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  • I was abused in the Church of England as a vulnerable adult aged 19.
  • I was abused by the husband of a vicar who was also my counsellor, this vicar took me home as a replacement for her stepdaughter who her husband, the girl's father, had abused and abandoned.
  • I was further abused by another church officer.
  • The church tried to close my complaints down, refused to deal with them and left both abusers and those who stood up for them in church positions.
  • The church got me a criminal record for speaking up, they claimed I was harassing them.
  • I had never been in police trouble before, but as a result, I lost my home and job, and was left on the streets, injured by the police and severely traumatized.

  • Last year, years too late and the other side of me being destroyed, and while I was still homeless and destitute, the church launched on me in the National press, claiming to apologize.
  • They also launched in the press, a 'report' into what had happened. This report was hideously inaccurate although it did show how members of church had abused process in not dealing with my complaint.
  • The report, although not naming me, made it quite easy for me to be identified, I was one of very few autistic 33 year old women in the UK on the streets, and enough people who I met and was looked after by, knew who the report was about, and I lost friends and was shunned as a result.
  • I also had strangers condemning and maligning me, it was heartbreaking.
  • Then a church officer associated with my abuser, also in government, released my name and breached the data protection act.

  • As a result of the Press reports and the report released, an all-out war broke out between the Diocese and Deanery involved, with me caught in the middle, I was slandered, I was smeared, I was condemned.
  • The Church offered no help and I became ill as each new inaccurate report and cover up came out, each new damnation of me.
  • New investigations were comissioned, and one was blatantly conflicted, to be carried out by a member of the group who supported the wrongdoers.
  • I have been excluded from all reports, which, to save the church, are whitewashes which cover up the original admissions of wrongdoing.
  • The church have treated me coldly, threatened me, despite them having me illegally traced by police, and have not helped me, instead they made illegal referrals of me to what they called help, without my consent and without checking it would help or what I wanted.
  • I have pleaded with them to stop the harm to me, but to no avail, and I am living in fear, severely traumatized and knowing I cannot withstand the damning press reports and whitewashes forever.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A reminder today to the Bishop of Winchester

Dear recipients,

As a result of the press stunts by the church of england in response to Peter Ball's sentencing, I fear for my life as the church's habit of using me as a whipping boy in the press is unlikely to cease until I take them to court and publicize it. I would like to warn you collectively that if you do attack me in the press as a result of peter ball's sentencing, I will indeed take you to court.

I have spent two years of my life living in terror and horror as a result of the church's horrifying attacks on me. I just phoned Wolvsley and the Eton Queen who put the phone down on me failed to take in my warning that I do not intend to allow the diocese to defame me as part of a PR stunt as a result of Peter Ball's sentencing. 
The church haven't apologized for the Korris report, a public attack on me to cover up for Jane Fisher, nor have they arranged an independent investigation yet.

'Independent' does not mean conflicted, it doesn't mean whitewashers with a bias like Korris and Steel, it means someone who listens to both sides, and as yet, only the church's side has been heard. And the church have left me destroyed, with a ludicrous pretence of helping me while they destroyed me, their pretence of help was to illegally refer me to the NSPCC, and the referral was made by the woman who destroyed me and covered up for herself! 

I recall Paul Butler's part in the PR stunt when the Korris rubbish was released. He vaguely played his stunts, he was 'praying for everyone involved' so basically he prayed for Bob Key and my abuser instead of stating with fury and horror that what the diocese of Winchester had done in releasing the Korris rubbish, illegally tracing me with the police and having me publicly attacked by those with a vested interest (which the diocese haven't recorded or declared) and those who didn't even know me! So Paul Butler hasn't a clue about safeguarding and Peter Ball's victims haven't a hope in hell of independent investigation if the church just appoint one of the clique  - Hedley, Butler-Sloss of Steel or others, to investigate the corruption that their own little circle are guilty of!

I warn you, no more blatant attacks on me in the Local or National papers or the Church Propaganda Rag (church times)! I do not care that the church have powerful lawyers and really are artists in duplicity and plausible lies. You have destroyed me and destroyed me again. Do you think I will just sit here with tape over my mouth or lie on a cell floor with bruises from the police? NO, I WONT, even if you kill me you will not change the deep deep evil of what you have done to me nor will you change the fact that the core of the church of england is an elite club for rich callous and devious older men (and a few women). Eton-voice may put the phone down on me but he will not stop me warning you that even if I die in a convenient police beating that no one witnesses, as has been tried a few times, what you have done to me and are doing to me will NOT GO AWAY, EVER. 

Please ensure that the Bishop informs me of the details of the independent investigation into the diocese of winchester and especially Jane Fisher's illegal actions. Having me beaten and imprisoned does destroy me, it will kill me, but it will not take away what you have done. EVER. It is the fifth anniversary of my death at your hands. Left homeless and destitute on the streets of Hampshire, with Jane Fisher determined to utterly and finally destroy me and no-one stopping her. And the Korris report smarms just as Fisher smarmed to everyone she slandered me to 'That she was just trying to help me'. 
Do you think it was appropriate for the woman who had me imprisoned and left homeless after months on end of her destroying me, to be allowed to go round slandering me to everyone in the churches and outreach in Winchester while also trying to meet with me alone?! And what report covers any of that so far? Why would the woman  who destroyed me and made me out to be mad and violent be meeting with me alone?
Eton voice can slam the phone down but he won't change the fact that there still needs to be a full investigation into EVERYTHING I have to say, because as yet, Bishop Dakin has only investigated ME for JANE FISHER in the Korris RUBBISH and BOB KEY in the STEEL RUBBISH.

