a year of friendly emails 3b

Dear J.
Following your visit the other day, I said that I would contact you regarding employment for the summer.
I can offer work here from June to September. The work would be varied, and include looking after the plant sales area, helping in the nursery shop when required, feeding the birds and cleaning the aviaries. These would be your main duties but you may be required to help with the cut flower crops from time to time.
Your hours would be five, eight hour days and the rate of pay is £6.00 per hour.
As I mentioned, we have no accommodation, so you would have to find somewhere to stay.
I am sure you would enjoy the summer here if you decided to take up the position.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Should you be interested in the job, please supply a reference and confirm your interest soon.

Yours sincerely
***** ******
Managing Director
*****  Nurseries

Relate Dorset:
 Always show content.
The only concession we are able to offer is day time appointments at £20 per
session for 4 session only.

**** *****

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From: **** ****** [mailto:********@hotmail.co.uk]
Sent: 01 June 2007 10:56
To: counselling@relatedorset.co.uk
Subject: RE: counselling

Thank you,
is there any any concession for disabled or low income individuals?


>From: "Relate Dorset" <counselling@relatedorset.co.uk>
>To: "' ******'" <********@hotmail.co.uk>
>Subject: RE: counselling
>Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 10:48:06 +0100
>Yes we can help. We offer appointments in Dorchester on a
>Tuesday 5.30, 6.30, 7.30
>Wednesday 9.30am, 10.30, 11,30 am
> 6.00pm 7.00pm 8.00pm
>Thursday 5.30pm 6.30pm 7.30pm
>Friday 9.30, 10.30, 11.30am
> 2.00pm 3pm 4pm
>All appointments are 1 hours long. Daytime appointment are £30 and
>evening appointment £35. If you would like to make an appointment then
>please feel free to contact me on 01305 262285.
>**** ******
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>From: **** ****** [mailto:********@hotmail.co.uk]
>Sent: 01 June 2007 10:27
>To: counselling@relatedorset.co.uk
>Subject: counselling
>I am looking for relationship counselling, I am not in a relationship
>but I know I need serious help with relationships, can you help?
>I live near Dorchester.
>J. ******

Hi J.

Thank you for sending the reference, I confirm the offer of employment, starting later this month. In fact, the sooner you can begin, the better. We are getting busy with visitors.

If you have any difficulty with travel or finding accomodation, don't hesitate to contact me. Please let me know as soon as you can confirm a starting date.

Kind regards
***** *****

Hi J.

Yes this is still our email address. Hope your final exams went well and
that you are now fully qualified.

Have you had any luck with finding accommodation in Jersey?
I hope so.

Maybe we shall see you at the weekend. Saturday is busy all day because I
have a concert in the evening which means rehearsal all afternoon. I am in
for a late night tonight too because we rehearse in Poole with the
Bournmouth Symphony Orchestra. Luckily we all go by coach so I don't have to
drive there.

Maybe see you on Sunday.

Love Anne & R

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To: <****@****.freeserve.co.uk>
Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2007 6:10 PM
Subject: Hi

> Hi Anne,
> I hope you are well, if not, let me know so I can pR..
> I thought I'd check if this is still your email, as I won't be able to
> phone soon.
> I hope this email has no virus in now.
> I am back at the weekend for the last time?
> College is finishing.
> God bless,
> J.

Hi J.

Glad to hear you are going to be able to take your car to J. Hope all goes
well and you enjoy your stay there. Keep in touch and let us know how you
get on. Hope you have a good crossing too.

God Bless AnR

***** *******:
Hope all is going well and that you had a safe journey.
I forgot to thank you for leaving your room and the bathroom so clean and tidy.
When is it you start your new job?
I hope the weather brightens up for you to explore the island.
***** x

Hi J.

Hope you have settled in J. No doubt it is still raining there too. We are
thinking of you and hope you are feeling well and confident.

Enjoy the summer.

Love AnR


S. ******
To: J. ******

Thank you for your message last night.   Was glad to hear the two words "all's well".  There is one digit in the phone number that I'm not sure of.  Have just tried to phone what I THINK it is and got an answering machine so got cold feet!

Is it ******0 or ******0 or even ******0?   The fourth digit was difficult to hear!

