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My friend used to do  question and answer sessions about herself on Facebook, which inspired me to do a profile of myself on the old blogs, which I am not sure I transferred to the new blogs.

The problem with someone asking you what your hobbies and interests are when you are on the streets or newly housed is, you often don't have any, or you have left your hobbies and interests behind, so I guess I need to do a mixture of old and new and explain it.

This is Me: HG/JJ Nortyperson.

I am 33 Years old, born in March.

I am 5ft7, white with brown-blonde hair and I look like me.

I do not consider myself to have any family due to my ever unstable and problematic family turning against me as a result of the Jersey matter, I was on good terms with most of them previous to that, although there was always tensions about my brother abusing me.
My friend is my next of kin and I do not miss the hassle of my family and have little in common with them, most of them drink quite a bit and I feel that is not a good or safe thing for me, and I have been very worried for some of the in the past due to drink and related incidents.

This same family was a travelling cult as I grew up, moving on, escaping social services but not escaping violence and poverty, never knowing a settled home but knowing religion that kept us apart from society, away from schools, doctors and other normal authorities, and this has affected me profoundly, but it has also meant that I am a questioner and not one of the  sheeple.

I am Baptised Catholic and enjoy Mass and find confession helpful, but I am an ecumenical Catholic who enjoys worshipping with other churches.
I worship with several churches.
I am still suffering after-effects of the cult and the CofE but am working to find my own faith and safety in worship and come to terms with a God who is not of the cult or the CofE.
I enjoy worship but can still have flashbacks and distress in Church due to the CofE and I can feel unworthy of my churches fellowship and afraid that the CofE will do as they did and malign me to my churches.

My career was in horticulture, gardening and nursery work. I would not say I was doing well at that in the end, with an undiagnosed hernia, asthma and back injury, as well as the Church troubles.
I love gardening but do not know that I will ever be fit to do it as a career again.

After years on the streets due to the CofE, I am now housed in my own small flat, and learning to live here.
I live in fear of the CofE tracing me again and wrecking my life again.

In life I enjoy walking and photography, I am restricted in my walking due to leg and back problems, I enjoy playing bowls, doing craft and hanging out with my friends at the drop-in, and 'having a laugh'.
I very much enjoy community and voluntary work, and now housed, I am rebuilding my spectrum of volunteer work.
I enjoy writing, and write prolifically, as you know, but am still barely able to talk about my experiences in Jersey due to trauma. If your brain blanks something due to trauma, it is not a great idea to try and force the memories to return.

In my old life I was a sailing fanatic, but due to lower spine and pelvis problems I do not have enough movement in my lower body to make a dinghy go about, and I would not be able to do the sheets on a bigger boat.
I like swimming but get tired easily.

In the past and in Jersey, my interests were many and varied, including various types of sailing, football, TA, karate, cliff climbing, and much more, I am more limited now in what I can do, but am  beginning to enjoy a full life again even though I cannot work.

The health conditions I have are a variety:

Autism spectrum including ADD, PTSD including depression and anxiety, attachment problems, psychological damage from upbringing (maladjustment), ME/fibromyalgia, asthma and hayfever, upper spine, skull and shoulder injuries, lower back and pelvis injuries, leg problems many and varied.
And believe it or not, I am quite healthy, my problems mainly lie in social problems and mobility problems.

Favourite things: Being on the move, especially on any fast transport, I love steam trains but never get a chance to go on one. My love of being on the move is countered by my fear of people, although I am getting better, I can be daunted by crowds and crowded places.
I love beautiful scenery and any stretch of water, especially the sea, although it has taken time for me to be able to approach the sea after leaving Jersey, because it upset me so much for a few years.
I love animals but am  not sentimental about them, they are short-lived and human need comes first.
I love a good walk but am rarely mobile or energetic enough any more.

I am not much of a television watcher and get puzzled by people being addicted to programmes like Eastenders and Coronation Street and thinking that the behaviour on there is acceptable or real life, I have met a few very miserable women who think people really do stop walking away and turn round and shove their faces into other people's faces and say 'rahht, you taalk about me, you say it to my faace!' as if that makes any sense at all.

Anyway, I don't think there is much to benefit from a lot of television, because I know the quiz answers on Thursdays and the others who watch television all the time don't. 
I do like a few movies, and I like to watch 'Coast' and archeology and also 'last of the summer wine' and other gentle comedies.
And of course I love watching Buffy, I have the full set, and they are not evil as the Lihous claim, the only evil there is the Lihous boasting and belittling and judgemental attitude.

I need a lot of time on my own, otherwise I get overloaded and stop coping with friendships and relationships, I am happy with vast amounts of time alone, but I also know that it is healthy to socialise, so I go to the drop in or to my friends or talk to people by email or internet every day.

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  1. Thank you for that and the other information about you - very imteresting. I hope the crisis, whatever it is is getting better.