Now that the Archbishop has been forced to investigate the corruption and will undoubtedly arrange another whitewash, it is time that the Bishop investigated my side of what happened in Jersey and Winchester, isn't it horrifying that he has called a two year attack on me a safeguarding investigation?

Every time you spineless duplicious church officials make a song and dance in the press, you cause me severe traumatic stress and disrupt my studies. My studies, work, and whole life seem useless to me anyway while I suffer night and day waiting for you to attack me and try to silence me for good, as Jane Fisher did so many times, leaving me severely damaged for life.

Is there any end in sight? Shall we make it this weekend? commemorate the anniversary?  

'**************** 19.03.81 - 11.10.10' 

 I didn't survive Jane Fisher destroying me, and this afterlife waiting for you to finish me off is pure hell, and no matter how I build my life, I can neither remove the hell nor believe in my life while I wait for you to finish me off.
Nonetheless, even if you do, there will have to be a full public inquiry into my death at your hands, and public pressure and circulation of my letters to you will mean you will not win.
I write this expecting, as I never have stopped expecting, for you to kill me with police or press attacks. And then try to slander me. Isn't it great that you will never ever be able to remove the evidence that has been circulated?! And eventually, under a different government, the church will be held to account for blatant dishonesty regarding my case and others. Hey, every post on my blog is saved, every letter and every document is circulated and saved, and the Bishop still wants to kill me with the Steel-Bailhache-Ashenden report, and one day someone will ask why the Bishop was silent when he was asked about this, and why he gave an audience to all Jersey Deanery and supporters, and why the Archbishop did too, and allowed them to defame me in the church times and other press and media, when this matter was supposed to be about safeguarding. It will never be forgotten or covered up, no matter how dishonest the church are! 

This is a warning that even if you do, and even if you don't, the Bishop of Winchester has shown an aversion to being taken to court and making a solicitor lie for him in court. So if I live I will take you to court and if you kill me, I think that will be the end of the church of england publicly. And to be honest that is not such a bad thing to bring a shattered and suffering life to a close, because even if I graduate from university, even if my work is a success, the suffering is never going to go, the anguish is unresolved and resting in peace while the corrupt and vicious church of england falls is not such a bad prospect. Actually can we try for the first option, taking you to court again? In an ideal world, you would all stand before a judge voiceless and physically and mentally destroyed from police brutality, but you are the church of england, you are not a victim of the church of england, there is no justice or balancing of scales is there?


An Open Letter to Bishop Paul Butler

What Butler fails to recognize in all his loud empty noise is that while the Cofe is the playground of old freemasons with a lot of money, and closing ranks occurs, he may as well just send out open invites to paedophiles rather than wasting his noisebox on safeguarding pretences. 

Dear Bishop Butler,

Following my phone calls, I thought I would write to make sure that you understand fully how much distress you are causing by your lies about safeguarding.

While the situation remains that you are protecting and supporting my abuser, Jane Fisher to remain in safeguarding positions in the church, as well as remaining a church reader, after her misconduct, which even her whitewash cover-up, the Korris report, cannot completely cover up, and while complaints against her have been made to the police and safeguarding bodies as a result of her continuing to harass me, and while she has caused other safeguarding failures even while stitching me up, and while the Church have been notified very clearly that the Korris report was an invalid report and the Steel report is a conflicted whitewash that is leaving me in fear of my life but no redaction or apology has been made, you need to stop lying to the press and media about the Church of England's commitment to safeguarding, and actually take action regarding the Diocese of Winchester. You need to stop misusing the word 'independent' and you need to ensure an independent report by non-conflicted people who have no connection to the Church of England, a report that includes me this time, unlike your other whitewashes that are not credible as they have not been independent and have omitted me and vilified me to the general public and been illegal and a breach of the data protection act.

The church have had me branded, imprisoned, destroyed, left homeless, and their answer to all that was to publicly vilify me internationally in the press as a PR stunt, with no thought for my welfare and safety whatsoever. So I think your crowing and strutting in the press should stop now, until you have apologized, redacted the defamation of me, and recompensed me, although no recompense in the world will take away what you have done to me.

Can you explain how you consider that things have changed in the church when there has been no true investigation into what happened to me, but a huge amount of PR showing off,  lies and slander and defamation and illegal activities with regards confidential information and breaches of the data protection act.
Can you explain what has changed in safeguarding when in 2013 I was destroyed by the lies and whitewashes launched into the press and there has as yet been no apology and no redaction, and instead I am living in fear of the report engineered by the Jersey Deanery?

Can you explain why, if you and the church are committed to safeguarding, why Bishop Dakin and Jane Fisher. the perpatrators of this massive attack on a vulnerable adult, nearly killing her, and putting her in danger of attacks with no defence due to the police record and slander of her, are still in their positions? don't you think you should take time out from lying in the press in order to deal with this?
Do you think leaving someone branded, shamed, ruined and broken and waiting to be killed by another round of defamation and lies in the press and internationally is good safeguarding? If that is your understanding of safeguarding then it is time for you to resign./
treat me as a human being, and you and your colleagues act as if I simply 'deserve this ongoing destroyal, then you shouldn't be in your job.
It is time that a major outside investigation got past your lies and flannel and misleading of the public and press and shone a light onto the rotten old Church of England system of duplicity and cover up.

