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Earlier this year, severely traumatized by the Diocese of Winchester's tracing of me. I started a blog.
It was muddled and not a very good description of things and I was under too much stress and trauma to get it right.

The blog was publicized against my wishes and I had harrasment from a church of england vicar who calls himself an investigative journalist in order to satisfy his vouyeristic needs, and who publishes a blog about sexuality and decided he had every right to barge into the church of england matter and scapegoat me.

It just shows how low certain people can stoop, especially ordained people.

This blog will hopefully answer some people who have asked me to write about what has really happened, as the Korris report is horrendously inaccurate and damaging, and Dame Steel's report, because she is conflicted, will be the same.

Following the example of the Jersey bloggers, who have faced arrest, imprisonment and other damage for speaking out and speaking the truth, I intend to keep this blog up, no matter what is done to me, basically I am already ruined beyond repair by the church of England and so it doesn't matter, I do not expect them to stop harming me, and my side of things has been excluded from any enquiry, so I am going to give my side of things this way.

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