Been thinking lots about you especially over the weekend and hoping that you are settling in well and that Jersey is having less rain than we are.

On Friday Anne & I did wedding flowers (in the rain).   They were very modern-style arrangements - but I managed!   On Saturday we went to the wedding - in lots and lots of rain.    They had two double-decker buses to take us to the reception at Horsebridge Station (near Kings Somborne) and all we old folk sat in the front rows of the top deck.  This was not a good idea as we thought the overhanging branches were going to break the front window!

On Sunday the New Hall Players had a BBQ in our garden.   M. set it all up out in the garden and S. set it all up in the house.   In fact we managed to stay out in the garden only using umbrellas a couple of times for light showers, after which it really cleared up and turned into a lovely evening.

That's about all my news.   Will continue to "send vibrations" that all is continuing to go well.

Love - S..

M. & S. ****** (*****@******.plus.com) 13/07/2007
To: **** ******

Glad to hear SOMEBODY is having some good weather! Actually, this
afternoon (Friday) has been quite nice and we are supposed to have a fine
day tomorrow. Nice if we do because Elizabeth and family are coming plus
another couple of friends. They are all off again after breakfast on Sunday
so its a somewhat flying visit.

All seems well in |L.. In my exalted position as the spouse of a
member of the PCC, I went to a drinks "do" at Ch. Rectory last
Sunday. All part of us all getting to know one another before L.,
Crawley & S. are merged with Ch. and Wh. parishes. it
was a very pleasant gathering.

Nice to hear from you. Hope the water isn't too cold - bodyboarding sounds
a chilly occupation to me. Have fun.

Love - S.
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To: <*****@******.plus.com>
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2007 2:33 PM
Subject: Hi S.

> Hi,
> the weather here is good.
> I am going bodyboarding.
> I hope all is well in L..
> Love,
> J.


Revd JM (revdJM@*****.me.uk)Add to contacts 18/07/2007
To: '**** ******'

Dear J.,
I know you are persevering, I am not about to disappear, or run out of patience.

 Be careful bodyboarding, I would hate you to be swept away by the currents!

 Sounds like you have a useful contact in the bank.


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Sent: 13 July 2007 14:31
To: revdJM@*****.me.uk


the weather is extremely good here, so there!

I will send a cheque back to you from hopefully  my new account for friday

next week, as

A moneygram costs £12 to send £40 and finances are still in transition, I

can probably start getting tax credits again soon, so that will boost my


I had some surprises today, I accidentally went into the wrong bank to set

up a new account, but they offered me an account anyway, the bigger

surprise, the lady is a previous gardener/nursery worker, when she saw my

wage and rent she told me of two other places on the island looking for

trained people, both pay better, and one may have accommmodation! wow, keep

pR.ing, she gave me the contact names and numbers.

I was looking for evening work, and will continue to do so anyway, I will

get out of debt! before I lose you!

I'm going bodyboarding.



Hi J.,

There are still vacancies.

The last date to start will be around the 5th of September.

With kind regards,

Itziar van Breemen

Citeren **** ****** <********@hotmail.co.uk>:

> Hi,
> will there still be vacancies for the harvest, and what is the last
> date that I can start?

> J. ******

Anne *****:

To: **** ******

Dear J.

Glad the work is going OK. Hope you will soon be able to sort your money out
once you have received a few pay cheques.
I expect the financial worry is causing you to feel a bit low and the
weather does not help. Have you had the torrential rain that we have had
over the past few days.

All is well here. I have a scan on Monday and then see my consultant on
Tuesday so I'll let you know what they find after that.

God Bless

With Love Anne & R.

***** *******:
To: **** ******

We went to Sherborne today to visit one of my Chevron retirees and nearby was a land rover advertising cow hoof cutting, like a pedicure for cows I understand - now there's a thing.  Apparently very lucrative it is too.
Hope all is going well for you and the weather is better there than here.  Although saying that today has been glorious and we took Jaypea and Jenny for a long walk at Ringstead tonight.
Are you still managing to get in plenty of water sports?
take care
***** x

To: Pennie & Rob Astbury
Cc: Jim Astbury, J. ******, Neville Semple, Geoff Allen, Sheila Trussler, M. Rogers, M. & S. ******, Eryl Thompsett, Gemma & Tony Wootten, Vivienne Aspin, Helen Williamson, Nancy *****, Claire Astbury, Jim & Angela *****, Frank *****, Fred *****

Please excuse the round robin but several of you have asked for an update.

