facilitating slander of me in the church times, this would appear to be the case.

The most recent incident involved a drunk male member of macsas alone with me, trying ignorantly to push the church of england's slander of me onto me, trying to uphold the church in their destruction of me as an abuse victim to cover their backs, and when I said what about my side of things, he said he 'had tried to read it but it was rambling and incoherent'.

Two points to make there, why if he didn't understand my story, did he continue to uphold the church's? Are they autistic and profoundly traumatized and psychologically damaged? No, so why does their story get macsas's priority, to the point where macsas nearly killed me by facilitating slander of me in the press? Why didn't this man and his colleagues, knowing of my disability, make the effort to clarify my case? After all, they kept involving themselves?
Why would anyone, try to force on an abuse victim, their abusers' side of things like that drunk macsas man did? Why would a charity for abuse victims behave like this? As if the victim was a fake and had no side to things? 

Charities commission, this link below is a rather angry but perfectly relevant description done after Macsas facilitated the church times, who had already slandered and defamed me for two years for the church, in continuing to harm me in the incident that nearly caused my suicide. This letter is from two years ago, and sadly under Macsas's biased eye, the harm to me has continued unchecked. They claim to care about mandatory reporting but have allowed a victim to be publicly destroyed on the abuser's word that the victim is mad and bad, would they survive being publicly destroyed if they were vulnerable and broken and abused? 

At the end of this email I also attach a letter to the macsas man who destroyed me when he was drunk, there is extensive reference to Frank Beck, because the macsas man decided to squash up to me in the pub, where he and his friends were drinking and I wasn't, and talk about Frank Beck, triggering dangerous flashbacks for me.

Macsas have yet to answer this letter and to answer my complaint, they have tried to set their solicitor on me, indicating that they have done wrong and know they have done wrong.
The damage to me by the church is horrific, the church spent a million pounds whitewashing my case, and macsas have upheld the whitewash at all times, even eagerly contacting me in 2013, forgetting to apologize for their horrific damage to me previously, in their eagerness to uphold what was essentially a church-centred, church-completed, whitewash of my case.
When macsas eagerly contacted me to thrust that horrific public attack of a 'report' onto me, they didn't appear to realize that a church version of events, carried out by a church member, without my side of things, and thrust into the press and media to trigger hate attacks, was not a report, it was an attack, and macsas supported this attack to me.

They failed, when contacting me to support the attack, to even consider the impact on me, and they also failed to apologize for breaking the law in 2011, by enabling my abusers to have my location and slander me out of all homeless services and outreach when I was homeless because of the church and macsas had refused to help me to restrain the church who were still harming me to cover up for their actions which had made me homeless.

As I write this, I recall the drunk macsas man telling me he 'glanced' at my emails about the church.
For four years the church of england have destroyed me publicly since the launch of that whitewash 'report' that destroyed me to cover up for the now removed rogue safeguarding official in the church of england who destroyed me to cover up for abuse of me, to protect the church's image.
I have emailed macsas many times about the situation, but they have only ever involved themselves in my case on behalf of other people, mainly the church of england, and have ignored anything I say.
Macsas really are not a charity for abuse victims, they are a branch of the church of england, a branch linked through one of their key members being a church employee, and his job, presumably, for the church and macsas, is to protect the church, warn them of victim's intentions and distress, and make sure no justice is ever realized.
That being the case, that has been extremely effective in my case.
So while Macsas have persistently been involved on behalf of the church, and harmed me, anything I say is 'glanced at' or treated as rambling and incoherent, as the drunk macsas man said as he rubbished me alone in that car park.

Is this letter rambling and incoherent? I am autistic and have survived, but barely, a childhood of severe abuse, an adulthood of being abused and destroyed to cover up in the church of england, and most recently a four year public smear campaign by the church that involved a million pounds of whitewash reports, lawyers, PR firms and press and media, all of that was the church's, I was alone and voiceless throughout. 
My writing, on my blogs and in books, is only as rambling and incoherent as this letter, the reality is that macsas were geared towards protecting the church, believing the church, not least because they didn't want to be responsible for their own atrocious failings, and so the man from macsas and his colleagues simply 'glanced' at my emails, and did nothing as I was destroyed.

