The year of friendly emails

From: ***** *****[mailto:*********]
Sent: 26 February 2008 20:51
To: mad vicar
Subject: Diary

did I tell you I would go back on 25th? Its actually 26th.
If you need any info on Jersey let me know.
Diary: Lunch with M&S on Palm sunday + a teapot at an unspecified time during that week. Supper with A&R on Tuesday 18th.
Please reply so that I know youve not been abducted by aliens!
***** x

Re: storms

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M&S (*****@***** 11/03/2008
To: J.

Hello ******

Manythanks for theweather report!!!  Thought of you last night, in a plane on our way back from Marrakech, when the little screen picture of a plane, flying over a map, showed that we were directly above Jersey.   Wondered how you were doing down there!   We had heard that we were escaping some pretty spectactular weather back here.   This resulted in our plane taking off nearly 2 hours late, but in fact it was a very smooth flight.  Arrived L. 2.00 AM today. (The demolition of one fence panel and a chunk of lilac bush seems very slight in comparison with the damage which must have been caused by the wind and waves you describe).

Marrakech was fascinating.

See you at the wekend - safe journeys.


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From: ****** *****
To: mad vicar ; M&S ; Anne
Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 3:50 PM
Subject: storms

gotta tell you the weather! force 10 gale with storms, the tide was an 11.6 this morning anyway, top of the sping tide, so chaos ensued, the waves were coming over and smashing up the side of the hotels, have you ever seen a wave bigger than a hotel? I have now! The coast road was littered with debris and the avenue was closed as the waves claimed it. What fun! there are trees, fences and dustbins running amok, but I am delighted to say that I worked until 3pm in the lovely weather!
see you at the weekend!


To: ****** ******

Sorry to hear about your depression ******. we shall certainly pray for you and put you on our prayer list which will be renewed this week.

Love A&R

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From: ****** ******
To: Anne
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2008 8:03 PM
Subject: Help

Dear A&R,
I dont know when you next see the specialist, but I hope and pray that it will be good news.
I would value the support of prayers from your Tuesday prayer group as well, because my depression is reaching 'dangerous levels'. Sorry to be gloomy. It was nice to be in england and see everyone, and I thought it would pick my mood up, but unfortunately not.

God bless,


M&S (*****@****** 08/04/2008
To: *******

I enjoyed out chat last night ****** - it was good to talk to you.  I can hear in your voice that you are concentrating on the good things and I hope it won't be long before this low patch it well and truly behind you.   You can do it.     Love - S.

M&S (*****@***** 15/04/2008
To: ****** *****

After almost a week of no email connection we are back in the ether but no idea for how long. .   Got you last message, explaining that you can't check emails quite so frequently at the moment.  Hope all is going well with the bedsit.
Back from Norwich with no breakdowns!  It was a good weekend.   Hope you might catch this email.   American cousins arriving today until Thursday.   Will try to phone you at the weekend.  Trust good progress is still being made;  still have you much in mind.

Take care,
Love -S.
Hi ******,

I have just called your number but there was no response.
I am actually away until Tuesday.  Can it wait till then or do you need me to call you sooner?



From: ****** ***** [********]
Sent: 16 April 2008 16:45
To: Philip Le Claire

I haven't heard from you even though I sent in my application form for Autism Jersey, so you may be away.
I am in need of help.
Please could you phone me if you can help.
My number is ****** ******
I am not picking up emails very frequently.

****** *****

Dear J.

We are so sorry to hear about your father and we do hope he is not too disabled by the effects of the stroke.
You mustn't feel guilty about not getting to see the family last weekend - you were here to help yourself to recover and I must say you do sound more positive now. You cannot be everything to everyone and sometimes you need to get yourself better first. You do sound much more confident this week.

I hope you manage to sort out your employment - especially if you are happy where you are and it sounds as though they want you to stay.

Let us know how things are.

Love  AnR  XX

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From: J.
To: M&S ; Anne
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 4:02 PM
Subject: J. news for S. and Anne

I was recovering, still am, but my father has had a stroke and is very ill in hospital, I may or may not be in england again soon, so don't panic if you can't get me on the Jersey number, I kind of wish I'd gone up there while I was in england. I will be flying to ********** if I come over.
Supposed to be at an interview at 5, but my current employers dont want me to leave. Everyone is being tremendously nice and supportive, I am overwhelmed with all the support.


Just back from L. trip to France to find two emails and a phone message from you.  I am very sorry indeed to hear about your father, and imagine that you were in ******** when you left the phone message last night.    Strokes are horrible things but some people do make the most amazing recovery.   don't reproach yourself for not including *********  in you recent trip over here; that was supposed to be helping to make YOU better.   Very pleased indeed to hear that you are feeling well supported by your friends.

I'm sure the name-changing project is on the back burner for the time being.  Intersting all the same!

I will try to contact you by phone later this evening.    Love - S. (*****@******


To: ***** ******

Dear J,

Thanks for both your Hi S. emails.  (Yes, I did guess who the first one was from!!!)
so pleased to know that progress is being made.  I am just in from W.I. and I have  tried the Jersey Mobile but it didn't offer me a message option, just a rude noise after much ringing!  Your busy weekend sounds very interesting boatwise.  Some Tall Ships experience would be a great opportunity, if a touch scary.   Our busy weekend involved having EJD&R here which was great fun.  Saw all their SouthAfrican holiday pictures.   Elizabeth spent ages on our computer but could find no reason for its stop/go performance.  I think Talktalk are rubbish but at least their Broadband is free.

Will be thinking of you and hoping that you can gradually get back to work.  Glad you visited the "adoptives".   You know my theory - "keep in touch with yur friends".

Take care.   Love - S.

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From: ***** *****
To: M&S
Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2008 6:19 PM
Subject: Hi S.

Hi I got your voicemail.
I am healed in some ways.
I am back to work next week??
I feel like a jelly pysically, and have some concentration lapses,
but I can do voluntary work ok, so I want to be at work
I have also had a busy weekend, It has been the 'Channel Islands New Wine conference' I have also been out on a RIB boat to see a warship anchored in the bay, and have had a 90 minute sailing lasson on a 34 foot cruiser, what fun! got loads of photos of the RIB trip. It looks like I may get to do some Tall Ships sailing soon too
Been to see my adoptives, prodigal daughter.
If you phone tonight, I am at a Housegroups Together in Prayer Meeting from eight for at least an hour.
Prayers for me have been answered.
Thank you for caring about me and praying and keeping in touch, I am deeply blessed for having such wonderful friends.


Re: solo

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Anne  (******** 19/05/2008
To: ****** *****

Hi *****

So pleased your solo sailing went well - you certainly do sound very happy which is lovely to hear. Good luck with the tall ship!!!

Yes we had a lovely time at Northwood park. The sun shone all the time and unlike you we did not have a force 5 wind either. Quite a lot of people came from the northern parishes which was lovely. We are really getting to know them now.

We are all going to the Theatre at Chichester tonight to see "Funny Girl"   -  One of M's organised trips. It has had good reviews in the paper although the story line is not dynamic I understand.  We'll report back later.

Hope the gardening is going well too and you have not worn yourself out with the sailing.

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