I would like to know how, if Jane Fisher had been successful in killing me as she nearly did, the Church’s so-called safeguarding reports years later would have made any difference, with me dead and totally out of the picture, as opposed to how things are now,m me alive but destroyed and still challenging this evil of being left defamed and destroyed while my abusers remain in church positions, protected and upheld by the church, and in the case of one of them, still accessing vulnerable individuals from Jersey’s town church, where he is upheld and supported by the same group of States-judiciary-church-lawyers who ensured that the Dean of Jersey was cleared.
Can you explain why you and the other Church officers and Bishops have not responded to me in any way or form about the whole situation of the way the church have repeatedly and lastingly destroyed me, gone on harassing me and vilifying me and giving their blessing to those who also harass me, for example, you taking part in a church times article that vilified me and very deliberately upheld my abuser?
And worse.

Until you have answers and until you stop treating me as if ‘I deserve to wait to be destroyed by a conflicted whitewash’ because ‘from what you have heard’ from people who vilify me to cover up for themselves, then you have absolutely no understanding of what abuse victims go through and absolutely no right to talk about safeguarding, because in upholding Fisher, Dakin, Key and others, you completely invalidate your position and the words you speak.

Please stop spitting on Jesus by your nonsense in the press and refusal to safeguard me or deal with the Diocese of Winchester’s harassment of me.

The Church’s continued silence on this matter and allowing me to continue to suffer the shock and distress of press releases that defame me and clear wrongdoers while I wait to be destroyed by the Steel whitewash is a very very serious safeguarding issue and shows your complete and utter contempt for safeguarding, integrity and an abuse survivor who you have branded and crucified just as your predecessors, the Pharisees did to Jesus. As long as this matter goes on, the Church of England has no place in society and is breaching the trade descriptions act by claiming to be a Christian church. Or don’t you bother to claim that any more, is it just known as ‘extra socials outside of the lodge?’

On the subject of Steel, are you the conflicted so-called 'safeguarding expert' viewing the Steel report? And if so, are you aware that you are conflicted by your support of Fisher and your support of the Diocese and Deanery in destroying me? And if so, as you are not independent and have not asked for my side of things and have not ensured that I am included in any reports, and thus you have profoundly failed in safeguarding, isn't it time you shredded the whitewash reports and resigned? Also, you need to declare, if you are in any way involved, that you were Bishop of Southampton, and knew the Montagues and I met you with them, that day when Juliet got Fred to drive me to SOuthampton? If you are involved in Safeguarding then you will be aware that the hundreds upon hundreds of omissions and distortions invalidate the reports by the Diocese of WInchester and are very very bad safeguarding to say the least!

Please read the series of letters after my signature, and if you do not like clicking on links, then go to and go to the ‘Philosophy’ section and you will find the letters there, hopefully including this one.



Thursday, 1 October 2015

The high blog stats indicate...

Another attack by the Church of England is on it's way.
Will it kill me or not? My usual question.

Anyway...How appropriate!

Friday, 25 September 2015


The darkness is eternal
and the cold is unrelenting

It is so cold 
that the sea is frozen

I walk on the frozen beach
and there is ice on green island and the rocks

I can see the cardinal markers
I can see the lights on the French Coast

I walk in the dark
and I remember I died here

I can't stop walking
further from the light

my home on the great ship bay
is always in sunlight and joy

but the frost and cold are in my heart
drawing me to where I fell

I try to count the years since my death
and try to turn back towards the light

I died here, and the cold and dark call me
the frost in my heart makes the light and joy of my home unreal

Can't I bring my soul home, to the great ship bay
and rest with the warmth and joy in my heart?

Until my destroyers release me, I am trapped here
fallen on the frozen bay and waiting

The sea beats on the wall, the night goes on,
I go on waiting

and I know you wait too
you can't release me from this so you wait too

there is no happy ending, we know that
because death happened there

so we wait, I look out on the midnight sea
and you stand in the shadows

you are the lantern-bearer, guiding light
you stand in the shadows and they never see your face

And in other news...

The Diocese of Winchester destroy a voiceless vulnerable adult and she asks them to have a voice for her side of things:

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

David Cameron

When the church of england swung the vote to get their protectors, the conservatives, back into power, did they forsee David Cameron, who is supposedly a Christian, making a meal of making a pig of himself and playing with his food?
There is a new crisis in the UK. mass vegetarianism. The farms will suffer like they did with the foot in mouth crisis.
That's all for now.

Refs - The Church propaganda rag told it's flock that voting conservative was the only way as they were the church's 'natural partners'.
Wealthy, country, uncaring people, yes, they are the church's natural partners, the government and the church both wipe their boots on the faces of the poor and vulnerable. Neither understand nor care for the vulnerable or the needy, they make them into outcasts.

I know I tend to put this song up as a Church of England Anthem but...

I'm not allowed to watch Monty Python...

So don't tell my mother
That isn't DakeDake by the way, it's Paul Butler, trying to protect abusers.

and what is all the interest in and from Guernsey on my blogs at the moment?