I had a scan on Monday that revealed I have 2 more enlarged Lymph glands in the abdomen as my consultant - Nick _ suspected last time I saw him. We saw Nick yesterday and he put forward all the alternatives re treatment but it really boils down to more Chemo which is what we were prepared to hear. ( Just as I have grown my 'S. Temple' hair!!)  However he is not in any rush to start as long as I am not going to get distressed about delaying treatment and I am feeling resonably fit. I am feeling OK at the present apart from getting tired and tend to spend 10 hours in bed every night so I guess old age has something to do with it!! Maybe Chemo is a bit like taking antibiotics - if you take too many they become less effective - so we are going to delay it and review the situation in another 2 months. I can ring him anytime if I begin to get pain or visible swelling in the mean time. I think he felt that I was able to cope with a 'no action' situation without becoming unduly distressed. Fortunately the cluster of infected lymph surrounding my main blood vessels between the kidneys is reduced since the last scan ( before I had the radiotherapy) so that is good. All the vital organs are clear too - it's just the spaces in between where the other bits used to be!! (No longer vital?)

I know I am never go to get rid of the BIG C completely but as long as we keep it under control we can cope with it.

Thank you for all your love and support in so many ways.

With love   Anne - and carer R.

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To: '**** ******'

I will send them the polar if I can find their address! I hope you are feeling a bit better.

We are all getting over a difficult tiem. I got a diarrhoea virus, which Mum caught from me, and that is very difficult when you are old and can’t move fast! (I mean having it, not catching it). Then I had a migraine at the weekend, and was sick with it, I had a wedding in the afternoon and was really worried about throwing up over the bride! Crawled out of bed at 10.00am, and was on my feet for the wedding at 2.00pm, please feel sorry for me!!

I am away for the middle 2 weeks of August on holiday in Shropshire, should just be able to last out until then!

 Natalie (Becca’s Natalie) had a bad car crash on her 18th birthday – wrote off the car, she was badly bruised and shaken, but OK otherwise.



 From: "Revd JM" <revdJM@*****.me.uk>

>To: "'**** ******'" <********@hotmail.co.uk>

>Subject: RE: halo

>Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 09:57:47 +0100

>Sorry for the delay in replying - you see how far behind I am with emails!

>I love your whimsical thoughts - especially appreciate 'never flatpack a

>I THINK J&H would love the polar bear & penguin email.

>Do you think you could learn something more constructive in Polish - be

>careful though -  the trouble with speaking a language you don't understand

>is that you might end up telling someone they are gorgeous & sexy and you

>want to ravish them - without knowing what you are saying!


>-----Original Message-----

>From: **** ****** [mailto:********@hotmail.co.uk]

>Sent: 10 July 2007 18:34

>To: revdJM@*****.me.uk

>Subject: halo

>Hi vicar,

>never weewee on a crocodile. never go on the trampoline if there is a

>helicopter overhead, never flatpack a vicar, never put sea in your pocket

>or juggle with manure.

>Thank you so much for helping me out.

>do you thing J&H would like the polar bear and penguin email.

>I got pulled over by the police today, hopefully not in any trouble.

>I learning to curse in polish.

>I will pick up emails at the end of this week.


To: J. ******

Hello J.

Good to hear from you this evening.   Having got the days mixed as to when you collect emails, I was then thinking that today was Friday (yes, I know now - its THURSDAY!) so here I am saying hello again.

Hope you got to the shop in time and that you found some evening sunshine to walk in.

No more news since we spoke - about an hour ago!

Love - S.

To: '**** ******'

Dear J.,

 I will ring soon, running around like scalded cat at the moment!



