The year of friendly emails - refuting the 'mad and bad label. part 1, starting from the end

 These are emails sent while I was in Jersey, mainly to my friends and former therapist in the UK, with a few Jersey ones mixed in.
My friends in the UK were like older family members to me, they would hear my news and share theirs.
These emails start from the end and work backwards, just because that is how I ended up working.
By the final emails, I was still in contact with the Churchwarden couple but was struggling and unhappy and ill.

From: ****** ***** [mailto:********]
Sent: 19 May 2008 14:05
To: JM; Anne ******; M&S
Subject: solo
I hope Northwood Park was a success, I missed being there, I guess you were in the barn, I was out sailing! Solo! The boat was absolutely flying!
 No problem tacking.
just needed to tell the whole world that I can sail small boat solo now.
Did great capsize training solo with a guard boat, the wind was very strong (5)and I was tired but I righted the boat.
Will be able to take it out alone now.
Not long till tall ship sailing now, I wont be able to right that if it capsizes! Even the boats we are doing RYA training on are a bit heavy to right as they have lead weight on the daggerboards (cheating), more sailing coming up, its what I live for and dream about.

****** x

Anne ******:
Dear ******

Thank you very much for the lovely flowers that arrived today - they are beautiful and will last for ages. Thanks too for the card of the tall ship - that mast looks pretty formidable!!!!  So glad you had a great time and met other like minded people. Let's hope you will be able to have another opportunity to sail on the sister ship.

Hope you are still keeping well - you sound bright!!

lots of love   AnR   XX
****** (******@***** to contacts 06/06/2008
To: ****** ******

Thank you so much for the postcard - what a fantastic ship!   With the recent good weather (we've had good weather anyway) I guess you will have been spending more time on the water. Enjoy it!

Not much news here.   Friday Lunch, complete with Care Group AGM, today.  M.'s been doing lots of invigilating, and I seem to have been fired with a housework bug this week.  Having supper in Anne &***'s garden tomorrow.

Take care,

Love - S.

Hey Guys,
re this Tues 10th June.
we will be all meeting at St*****'s Centre, 6pm for a joint house group (all St****'s - TIP's)!
This should be no more than an hour and a half. So after this we will possibly go out for dinner or a coffee or something.
But we'll play it by ear - you don't need to let me know.

Hope to see you then!

Many Blessings

Plumbline Course

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Neil ****** (******** to contacts 18/06/2008
To: **********

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Hey *******,

Don’t know if you got my messages: spoke to Jayne ******.

The course actually starts Sat 28th & Sun 29th June. Then continues Sat 5th & Sun 6th July.

 If you want to go (WHICH I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND) either contact me back with your address and get the info sent onto you; or

Call Jayne yourself – *******.


 Neil ******

General Manager's Assistant

Grace Trust

Anne ******:
Re: Assessment

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Anne ****** (********* 18/06/2008
To: ****** ******

We are still praying for you ****** - hope things look up for you again soon and you are able to complete your assessment.
I am seeing a new consultant today because my blood counts are very poor, I have to have a full body scan on Monday and a bone marrow biopsy soon so that they can try to get to the root of the problem. Apart from that I am feeling OK.  The flowers are still looking good thank you.

Love   Anne & ***  XX
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From: ******* ******
To: *******
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 9:40 AM
Subject: RE: Assessment

prayers needed as I have been ill again. How are you lot? Any news from consultant or anything?


****** (******@***** to contacts 25/06/2008
To: ****** ******

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Welcome home sailor!

You have beaten me to it;  I had firmly in mind to send a "welcome home" email tonight as originally I think the voyage was due to end romorrow - Thursday.   Heavens - what a voyage!!!! It all sounds very exciting and it would seem that you have found where you really want to be - on the sea in a boat!  What is the Plumbline Course?

Thanks so much for all the news.   Will be in touch.

Love S.

Re: Hi

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Anne ***** (******** 25/06/2008
To: ***** *****

Hi *******,

Well done - it's good to hear you are so enjoying your new found skills. Let us know where you are heading next and we will pray for you.

I have had a full body scan which showed that in fact some lymph glands were smaller than a year ago but several others had developed elsewhere. However for my point of view I was pleased to see that all my vital organs are unaffected so the likely treatment is more chemo. I see my oncologist when we get back from the canals in 2 weeks time and we'll discuss it then. I may have to cope with losing my hair again but that is not the end of the world - I can deal with that ( I still have a very nice wig!!) Keep up the prayers for me - they are paying off I think - at least I am still alive.

With love   AnR  XX

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