And here is the Church of England:

Monday, 21 September 2015


Recently I have had nightmares and flashbacks about the Lihous.
Co-incidental to see Guernsey appear on the blog feed.
Is that the Lihous and Honours and Warrens having a nose?
And does any report state the fact that they are all related?
And am I right in hearing that someone tried to ensure the Lihous brought a complaint against me by claiming I had a complaint against them.
Godless egomaniac church people. Repaint and thin no more.

I want to play in Latin now, repeat after me:

Guernsey est stercore capitii textilem

New visitors to the blog


There has been a big increase in viewers of this blog.

I do apologize if you are hoping for new and relevant information.
My day starts at 5.30 as I work as well as being at University, so I am not getting much blogging done.
I think there has been a surge of interest due to the parallels between the deliberate failures of the church and police in Peter Ball's case and my case.

To the people who suffered at Peter Ball's hands, I apologize, I am not trivializing what happened to you. no way.
What happened to you was more serious sexual abuse than I suffered.
What happened to me was sustained sexual and emotional abuse over quite some time, which on top of the terrible childhood I had, was the last straw when I was subjected to the church's denials, cover up and blame.

It must have been awful for Peter Ball's victims to go on seeing him in office as Bishop and to feel unbelieved, and slighted by Butler-Sloss as well. I do know how that feels, being laughed at by my abusers while Jane Fisher destroyed me was indeed intolerable. Jane Fisher being the 'safeguarding director' for the Winchester Diocese who went all-out to destroy me while protecting my abusers in the church.

What more can I say before I go to work?
As yet, no-one is holding the Church of England to account, they are a bit like the government who have shown no remorse for the paedophile ring that has been operating among them.

Paul Butler is usually doing press stunts to get the limelight and make the church look good every time an abuse case is reported.
But he doesn't do anything.
I have been told by a Kendal House survivor that after all the press stunt about an investigation, there hasn't been one yet.
And are the church going to investigate why Ball was left in power, whil Butler was his colleague?
And are they ever going to investigate Jane Fisher and the Winchester Diocese and how the Steel and Korris reports came about?

I have to get to work now. Have a good day.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

ego sum a nortyperson.       a minimum terroris

Lost in translation, harhar

Habemus ad proficiscendum redire.Sed finis non erit finis.
Quis hanc multam mecum domi

Ego sum ​​a nortyperson


Thursday, 10 September 2015

Ashenden googles himself

One of the mysteries of life, why is Gavin Ashenden looking himself up on my blog? Does he want acclaim?

I dunno Ashenden if you really want an article about yourself, I could put together what people have sent me.

Apparently you used to be a very unbiased and inclusive Christian.
You were liked by your friends, some of whom have contacted me.

You were married and your wife's bipolar disorder became very serious and she threatened suicide a lot.
Incredibly, after a very stressful time where your wife's illness caused you very much stress, especially the suicide threats, she recovered.
And left you.

It is thought by the various people contacting me about your rabid behaviour of recent years, that that episode with your first wife was what tipped you over into your own mental illness that manifests as the rabid rantings and attacks that you are known for now.

When you judge everyone else as you do, you omit the fact that you are a divorcee and remarried and thus not in a position to lay down the law at all regarding Christianity. But I think you are too far gone to either understand or stop your wrong behaviour.

Anyway, while you were chaplain at the University in Sussex, you were seen to change from inclusive and liberal to rabid and unforgiving, biased and judgemental.

This is apparently why you had to leave there.

And Jersey of course being the trash can for priests with misconduct records who are not actually welcome to preside anywhere else but are welcomed to Jersey as the Church there is very different from the norm.

Since going to Jersey you have blatantly and constantly attacked minority groups and vulnerable people and rubbished abuse victims and their feeling, you have been openly racist and homophobic. Your rants and the fact that they are met by silence in the church of england, who proceed to proclaim 'great safeguarding' in Jersey, are a terrible reminder that the Church of England is not a Christian church.

Why are you googling your reaction to immigrants or searching my blog for it?
I have no idea if you ranted about immigrants or if you decided to do the church's usual PR trick of pretending to 'care very deeply'. Honestly, you are not very important, Ashenden, I pity you, I don't waste blog time and space on you.
It is true that people in the Diocese of Normandy have complained about your rude and arrogant behaviour and taking over there, but they contacted the wrong person, I am not your boss.
And regarding your Xenophobia, why did you go to Yemen? Just an all-expenses paid trip like when you go to Normandy?

You know and can't hide from yourself that your dishonesty and judgement of others and bad behaviour won't go away when you stand before God, and He will ask why you have abused me and others and continued to the charade of representing Him. And He will hold you responsible. The Queen won't be there to protect you then, neither will anyone in law or the church. If you really believe in God while you behave so badly, what is he going to say to you about the way you have behaved towards me in the media when I had no voice? What is he going to say about your engineered Steel report?

Seeing as you are looking yourself up on my blog, I hope this satisfies your cravings. You are not really worth my time or a proper article. If you were, I would print what was sent to me, a bit like you wanting the Steel report published to destroy me and cover up for the Dean's wrongdoing.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Twelfth and a half interview with HG

1. did you ever like sport at school?

I hardly went to school due to my parents' religious belief, I went to school briefly aged 8 and struggled with sports day, coming last, at the time of course it hadn't been noticed I was asthmatic with leg and spine problems, because my parents didn't believe in doctors or medical help.

2. which sports did you like?

Back then, none, now I love swimming, cycling, football and sailing, but due to my health after the church destroyed me, I can't take part in the last two.

