Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bishop of Winchester


Dear Bishop Dakin,

I enclose copies of another safeguarding complaint.

I know you don't care about safeguarding. I have barely survived your million pound best effort to kill me, and I won't go on surviving it forever, no human being could, especially not one as destroyed as I already was when you launched on me and destroyed me publicly for years.

Your Diocese is best known for lies, safeguarding failures, corruption, abuse of power, homophobia and abuse, but nonetheless, you are responsible for the million pound cover-up and you must now take responsibility for yourself and your friends Gladwin and Bursell and Steel, you have openly upheld very serious wrongdoing and abuse and have upheld abusers and destroyed their victim, so it is time for you and your friends Bursell and Gladwin to shred their power-abusive lies, corrupted further by a report that you shouldn't have allowed to continue when you were made aware of the serious conflicts of interests, the Steel report.

Where is my copy of the Steel report? It can't be used in any publication unless I agree to the content, and to illegally defame me behind my back without giving me a right of reply is evil as well as illegal and dishonest, and to have allowed Steel to continue when she was known to be conflicted was heinous, that wasn't a report into anything, it was an open character assassination, and the outcome is that I have been publicly destroyed while ALL wrongdoers remain in positions where they are a safeguarding danger, unpunished.

The Dean of Jersey as he openly flaunts your clearing of him in the papers this weekend, will be raising a glass to you, but why exactly did you destroy me for him? He had already triumphed utterly in destroying me, why exactly did you need to destroy me publicly for him for four years again?!

It is incredible that even as you publicly destroyed me and upheld the criminal lies of Dame Steel and her Deanery-Judiciary colleagues in Jersey, you were pretending that YOU stopped the Steel report. And if the Church of England wasn't corrupt and rotten through and through, you would have been removed for that and for spending thousands on a professional liar company Luther-Pendragon, to protect you from the consequences of your own wrongdoing.

You may well kill me yet, you probably will, a human being cannot withstand what you have inflicted on me for no apparent reason, but as long as I die having got the wheels in motion to stop the Church of England from having limitless power and abuse of power to destroy victims and cover up and lie about safeguarding as they still are doing, my life won't be wasted, I may prevent another victim from being killed by you godless, evil, corrupt lying cut-throats who use God's Name in vain as you carry out your evil and excuse yourselves.

Please remember that I have asked you to resign, and you would have to be insane to go on excusing yourself and staying at Wolvsley and claiming to represent God while I suffer and go to my death suffering intolerably.

Your Luther_Pendragon, your firm of professional liars, got you to spout lies about being called to help the lost, last and least while you destroyed me. Do you know the parable of the Good Shepherd? One person driven from God by 99 evil liars such as yourself and your colleague is worth more than all of you, and it is unspeakable arrogance that you called me lost last and least having destroyed me on the lies of Jane Fisher and other lying criminals in the Church of England.
Please make sure my case is referred for proper independent investigation, not only the abuse and cover up from age 19 to 2011, culminating in Fisher and Scott-Joynt destroying me, but also the million pound whitewash and constructive murder of me, led by you from 2013 to the present day.

Please make sure that there is a press and media redaction of your and Welby's slurs against me and upholding the Dean of Jersey, because you haven't carried out a fair and impartial investigation which includes me, you have carried out a million pound farce, and apparently you are hiding behind Luther-Pendragon again and leaving lies about my case on your Diocesan Safeguarding Website while lying to the general public, when I have warned you I will take action against you for that.

HG/JJ - Your attempted murder victim.

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