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From: **** ****** [mailto:********@hotmail.co.uk]
Sent: 27 July 2007 11:00
To: revdJM@*****.me.uk
Subject: RE: humpf


hoover, I not running off, I here because there is work, I must work, you
are amazing for offering to help, but I shouldn't live off my friends even
if you can help I shouldn't let you, cup of tea, I will come back for a day

to speak to old bank etc,especially if you can collect me  so maybe we could
Trying to balance payments with income and having the bank take the money
every time, not having enough income and not being able to communicate with
creditors has led to the money trouble, I have four main creditors, in
arrears to one by £50 on by £38 and one by £8, overdue £25 in insurance
payment. Apart from that the actual amounts to pay off are a bit more and I
owe you and two other friends about the same amount.
My new bank account is open so I will be claiming back charges money from myold bank, may be a thousand or more but will take time.
I am seeing debt advisor this morning.
If I can join the french grape harvest, the wages are excellent but it is
hard work, there is accommodation, but this may be anything.

sorry I am such a worry,
do phone to discuss, ***** ******


 From: "Revd JM" <revdJM@*****.me.uk>
To: "'**** ******'" <********@hotmail.co.uk>
Subject: RE: humpf
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 16:39:33 +0100

Dear J.,

Running away never helped anyone. If you come home I am prepared to see
can be done. But I need to know the full picture, how great is the debt,
All of it, not just the ones giving you most trouble.
I also need to know what you actually spend on food, car, housing etc.
 Then I will look for a way to clear your debts as far as possible (how much
depends on how big they are) and give you a clear start - on the
understanding that you stay within the budget we would arrive at.
 With the worry of debt off your shoulders I hope that you would be able to
work consistently and reliably, and tackle the relationship problems as
They come up. I do recognize that trying to fight on all fronts is too much for
anyone, not just a J..
Much love,

RE: ohhumpfh

Revd JM (revdJM@*****.me.uk)Add to contacts 01/08/2007
To: '**** ******'

Come back when you need to J., but I am on away holiday from 10th to 24th August. I am glad things seem to be getting a little better.


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From: **** ****** [mailto:********@hotmail.co.uk]
Sent: 28 July 2007 14:28
To: revdJM@*****.me.uk
Subject: ohhumpfh

should I come back a few days cheap flight or should I stayhere,
I got a cheque from DWP for 100 but cant pay it in yet as havent got new
here are goot people here that are trying to help with healing and there is
the possibility of free lodgings in return for being on call at night.
CAB are trying to help budget, one payment didn't default when I thought it
did, there is some money in my account and no charges due from bank, your
prayers are working, can I come back to you for a few days?

M. & S. ****** (*****@******.plus.com) 01/08/2007
To: J. ******
Hello J.
 Glad to hear "all is well".   Give us a call if you are in the vicinity at the weekend.   We will be "in and out" but not away.   Daniel and Rebecca go back to London tomorrow (Thursday);  spent the day at the Weald & Downland Museumat Singleton today.   Also played much Monopoly!
 All the best for the next stage of your plans.     Love - S.

Applying to Marshall for Battle of Flowers in Jersey for the first time:

can you send me your address please so i can send you paper work out to you.
There is ameeting on Tuesday 7th August at the Town Hall at 5.45pm.
thanks for applying to be a marshal. welcome on board.

R. ***** (****@****.freeserve.co.uk)Add to contacts 04/08/2007
To: **** ******

Dear J.

Good to hear from you and to know that all is going well. Thanks for filling
us in on your health situation. We are so please to hear that you are coping
without medication and enjoying the work - a great step forward. Things can
only look up now.
We are well - enjoying some sunshine at last and feeling OK at the present.
We are pleased to hear that you have made some good new friends. I expect
Jersey is getting busy now with holidaymakers - good trade for you in the
flower business I hope as everyone sends presents back home. Do you have a
stall in the market?

Keep in touch

God Bless

Love AnR XXX

S. ******:

 I think Tuesday is an email collection day so here I am saying "Hello!".   Thank you for the email at the weekend - I was sorry not to see you but glad that you are enjoying yourself (most of the time!).  I got quite sunburned - sleeping in a chair in the garden on Sunday.

Life has been quite quiet since D & R went home.   Today is v. busy - Winchester this morning, Flowerdown Games this afternoon and W.I. this evening.   We are off to Banbury at the weekend - Christening of my middle niece's baby Matilda - that is if the bug which is currently rife in that family ahs gone away.

Thinking of you - Love S.