3. do you think that making something "sport" can take the fun element out of a game?

No, from experience, competitive football, running and other sports can be fun.

4. do you watch any of these sports on TV - cricket, tennis, swimming, football, rugby, cycling, running, boxing, snooker?

I rarely focus on tv sport, my ADD means I am too hyperactive to settle and watch these things, I like to watch a bit of Wimbledon but I don't mind not watching it.

5. if so, which do you like, which don't you like?

I like Wimbledon and athletics, I don't dislike sport on tv but I don't really watch it.

6. which is the most useless sport there is?

There can't be a useless sport, otherwise no-one would play.

7. do you ever watch horse racing or grand prix

Horse racing. I like the National and the Derby. 

8. do you have any sporting heroes, current or past?


9. do you think there is too much sport on TV


10.  do you think some sports people, like footballers, get paid much to much money?

No, some train and train with no pay, training before work and school, they have my admiration. For example the Williams sisters were training constantly since they were little girls but of course not for money then. It is a one track life when you live like that, and takes great determination and courage.

11. have you ever played conkers?

Yeah, used to try to eat them too. Haha.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Safeguarding in Jersey's churches, Bishop trevor isn't in charge

courtesy of Tony the Prof:


Jerseys Anglican Church: Some Problems with Safeguarding


Clergy and senior lay leaders in Jersey's Anglican Church have had training in protecting islanders from abuse, the Bishop of Dover said. The Right Reverend Trevor Willmott said new safeguarding measures are in place to reassure everyone in the church. It follows a decision by the church's governing body - the Synod - that improvements must be made. Bishop Willmott said there was no question in his mind that "God's people are safe in this island".

-- BBC News

What would be useful to know, in the interests of transparency, would be the enhanced policies and procedures. I’ve had a look at the Town church website, and the only thing remotely connected is in the diary where there are “safeguarding training and lunches”

There is no safeguarding officer to contact in the list of contacts, no safeguarding policies on the website, and no indication of these new improvements at all, no links to safeguarding elsewhere (such as Dover) - or, for that matter, what training consisted of, or what they had for lunch!

Now pretty well any club or organisation which deals with children and vulnerable adults has a policy on their website, but the Anglican Church in Jersey does not. We have no idea how complaints will be handled, whether minutes of meetings will be kept, whether it will be ensured that vulnerable adults will have someone they trust in attendance.

It is also not clear how the church would act to implement the policies anyway. Part of the problem, both locally and in the UK, has been the way that in local communities, it is difficult to find someone outside and independent to look into these matters.

As one English survivor, called CF, said of her case:

"An abuse policy that does not have a clearly stated process of implementation is effectively worthless. A vulnerable person or an abused person by definition has no power in the Church. This means that someone with power has to make a decision to implement the policy, but to do this they have to suspend their total and complete faith in the priest or other person concerned."

There is a link to the Canons of the Church of England in Jersey on the Town Church website, and it is here that some interesting notes on safeguarding arise as the local Canons differ from the English Canon Law.

Let us look at changes to Canon Law to improve safeguarding in England:

On 16 February 2015, David Pocklingtom reported on changes taking place to Canon Law in England. This is what he noted:

At General Synod on 12 February, Mr Geoffrey Tattersall introduced the main provisions of the Draft PCCs: There was agreement that the disqualification and suspension provisions for PCC members should mirror those in relation to churchwardens. Furthermore, a bishop should also be empowered to suspend PCC secretaries and treasurers who are not PCC members.

(GS 1952A) and the draft Amending Canon No.34 (GS 1953A) – Draft Measure and draft Amending Canon for Revision. The main points identified in his speech are summarized below, and the Report by the Revision Committee is available as GS 1952-3Y.

The main provisions of the draft Measure are:

Suspension of a priest: Section 36(1) of the Clergy Discipline Measure already provides for the suspension of a priest or deacon when disciplinary proceedings are commenced or he/she is arrested on suspicion of committing a criminal offence, is convicted of certain offences, or included on a barred list.

Clause 1(1) of the draft Measure adds a power to suspend where the bishop is satisfied on information provided by the police or local authority that a priest or deacon presents a significant risk of harm – as defined in clause 1(2) – but before suspending the bishop is required to consult at the very least the diocesan safeguarding advisor. Such suspension continues for 3 months but may be renewed.

Churchwardens: The current clause 2 of the draft Measure provides for the disqualification and suspension of churchwardens. Mr Tattersall highlighted that:

Although the initial draft provided for a waiver of disqualification, the Revision Committee was persuaded that any such waiver required further clarity. Consequently clause 2(2) provides that before giving any waiver the bishop must at the very least consult the diocesan safeguarding advisor, and must give reasons for any such waiver, and that any such waiver will be of unlimited duration and have effect in every diocese;

As to suspension, the Committee agreed that a bishop should not only have power to suspend a churchwarden in the circumstances set out the present clause 2(5) of the draft Measure: i.e. if arrested on suspicion of committing a Schedule 1 offence, but also if the bishop was satisfied that the churchwarden presents a significant risk of harm.

And the draft Measure states this:

A relevant person must have due regard to guidance issued by the House of Bishops on matters relating to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

(2) Each of the following is a relevant person—
(a) a clerk in Holy Orders who is authorised to officiate in accordance with the canons of the Church of England;
(b) a diocesan, suffragan or assistant bishop;
(c) an archdeacon;
(d) a person who is licensed to exercise the office of reader or serve as a lay worker;
(e) a churchwarden;
(f) a parochial church council.