Macsas, having involved themselves right at the beginning of the recent three year smear campaign and million pound whitewash, contacting me unsolicited with no apology for previous behaviour, to thrust the church's lying defamatory report that was made public in the press and media, then went back to ignoring me, no reason given, 'glancing' at my cries for help, and facilitating lies and attacks on me, such as that in the church times, the ignorance and danger of a man who claims he cannot see the victim's side 'because she is rambling and repetitive' is horrendous. The charity are obliged and should anyway, have some understanding of disabilities and vulnerability, and should never make comments like that, especially not after repeating her abuser's side back to her.

What Macsas have done, culminating in leaving me having a breakdown at the beginning of October as the drunk macsas man upheld the lies about me, blatant lies, ignorantly and stating them as if they were truth, without my side, is they have aided abusers in harming their victim.

The drunk man followed that up by rubbishing my side of things, now is this brief paragraph rambing and repetititve? Or do Macsas need some training and education regarding abuse and vulnerability and how abusers behave? From everything they have done to me, leaving me at the mercy of my abusers 'because I was homeless', enabling my abusers to trace me while I was homeless, driving me from homeless services with slander, bursting back into my life without apology to uphold the church's public smear attack on me, refusing my cries for help and facilitating attacks on me in the press such as the church times, with no objection to the attacks, especially the one that nearly caused my suicide, and then more recently rubbishing me on lies of my abusers and rubbishing my side of things, the drunk macsas man alone with me, destroying me over again and leaving me in collapse. 

Is that a good charity for abuse victims? No. It is one that has, throughout, aided abusers and helped them to destroy a victim.

I wake up from nightmares and in distress at the way macsas has treated me, and they have tried to set their inter-conflicted macsas-member solicitor on me rather than deal with my complaint, and as yet their solicitor's law firm also hasn't commented on this new abuse of power.

No matter what happens, a report will be produced and published that includes Macsas harming me. That is a very succinct and not at all rambling statement. But I would like the charities commission to deal with macsas first. The harm to me by the church has been bad enough, Macsas actively harming me, to the point of slandering me to my family and aiding my abusers in destroying me, is not something to be left any longer, even if they do think they can do as they please and hide behind badly behaved barristers and solicitors. No organization is above the law in the country, apart from the church of england, who truly are.

Macsas should not have facilitated the lawless church in harming me, the church were very capable of extensive damage on their own, and if you think about how macsas have blindly believed the church in my case, think about the hate attacks I have suffered and do suffer, as a result of the church's open vilification of me, it leaves me as a destitute fugitive, who at any time can be forced to flee, can't earn a living, can't claim benefits, can't have therapy or support, because their is no safety or permanence because of the church. I slept rough for years not just because of trauma, but to keep myself safe as macsas eagerly helped the church to continue to trace and destroy me.

When I went to Canterbury it was a leap of faith and hope, to hope to be part of, and support, change and justice for church abuse victims, I didn't know that a badly behaved macsas man would be there to drunkenly tell me that my life story was one of the worst abuse cases he had ever heard, before he destroyed me for the church of england and left me having a breakdown. If I had known that macsas would be at canterbury for the abuse protest, I would have known that the protest was a complete sham. Macsas would be there on behalf of the church, no other reason.

Macsas need to be regulated, they are very aimless, lawless, and dangerous, especially to church of england abuse victims as they are basically an undeclared and harmful branch of the church.
I will never recover from my recent experience at Canterbury, being destroyed when I couldn't take any more ham.

This is the letter I enclosed to the macsas man, macsas and the church who they work for, are silent about Bob's account of my case, because they can't rubbish him as 'rambling and incoherent' when they attack me in the church times or drunkenly in a car park:

The other letter the macsas man was given after his attack on me was my psychological report, also attached.

I have attached the hill report as well, but it is heavy reading. A bit beyond Macsas' limited capabilities. Macsas can get about as far as reading the lines that the church of england send them 'This is what happened, please parrot this for us'. 

It is time for Macsas to go, I spent last night in nightmares over their harm to me, and woke this morning in severe distress. 

Macsas, this will be posted on my blog, you may rate it for rambling, incoherence, and any other criticisms of it not meeting your needs as a special cover-up branch of the church of england. I do not know how many other victims have been put off standing up for themselves against you and your employers, the church of england, but what I do know is that people who have not been drunk like your member at Canterbury, have told me that my work helps and inspires them and encourages them to speak out. 
I may never recover from your harm, but I know that I have and can go on overriding your attacks, because it is what the people who have given feedback on my blog says that matters, not your hatred and contempt on behalf of your employers, the church of england.

JJ - victim of the church of england and their macsas