Dear J.,

Thanks so much for your lovely card and news.  I imagine sunsets at Corbiere must be quite something!

 If your mobile’s not working there you may not have got my message saying that  I don’t have the work landline number any more (******) so to always text my mobile  instead. You can email too if you like but I don’t get to look at them every day.

 I don’t know Jersey very well – only been there once overnight,  but sounds like you’re finding lots to enjoy there: coast, cliffs, sunsets….

Do you have plans for where you want to go next  - after the end of August?

 We haven’t been away over the last couple of months as Poppy, one of my little dogs, has been very poorly had pancreatitis and various other complications. Seems to be on the mend now tho so we may get away soon…
It was lovely to hear from you,


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To: **** ******

J. hi
So pleased things are going well and that you have at last found a friendly
church and that you feel able to put down roots.
You obviously arrived at the right time. My mother used to travel to Jersey
specially to see the Battle of the Flowers, a sight to behold I hear. Were
you involved in the preparation as well as marshalling?.
Are you still staying with people or are you looking for your own
We took Jaypea to see her breeder yesterday. Everything went well until she
started chasing a chicken......
take care
J&P x

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From: "**** ******" <********@hotmail.co.uk>
To: <**********@hotmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 6:29 PM
Subject: Re:
> all well.
> Happily a member of church and have made dear friends there.
> Lovely weather until today, I got very sunburned marshalling for the
> battle of flowers carnival!
> I saw coast, always happy to see more of these islands that I love.
> Gardening well.
> I would love to see you, (and my possesions) if and when I visit the
> mainland, but I dont intend to come back to England to live.
> love,
> J. x
>>From: "**********" <**********@hotmail.com>
>>To: "**** ******" <********@hotmail.co.uk>
>>Subject: Re:
>>Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 09:48:16 +0100
>>We have been away for a few days. We went up to *****borough to stay as
>>it was my late mothers birthday and we put flowers on her grave. We
>>stayed over and saw some friends and relations in Derby and Rugby whilst
>>we were up there.
>>We picked Jamie up on the way back, he goes back with Christina and Dave
>>Hope you are still able to enjoy the water sports. I saw that the 'Coast'
>>BBC2 programme was from Channel Isles this week. I haven't seen it yet
>>maybe I will catch the repeat.
>>How is the gardening going? Have you had as much rain as we have?
>>Do you still attend 3 churchs or have you found one that you prefer?
>>take care
>>***** & ***** x
>>----- Original Message ----- From: "**** ******"
>>To: <**********@hotmail.com>
>>Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2007 7:12 PM
>>>havent heard from you, hope all is well, alls well here,
>>>best wishes.


Hi J.

Good to hear from you and we are so pleased that all is going well for you. You sound very happy.

Show Day is Sept 1st - let us know if you are able to come.

Love Anne & R

S. ******
To: **** ******

hello J.

No, we have not been away but for the last couple of weeks our email had been up the creek.   Some days it wouldn't connect at all and others only for a few minutes before sending us some ridiculous excuse as to why it could connect.    However, its on today, so hopefully you will get this tomorrow, Thursday.

I think alll is well in this neck of the woods.   I guess you know that JM is away.   Had a Lunch Club Tea here last week but too chilly to be in the garden.    We scattered the old dears around the house - sitting room, dining room and kitchen;  could have done with an extra "waitress"!   Been to the Watermill and to Chichester Theatre recently.  Tomorrow we are going to Paris for a couple of nights - Eurostar at last! - back here on Saturday night.   Until this morning the "net" forecast has been for 3 fine days in Paris, but this morning it promises thunderstorms for tomorrow.   Storms may be "lovely" in Jersey but I can think of better sightseeing weather!   Will let youknow how wse get on.

Hope all continues to go well with you

Love - S..

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From: **** ******
To: M. & S. ******
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007 6:05 PM
Subject: Hi S.

are you away on holiday?
the weather here is lovely and stormy.