(1) In this Measure, “child” means a person aged under 18.
(2) In this Measure, “vulnerable adult” means a person aged 18 or over whose ability to protect himself or herself from violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation is significantly impaired through physical or mental disability or illness, old age, emotional fragility or distress, or otherwise.

Given that part of the reason for the split between Jersey and Winchester arose from a complaint made by a lady called HG about a churchwarden, these changes in England’s Canon Law - which mention churchwardens - need to be replicated in Jersey.

What is missing, therefore, from the Bishop’s statement is:

1. Policy and procedure documents available online in the public domain, including contacts and how to report a complaint.

2. Changes to Jersey Canon Law to bring it in line with England’s new safeguarding measures

Without those changes, the statement by the Bishop of Dover, that "God's people are safe in this island" seems rather hollow. It leaves significant gaps which still need to be rectified if that statement is to be made good.

Friday, 14 August 2015


Dear Church of England, you idiot ratbags from hell, I think you should complain to channel 4 because today on Hollyoaks, instead of distorting and misrepresenting the way the police and social services work, they are distorting and misrepresenting  the way the church of england works.

In The news...

As I have already blogged, Sir Philip Bailhache, the Dean's main protector and the main attack of me, using his power in the States, has been named for protecting a paedophile in Jersey.

Unfortunately, of course, this was not the only case.

And the Church of England allowed him to destroy me publicly for my abuser and the Dean. And they are claiming the Church in Jersey is a safe place!

I like Tony the Prof's blog recently, where he quotes me, and I am trying to work out where the quote comes from, I think it is from my open letter to Sir Philip Bailhache:

My open letter to Philip bailhache:

And yes, reading through this, Tony has obviously read my letter to Bailhache and plucked that quote from there.

Anyway, I must go back to following the Janner case, and doing my university prep, and waiting to hear if the joyful arrival of a new baby has occured as well.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

12th Interview with HG

1. How did you communicate your complaint to the Dean, Bob Key?

I emailed him.

2. When he met you, who was present, and were notes taken?

There was just me and the Dean and his wife present. His wife took the notes. She has not long before that been sitting with the Churchwarden and his wife at an event and asked them why I wasn't sitting with them. There is a lot more to say here but I am sorry I cannot say it now.

3. When did you first contact the Bishop at the time, and what action did he take?

I contacted the Bishop after the Dean made it quite clear to me and another person that he intended to obstruct the complaint.
The Bishop, Bishop's office and safeguarding officer took no action, and this was the start of the safeguarding officer criticizing and blaming me and upholding the opinions of the people who supported the churchwarden, and this left me really ill and went on for years, leaving me destroyed.

4. Did you meet with any Bishop at any time? Who was present? Were notes taken?

The only time I met with the Bishop was too late in 2010, I had already been utterly destroyed, and a token meeting was set up by Jane Fisher against my wishes, to meet her safeguarding legislation requirements, unfortunately the whole thing was a totally sick setup, especially as I had made a formal complaint against Fisher.
I am sorry but this question makes me too sick and distressed to continue to answer. It is pure wickedness what they did with this meeting and lied about in the Korris report. After this meeting Jane Fisher had a free rein to destroy me completely.
Again, I can't say any more on this without collapsing. It makes me sick.

5. What do you think should happen if a complaint of a safeguarding nature is made about a churchwarden?

I think if anyone needs to make a complaint, they must make it directly to the police, and ignore the church who are incapable of safeguarding and usually exclude and harm the complainant in the church while protecting the abuser.
Treat abuse as a crime, the Church don't, but anyone who witnesses or experiences abuse should.
Abuse is almost a perk of the job in Church and has been for a long time, with outraged letters in the papers in response to recent clergy arrests, saying that the abuser who ruined lives is a good man and the police should be imprisoning immigrants and not 'a good man who made mistakes in his 20s and who doesn't'.

6. When arrested, were you going to Reg's Garden? Did you like Reg? Do you like his garden?

Yes, how did you know that? I was due to help with a charity event, yes I loved Reg's garden, I loved the birds, I remember being told their names and which ones could speak or which ones liked to escape or bite!

7. What do you think about Reg's Garden closing?

That's a shame, it will never be forgotten. It was a venue for so many good things, including Songs of Praise for the Romania charity. I always enjoyed that.

8. When arrested, do you think you were fairly assessed by the doctor for aspergers?

I am not sure I understand the question, I don't remember much except the police jeering and brutalizing me, and they claimed in court to have psychologically assessed me but how did they do that if I was unconscious?

9. Who told you to accept being bound over for three years?

Don't ask me about court stuff because I neither heard nor understood anything about it, all I knew is that my abuser and his supporter, the Dean, had triumphed and Jane Fisher and the Bishop had actively helped them. I do not and never will, understand the police and court stuff, only that I was treated like dirt and left so severely traumatized that I nearly didn't survive, only going on the run on the streets saved my life and I remain deeply deeply traumatized.
I was told what to plead, I understood nothing.
That destroyal of me was Jane Fisher's greatest triumph in 'unsafeguarding' when my name was in the paper and my abuser and his supporter were in their warm homes, happily sharing the news with their friends and family to discredit me.

10. Did they explain that it would mean leaving Jersey?
I don't know. 

11. Was any help given to you when you left Jersey?
No, Jane Fisher launched a full on onslaught slandering me to churches, homeless services and my old friends in my home town of Winchester, she destroyed me openly and callously in order to protect her and the Bishop's reputation, and I cannot describe to you how horrifying it was to be publicly crucified in my home town after being destroyed and imprisoned in Jersey, I have never met anyone as evil and callous as Fisher, and to make it worse she pretended to do it out of care, and then had me brutalized in front of my fellow homeless and imprisoned again for reacting to her harassment and slander of me round Winchester.

12. Do you think the church will practice proper safeguarding despite saying so?

No mate, you have gotta be joking, they don't know what the word means.

I am sorry but I can't write any more in case I suffer a collapse, thank you for the interview but it has invoked horrifying memories.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

As Bishop spineless boasts about safeguarding in Jersey, his church officer makes the headlines!

This is Philip Bailhache, one of the Church officers who has supported and protected my abuser who was a church officer alongside him.

While Bishop Willmott lies about safeguarding being great. This man still holds church positions.
I want something done about the lies that are misleading people and mocking me and what I have suffered.


But what do you do when Jersey's police complaints department are so useless or corrupt that they don't even respond?

Direct Communications Unit
  2 Marsham Street, London  SW1P 4DF
Switchboard 020 7035 4848    Fax: 020 7035 4745 Textphone: 020 7035 4742
E-mail:   Website:



Reference:  T17736/9                                                              26 October 2009

Dear ******************,

Thank you for your e-mail of 12 October to the Attorney General’s Office about a complaint against Jersey police. Your e-mail has been passed to the Direct Communications Unit at the Home Office and I have been asked to respond.

I was sorry to hear you were upset by your alleged treatment by Jersey police.
In writing to Jersey police, you have taken the right course of action. It is their responsibility to handle the police complaints system and not the Home Office or other Government departments.

If you need information about the Jersey police complaints process please visit:

Yours sincerely

Kevin Allen

Lies that Bishop Willmott tells us

Dear Church of England,

Stupid comment of the year goes to Juliet Montague's former sweetheart, Bishop Trevor Willmott, another insult to church abuse victims of all kinds in Jersey.

This is the Bishop who blatantly took part in cult games to manipulate vulnerable people in Jersey at a Church services at St. Pauls and St. Matthews.

During the last year a clergyman has had an affair with his lay reader in Jersey and left, leaving her to face the usual community shunning, several potentially serious safeguarding issues have occured within the Jersey churches, no resolution or conclusion regarding my complaints have been made, and I have been left vilified and destroyed. So why has Bishop Wilmott spat on Jesus by lying?

It would be nice if Trevor Willmott would do a Tim Dakin and shut his loud mouth on the kind of permenant basis that Dakin has.

Who is Willmott referring to as God's people? Not the vulnerable, who remain marginalised in all churches more so in Jersey, presumably he is referring to the fat rich men who pay his wages, but he, the same as Paul Butler, should just be quiet and not mock people who have been harmed by the Jersey churches and safeguarding failures by the Diocese of Winchester, including myself, and numerous others who have contacted me.
The church, when they open their mouths in the press, do the following: bray like donkeys, lie like logs, and play for the crowd. Unfortunately they always without exception manage to insult, lie and do everything Jesus told the Pharisees was wrong.

Could Bishop Willmott explain why Gavin Ashenden is still unashamedly attacking the vulnerable, and Muslims and gay people, and anyone who doesn't do it his way, and making out that mental illness is something where he can publicly cast out demons in order to get acclaim. So who are God's people who Bishop Willmott believes to be safe? Presumably he is stating that he is protecting the Dean, Ashenden, Birt, LeMarquand, LeFeuvre, and all others who have behaved horrifyingly in attacking me in the press and church during the past few years? Given his own behaviour, maybe he really believes that these are 'God's people' seeing as they pay his wages. No mention of how they have behaved and how the church have or haven't dealt with it. 
Stop misleading people.

'God's people' or rather the rich fat old men, will not ever care about safeguarding, did Paul Butler write Trevor Willmott's lines? Was Trevor too busy smooching with a married vicar somewhere?
Julie used to love coming home and telling us about Bishop Trevor's crush on her. She called him Bishop Treasure, and he was one of a number of men she shared affection with during her sham marriage to a serial abuser, which again, the church destroyed me for.

And until Bishop Willmott has arranged a proper independent safeguarding report and issued a proper apology for the Korris-Gladwin-Steel-Johnstone whitewash., the best thing he can do is redact his blatant lie in the press today and start actually doing something about safeguarding.

Unfortunately the Church still don't know what safeguarding is? Does it make them rich and powerful? No, does it make them feel good about themselves? No, so why should they care?

Obviously as I continue to see silly, crass and insulting lies in the press, the Church has not in three years been able to resolve their destroyal of me as a result of leaving me in the hands of known abusers, knowingly, and refusing to deal with my complaint. 
They further have not been able to resolve a prolonged and very serious public attack on me by the Diocese of Winchester and Deanery of Jersey combined, a prolonged attack in the press and media, local and national that nearly drove me to death, while Bishops Dakin and Willmott stood by, Bishop Dakin joined in the attack as well.

Bishop Willmott shouldn't be expending energy on wickedness such as upholding the wrongdoers in Jersey, he and the whole church should be responding to their utterly devastating branding and defamation of me to protect men with power and money.