Hi J.,
Thanks for your lovely email. I am so glad you have found some ok people to
be with. I remember how lonely you said it felt when you first went to
I should think Jersey would be a good place to settle if you wanted to -
lots of space and cliffs and sea and sunsets!
WELL DONE for the double distinction! That is such an achievement because
there were times on that course when you were really struggling so much with
inside stuff and feelings and it would have been so easy to give up - but
you didn't. You have enormous courage and determination - make sure you give
your self credit for it!
I have sent Nicky some jelly beans - hope they survive the journey! When I
was living in France my mum sent me some sweets in a parcel and they opened
it at customs, squashed all the sweets (presumably to make sure nothing
untoward was inside!) and then put them back .. so everything in the parcel
was gooey with sticky sweet bits!
Poppy is improving all the time now so we are hoping to spend some time away
Best wishes,

-----Original Message-----
From: **** ****** [mailto:********@hotmail.co.uk]
Sent: 14 August 2007 18:23
To: LD.dyche@homecall.co.uk
Subject: RE:

Hi LD,
thank you for email,
I pick up emails on tuesday and friday.
I hope Poppy is ok now.
I have been marshalling for the battle of flowers carnival, very stressful.
I have made some good friends here, including a couple who have made me
their adoptive daughter,
they are amazing, they help me with the past and offer a lot of affection, I

am very happy.
I have had many joyful moments in Jersey, and they want me to stay here, I
may travel for a while longer and come back to Jersey to stay, I dont really

miss England, but I keep in contact with my friends, and will come back for
a few days one day. I got my double distinction at college.
Nicky misses the jelly beans.


Hello J.

It was good to have a chat last week.   I will be very interested to hear how the interview went - also whether you have moved yet!

We enjoyed our three days in Paris very much indeed.  Weather a bit grey with the odd drizzle at first, but the last day was lovely.   Went to two excellent museums (Musee Rodin and Musee Cluny), explored several churches, took a boat trip on the Seine and generally scooted around on the Metro.   Also went up to Montmatre, which can be done by climbing masses of stairs but S. insisted on the funicular railway. (We walked down)  Enjoyed some excellent meals and drank some good French wine.

Having risen at 5.00 am on day of departure our Eurostar train was about 30 minutes late leaving Waterloo.   However, once on its way it was very speedy.   Coming back everyrthing right on schedule.

Benefice Evensong at L. last night.   JM & FM back from hols.   Am writing this on Bank Holiday Monday evening but don't know when we will next be connected.  Our gremlin has been very busy today.  Anne is going on a Balloon Trip this evening - its calm and sunny so it should be good.

Ted has been in touch and is planning to exhibit at the Show.  He says he is in much better health than this time last year - good news.

My sister coming here tomorrow and we plan to go to Stockbridge and find a snack lunch.

Thats aboout all my news - Love S..

M. & S. ****** (*****@******.plus.com) 30/08/2007
To: **** ******

Hello again J..   I was horribly afraid that my email of last Monday (After Paris) evening would not have reached you for your Tuesday collection.  Hopefully it will be there,, togethere with this one, when you next collect.  Glad to receive yours of Tuesday thismorning (Wednesday).  Our connection to emaill is still very sporadic and gets tired very quickly.

Very interested to hear about the sailing and your - hope you don't capsize too often! picnic at Samurez Manor sounded fun too.     .   M. especially will appreciate yourpR.ers for fine weather for Saturday.   Will send Show news next week.  I'm sure the carparking team will miss you.

No, I have not been in touch with G&J.   Yes, Ted will be at the Show -  he called in here this afternoon having dropped in entry form in to John Biddlecombe.   Seems well.

I can smell my sausage rolls for the WI teas are cooked - must stop.

Love - S..

Dear J.,

 I am still catching up with emails, so sorry for the delay in replying. I am glad everything is settling down again for you.

Just a little story that might please you: I was, as usual, one of the judges for the Pet Show yesterday, and one of my categories was 'hamsters and other rodents'. One boy was there with his rat (called Debbie - the rat that is, the boy was called George) and what impressed me was the relationship between the boy and the rat, she was nestling into his neck in a lovely way and they clearly had a good bond, so they got best in category. I was aware at the time that George tended not to make any eye contact with me or my team, but it was only later, when Debbie was awarded second in the Best in Show category that I learnt from his mother that he is autistic, she was overjoyed because he was so thrilled by winning and getting the rosettes etc, I was just so glad to have made a good choice.

We shall miss you tomorrow at the show, it will be strange not having you popping up doing all kinds of jobs all over the show ground. Still I am sure there are lots of things you are joining in with out in Jersey.