Would someone like to put the Dakin Gag on 'Bishop Treasure' or is it time for him to face action too? Oh don't worry, not Mark Hedley, who's aim in life is the same as Willmotts, to destroy the silenced and uphold the powerful wrongdoers.

It's called lying, Bishop Willmott, I know it is a way of life for the Church of England, lying at the expense of the vulnerable, and Paul Butler has done so spectacularly and regularly for quite a time.

The Diocese of Winchester are still employing an abuser who has broken the law, as a Safeguarding Director! A woman who not only let a known abuser to get his hands on me, but blamed me for that and the way I was treated by the church as a reaction, leaving me very very ill with depression, so how has anything changed???
Every day that the church continue to leave me waiting to be destroyed by defamatory whitewashes and add insult to injury by lies like those of Bishop Willmott today, is a day that the church continues to protect abusers and destroy victims, nothing has changed, and with spin-doctor butler protecting Jane Fisher, when will things change?

A big 'liar liar, pants on fire' to Bishop Willmott, the only people who are 'safe' in the church  to publicly attack abuse victims are the wealthy and powerful men in Jersey, Philip Bailhache, David Capps, Gerard leFeuvre, Gavin Ashenden, Michael Birt, and the rest of them, with their colleague Dame Steel.

Now when is there to be an independent investigation into my case, one that includes me?
In the meantime, stop LYING about safeguarding and stop LYING in the PRESS, I remain deeply deeply traumatised and destroyed by your actions and what you have done in leaving me suffering and waiting for each new press attack is wickedness, and it is time for an outside investigation. It is time for a genuine serious case review into jane Fisher's manipulation and use of social services and the police to harm and silence me.
There has been no conclusion for me, no resolution, the church destroyed me, then they came back and destroyed me again, and have left me ill from living waiting for each new attack after the horrendous lies about me in the press. No Bishop trevor, you presumably do not consider me to be one of 'God's people' but that is presumably because the poor and vulnerable aren't considered to be that by the wealthy and powerful who run the church to meet their own needs, so you do not consider me, or other vulnerable people to be 'God's people' because we definitely are NOT safe in churches in Jersey. You let me be preyed on, for the second time, by a known abuser and blamed and destroyed me for it.

When are the lies going to stop and the threat of defamation going to stop? When is the Church going to actually record MY story after YEARS of WHITEWASH that EXCLUDE ME?
How can Bishop Willmott be so positive that safeguarding is so great and those people who publicly lied about me and committed illegal acts are suddenly so caring about the vulnerable? Have they withdrawn their lies in the press and apologized to me? No, so why doesn't he redact his lies until they do?
And on the subject, Paul Butler's frantic efforts to get the church out of external investigation recently led to him showing off about handing big names over to the police, the duplicity was horrifying, so now, to ensure that his words ring true, Bishop Willmott and Bishop Butler and the Archbishop now need to hand Philip Bailhache and Dame Heather Steel over to the police for illegal activity involving police records and data protection breaches, and unfortunately for these two Bishops who were also her colleagues, Jane Fisher also needs to face charges.

The church in Jersey currently contains dignitaries who have actively and deliberately protected abusers in Jersey's care system, so maybe Bishop Trevor thinks 'God's people' are safe, but what about the Victims of his 'God's people?' including victims who suffered not only abuse but trauma as they watched Philip Bailhache protect Rodger Holland and others. He has never apologized or shown remorse, so how come he was a churchwarden alongside my abuser for so long? And since protecting my abuser through illegal acts such as illegal gain of police records and data protection acts, Bishop Trevor is trivializing these crimes and more and mocking me and other abuse survivors and vulnerable people who have been failed by Jersey and Winchester, and I am not the only one in the past few years.
As well as that, the church 'safeguarding policy' extends only to excluding and marginalizing the vulnerable without their knowledge or consent to meet the church insurance requirements and protect their clergy. 
The exclusions mean that no vulnerable person is allowed to a church or clergy house but they are not told this, while abusers are welcome, an example of this is my abuser being seen having tea with his protecting Vicar, Mike Taylor regularly during the time Jane Fisher was destroying me and protecting my abuser, while the clergy who had befriended me was told to turn me away after she had often had me round for tea, but she wasn't allowed to tell me, this left me shattered further and destroyed a good friendship, and then to add insult to injury, Jane Fisher, who was by now in full and constant attack against me, used that same clergy friend to continue to very seriously harm me.

I would like Bishop Willmott to apologize for his crass statement now.
The church have enabled and supported the Jersey Deanery fully in destroying me, and claimed it was to do with safeguarding. It really is time outside intervention on a large scale occured, because there is something seriously wrong with these glaring inaccuracies.
Also the recent suggestion that the Archbishop of Canterbury should investigate my complaint against Bishop Dakin makes that even more so, as the Archbishop upheld both Dakin and Key in their abhorrent behaviour.
Tell me, how was publishing lies about me as fact and in the press, good safeguarding, and how was letting me be attacked and receive death threats and being driven and on the run, safeguarding? Tell me how allowing the wrongdoers to run the investigation and then smugly claiming that 'God's people are safe' is safeguarding, when you haven't even resolved the damage to me or produced a balanced safeguarding investigation.
Time for outside investigation.

Don't forget: This woman was allowed to destroy me and then destroy me again, in light of Bishop Willmott's lies today, do explain why?

This email will now be published online.