 I hope things are still going OK.

 Much love,


 -----Original Message-----
From: **** ****** [mailto:********@hotmail.co.uk]
Sent: 14 August 2007 19:04
To: revdJM@*****.me.uk
You may be away, but I do apologise again,
I had had a row with others on the mainland the same day,( not about money)
and was very upset.
I have been adopted by a Jersey couple so I am happy now.
A&L is down to ****, one other payment is reduced by £20 per month, and I am staying in Jersey.
God bless,
Dear J.,

 Just replying to emails as I reach them, this will let you know how far behind I am. Thinking of you especially this morning when you would have been sorting out the show ground here. It looks like we shall have a good day for theShow. I am off to Jonathan Cruickshank’s wedding (Vicar of Itchen Abbas) before the show.



Dear J.,

 It was simply knowing that digesting postboxes is not very easy for humans, I thought perhaps martians could do it better than us! …why am I having a crazy conversation?????

 I am glad to hear that all is well with you, life is manic here, I had only just got back from the Coroner’s Court (I went with Janice Newby to hear the verdict on Fiona’s death), that Ann and Rebecca arrived having delivered a chicken house to a couple I had married a few years ago. Rebecca was on good form as usual, telling me true stories that made me laugh till I cried. So now I have to catch up on all the work that has not been done today.

  am glad to hear that all is well with you, are you working in a different place or simply living in a different one?



Dear J.,

It is good to know where yopu are, St ***** is a nice place to be, and especially if you are with a friend. Discount for being good – that is a great idea – would you settle for 10%?

Must dash now – I’m having a breakdown about my paperwork, in a worse state than usual as Barbara is on leave!



LD Dyche (LD. @homecall.co.uk) 15/09/2007
To: '**** ******'

Hi J.,

 Thanks for email, glad weather good and you are enjoying water sports. Are you still in Jersey?

We have been on holiday. Just back this evening. Been camping in a lovely old wood, with a lake. Lots of birds. Owls at night.. and the stars so bright because there were no street lights for miles to spoil them.

 Poor Nicky! What’s he grumbling about? Say hi to him from me.

 Best wishes


From: **** ****** [mailto:********@hotmail.co.uk]
Sent: 11 September 2007 18:37
To: LD

all is well,
Nicky is sitting on the floor grumbling, I will put him in the parrots cage.
There is good weather and watersports here.
I hope that you are well, keep in touch.


R. ***** (****@****.freeserve.co.uk)
To: **** ******

Hi J.

How lovely to hear from you and what good news. We are delighted youare so happy.

We have just come back from a spell in Cornwall walking the coastal path which was lovely albeit strenuous.

Thinking of you

Love A & R. XX

too - good to hear you sounding happy.

IF you do come over the first week in Oct, I have to tell you that the Monday and Friday of that week are completely out with altogether too much going on already!  Catherine & Co. will be here that week. If you come, phone me and we'll see what we can fix on one of the other days.   Glad to know you are OK for somehwere to lay your head!

Saw "The Boyfriend" last night at the Theatre Royal (Southampton Music Soc.).  Very good and took us back to the days of our youth.

Take care - Love - S.

LD (LD. @homecall.co.uk) 26/09/2007
To: '**** ******'

Hi J.,

Am around on Saturday till 6pm and could fit what I have to do around you popping in. Just let me know a time. Best time  for me would be around 10am or 5pm, but could manage any other time between 9am and 6 pm (except 1-2pm). Please let me know what time exactly you plan to come so you don’t find I’ve popped out when you get here!

Look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes,


I am late picking up emails, as you have gathered. See you tomorrow, Darcy is becoming less mad, I see signs of sanity, in him I mean, there is no hope for me!


Dear J.

It was really great to see you looking so well on Friday.  We both enjoyed seeing you.   Thank you so much again for the tea towel and the fudge - the latter almost gone now!   It was sweet of you to bring us presents.    I hope you managed to see most of the people you wanted to over the weekend.   Our weekend was great fun with all the family together in London.   Yesterday Catherine & family came down here and we are all enjoying being together.

Continue to enjoy life in Jersey - and keep in touch

With love - S.

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